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  1. This only occurred after the Triumvirate of DP4, VNutz and myself played out there. Once. They're still using our wide influence to bring in mula.
  2. I still consider the circled area the 1st tee. @Woodridge Somewhere in the Rounds 1-3 threads, you'll know my apparent mistake. LMK when you figure it out. I
  3. That's only Round 3. The 1st two rounds are better.
  4. I spent maybe 2 minutes in The Hive. There was maybe 10 or so options for lefties that I glanced over quickly. Only one I liked was a raw Queen B with deep horizontal milling but I didn't even bother asking what it was worth.
  5. CLOSED 1/21/21 FOR SALE: No trades thanks. Payment via PayPal immediate deposit. Pricing excludes shipping. Shipping costs with USPS Priority Mail to be determined and insurance to CONUS only. 1. Mizuno-Bettinardi C-03 Putter #1 - black fluted shaft, 34-1/2" length - Super Stroke Pistol GT 1.0 (brand new) - Rainbow finish applied by Putterplating back in 2010 - added lead tape on head SOLD! (Moving to CA. Sold 1/8. Shipped 1/9. Delivered 1/11!) 5. Callaway MD5 JAWS black 60.08 W-Grind - purchase from Callaway Preowned in VG condition - used on course for 1 ro
  6. Had a 2:00 tee time yesterday at Studio B. Here's my score.
  7. Fitting process was better than expected. Very thorough. Quick summary: - 2:00 appt for an hour. Costs $100 but that goes to the cost if you purchase a putter on the day. - Fitter Matt had 8 appointments yesterday. I got started about 2:10. Took 45 minutes all in. - Started off with 10 or so 20' putts on putting green with my gamer with Matt looking at from behind the hole back. - All current models are on a rack beside the practice green. Matt explained the design & characteristics of each model currently available. I hit 10 putts or so with each model and
  8. Apologies DP. For some reason I thought you had retired and were living near the Farms in the Geneva area. Not much of a story. Sold a wedge for $40 last week and thought I would treat myself!
  9. The "Queen B-Man". Hmm. Maybe I'll have to rename it.
  10. No birdies were harmed in the playing of this round...
  11. Same here. Thanksgolferrobd for the post.
  12. I just found some info on that. Thanks champ!
  13. Bought this about a year or so ago. What version is it? Pro or standard? It doesn't say BORON near the tip. Thanks MCA site has these links with pics https://www.mca-golf.com/products/ck-pro-blue-2 https://www.mca-golf.com/products/ck-blue-0
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