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  1. The Scotty’s (though they are multi-piece) and the Las Vegas are the obvious answers here, with the ER5 being a very honorable mention. Mizuno as a sleeper. I’ve rolled some putts with them and it’s a legit putter.
  2. Respectfully, it is definitely not too hot to play golf in Phoenix in the summer. I have a tee time at Sterling Grove around lunchtime today. It’s a matter of desire.
  3. Absolutely-effing-not. The Players does perfectly fine standing on its own merit. Nice way to try and establish yourself on the forum though. Yes, this just an Internet forum but it’s one with a fairly long history at this point. #donthatetheplayer
  4. Augusta National does not allow them, plain and simple. Stop trying to seem smarter than everyone else. They should be banned everywhere, it’s absolutely shocking to me that they aren’t. It’s a black eye for the USGA (like they need anymore black eyes). Green reading is OBVIOUSLY a skill, one that is a core part of the game.
  5. I fully agree. Phenomenal tournament. The course looks outstanding on TV too.
  6. Rickie is a whole lot more likable, but Sergio is a much better player. Rickie still has time but there’s not much to indicate that Rickie will ever have the on course accomplishments that Sergio does.
  7. Alrighty, based on what I read in a thread here on WRX about this very shaft, my best guess is 1.75”.
  8. There is a VERY easy way to fix this which it seems most of you have missed (though I have not read every single post). Just write the rule and state that no spectator can be permitted to assist with the movement of said object. That’s the part that was laughable to me, whether technically within the rules or not. I would also gladly see this stipulation applied to lost balls as well, but with fans lining every fairway, that’s not realistic.
  9. So sorry for the late reply. Been out of town on a work/golf trip that occupied pretty much all my attention. I honestly do not recall how much I had it tipped. I’ve had the shaft for a couple of years now and took it out of my own 3W about six or so months ago. I’ll try to figure out to do a graphics measurement from the tip and will get back to you.
  10. Thanks! Was just checking out Echelon, actually. My attention was definitely drawn to Bear’s Best, but recent Golf Advisor reviews are not favorable at all.
  11. Hello one and all. Going to be in Duluth for Stewart Cink’s pro-am on Monday, the 10th. Super stoked for that, but I want to fly in on Saturday or possibly take a red eye so I can get a round in somewhere on Sunday. Have never played in Atlanta before. In lieu of anyone having an in at ANCC, where would you play with one day to do so? Will be staying in Duluth and will have a rental car. Don’t mind a little bit of a drive, maybe 30 miles or so if it’s worth it. Price is not really a factor. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
  12. How will a SeeMore putter could help your game? The alignment system inspires confidence, confidence is everything in putting. 2. What is your handicap? 0.6 3. Location? Phoenix, AZ 4. What style of putter do you tend to prefer? Ha, I wish I could give you a straight answer. Used an Anser 2 beginning in high school and for many years thereafter. Playing a 2-Ball Ten right now. Have played virtually everything in between. 5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your putting? Lag putting is good. Hit and miss from six feet and in, burn a lot of edges from
  13. Hello one and all. Just looking to recoup some cash here, so a trade is highly unlikely. As always, price includes CONUS shipping. I have shipped north of the border so if you’re outside the lower 48, please shoot me a PM. Thanks for looking... Play well! 1) Evnroll ER7 SOLD • 33.25” • Lamkin Deep Etch Cord grip • Great condition! No unusual nicks, chips, scratches, etcetera. I’ve stripped most of the paint fill and changed the sight lines from white to black. Evnroll obviously thinks this looks better too because their new models all have black s
  14. You guys all sound like you’d be a lot of fun at parties. Listen, you’re never going to catch me yelling anything loud enough to be heard on camera, but is it really that abhorrent? You guys make it sound like every hole on The PGA Tour is 16 at The Waste Management.
  15. It’s been said that Jack Nicklaus was a master of this.
  16. Congrats. You’ve earned a nomination for the dumbest thread (let alone post) of 2021.
  17. What should be illegal are green reading books. It’s laughable to me that the USGA is all up in arms about the distance that the best golfers in the world hit it, but at the same time allow them to use those books.
  18. Which Mizuno’s?
  19. Tell you what, some of this stuff Nike is putting out is really hideous. Seems like they make the guys wear the extra ugly s*** during the majors too. I don’t get it.
  20. Seriously, I’m always amused when that’s the side of an argument someone resorts to. Happened in another thread while debating Jack’s major record. If it doesn’t happen in our lifetime, is it really relevant to the conversation being had today?
  21. We talking bout practice? I’m the second owner so I can’t speak to range time honestly. I think the pictures speak for themselves though. They are obviously in pretty good shape. I played a handful of rounds with them, spent $70 to regrip them, then promptly decided to sell them. Brilliant!
  22. Laughable argument. Tiger may very well have matched Jack, but he hasn’t and won’t. We could argue ability until the end of time, but athletes (all sports) are still human beings, and life choices matter. Heard of Tom Brady? His lifestyle choices matter, they are why he has separated himself as the greatest of all time by a wide margin at this point. No one will ever touch Jack’s records. Tiger will probably be the closest to ever do it though.
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