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  1. Used to live Vegas myself, trust me, it’s not great. There’s only one small pocket of North Las Vegas that’s decent, and that’s Aliante.
  2. Another thing that’s interesting is that it’s kind of in the hood. Not south side of Chicago hood or anything, but the surrounding area is not even close to being considered “desirable.”
  3. The Shriners is played at TPC Summerlin, not Las Vegas. That said, I’ve played TPC Las Vegas as well and I loved it, in spite of the worst weather imaginable for Las Vegas. I wonder if Shadow Creek has the infrastructure to host a real event with fans and all?
  4. I like the majority of the content, but David Marr is pretty close to awful. I am sick to death of hearing about dear old “dad.”
  5. If I had to choose one brand of which to play all 14 clubs, it would definitely be Titleist. At the moment, I’m only playing Vokey wedges and an old school Newport 2. I could easily switch to the TS2/3 line and throw a set of T100’s in the bag though.
  6. My favorite week of the season! Lived across the street from Bay Hill in high school and had the good fortune of being good friends with a member. Playing Bay Hill, especially after school in the afternoons, are some of my fondest memories as a kid. Long live The King!
  7. Tough crowd here. I think the JW (Faldo and Palmer) courses are perfectly good. The best around, perhaps not, but way above average if you ask me. By no means are you doing yourself a disservice by playing either.
  8. Rolled one at lunchtime today at a local PGASS. I see that the last post here is from 2/9, pre-release. My guess is that a lot more people will grow fond of these. Probably won't have the all time great success as the actual Spider line, but it's a very legitimate putter. I also like the fact that the head weights vary based on the length of the putter. That said, I was personally surprised by how heavy the 34" version felt to me. Should also add that the finish quality seems dramatically better than other Spider models. It's definitely not a "Spider" though. No saying this is a good thing or
  9. The Spinner shaft isn’t nearly as surprising as the fact that he’s playing T7 wedges.
  10. Play a 95 S in my UDI and am very pleased after adding some extra lead tape (I’ve always had a couple strips on it) to the back.
  11. Hello one and all. For sale is my very own set of Callaway Apex Pro irons. These are, of course, the 2019 release. As always, price includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48. If outside the continental US please shoot me a PM and we'll work something out. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much, and play well!Callaway Apex Pro 4-PWGONZO • Ordered directly through Callaway’s custom department through a PGA Superstore in Scottsdale • Standard length, loft, and lie angle (for Callaway) • Shafts are KBS $-Taper 120 S • Grips are Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align with one extra wra
  12. That was probably the worst course for TV that I’ve ever seen.
  13. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of person deliberately joins a site such as this just to post a story such as that one.
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