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  1. Royal Cog Hill #3 tomorrow for an outing. Not paying so it must be a good course.
  2. FFS! $75 to walk. Not worth it. Greens were soft and bumpy yet fast. Green surrounds were ragged. Grass slopes of bunkers were out of control long. Tee boxes chopped up. Not happy Jan!
  3. La Preserve tomorrow morning. Should be fun.
  4. First time out at Boilingbrook tomorrow. Not paying for the round so it must be great!
  5. Well we didn't shoot 58 but we came in 7th! Out of 7. No idea who won.
  6. Scramble outing at Ravisloe tomorrow. We'll shoot 58 and lose by 2.
  7. Saturday Classic at Village Links tomorrow. Getting the shakes. Haven't had a birdie or eagle in 2 weeks!
  8. Hey Arg. Lots of numbers there. Tell us the only important one. Your score!
  9. You need a Go-Pro on the front of your cart for these days. Either edit it down to a nice 5 minute highlights package or play at 15x speed. Lots of likes bound your way!
  10. But it's the 2nd best value course in the US for under $150.... https://golf.com/travel/top-100-value-courses-you-can-play-150-less/
  11. FOR SALE: No trades thanks. Payment via PayPal immediate deposit. Shipping with USPS Priority Mail and insurance to CONUS only. Mizuno T20 wedges: 50.07 and 54.10 - custom order - used minimally over 2 rounds - TT Tour Issue S400, standard length, 1* upright - Lamkin grips, +1 wrap USD 190/pair, 100/each shipped TaylorMade MG2 black wedges: 50.09SB, 54.11SB and 60.08LB - 50 and 60 purchased new in May. Used for 3 rounds. Standard specs for both. - 54 purchased slightly used in May. Used for 3 rounds. New GP TV grip. Project X LZ 6.0, standard length. SOLD! Mizuno T20 wedges TaylorMade MG2 wedges
  12. Village Links later today. Hopefully not too many instances of PBS.
  13. George Dunne in decent shape yesterday. Dontcha love it when you have a little too much spin on your gap wedge hitting into the 4th green then make the 60 footer for birdie from the front edge. But then you hit your tee shot on 5 well right and your opponent goes, "Ha! Suffering from PBS eh? Post-Birdie Syndrome" But then you find your ball sitting pretty 100 out and knock it to 10 feet and make that one. Another 12-point birdie sweep. And then they watch as your eagle chip on the 5th from 30yrds is tracking straight at the hole only to turn right in the last foot and lip out to a few inches. Then you hold up an 8-iron against the wind on the 7th and it finishes 6" behind the hole. Then you get unlucky on the 8th when your shot into the green just catches the rough on the edge and you play a delicate chip that finishes dead in the heart 6" short. At this point I turned to my opponent and say, "Well you were almost right. I guess I suffered from Post-Birdie-Birdie-Birdie-Birdie Syndrome!"
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