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  1. Okay, so he’s CHIII on steroids. Are we allowed to say steroids around here? I do want to see him win. I think we all do, the guy is impossible not to like. As much as I normally would advocate for an equipment change, I think he’s just a nervous nelly.
  2. Well, he wasn’t driving a fast car, there was no ice, snow, or rain. Could he have been texting? I suppose so. He did have back surgery not that long ago and he does have a history of abusing pain killers. It’s not exactly a stretch.
  3. Jordan’s are God awful. I don’t ever want to see JT wearing those monstrosities. He looks sharp in Greyson. Looked good in RLX too, though I am a little surprised he couldn’t/didn’t get a more tailored fit.
  4. Some of you people are unbelievable, impossible to please. Did it ever occur to you that Scotty wants to stay in the [somewhat] classic design game, as opposed to space age designs and materials. There’s definitely a place for those types of putters in the market but not every manufacturer has to play in that space, least of all Scotty Cameron. He stuck an insert in his putters for a few years and GolfWRX was outraged. Now he releases the long sought after “JT 5.5” to retail and yet you’re still pissed. I am by no means a Scotty fanboy. Sure, I like his putters more or less as much a
  5. Hello one and all. All three items bought new by me and used for almost exactly one year of on the golf course play, which is to say that I do not practice. Seriously, it’s very rare for me to even hit balls before I play. As always, prices include CONUS shipping. If you have any questions or would like to see more pics, please let me know. All have been gently cared for, but pics should tell the ultimate story. Thanks for looking... Play well! 1) TaylorMade M5 Driver Head - 10.5° Headed north of the border! • No head cover, head only
  6. Ha! Boy do I ever feel you’re pain. I was there Friday, the unobstructed views were very enjoyable.
  7. Dude said that he was “just getting going” when Golf Channel camera batteries died, major buzz kill. I love how unfiltered he is. “I’m probably going to get in trouble for this...” [but eff it, I’m going to say it anyway]. If only we had more players like him who were willing to let it go like him. He does an outstanding job of toeing the line. He tells it like it is without being disrespectful or bombastic. Go Rory go! Here’s the deal, tour pros are longer because they are better. Equipment has been maxed out for ages now. Guys keep getting longer because they’re tapp
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Honestly, COVID is the the least of my concerns.
  9. One last thing, beers will probably be $15, and no, I have no problem drinking alone, not even at 10AM.
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