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    2021 P790s

    I recently bought a set and already have concern that these will mark (clubface) as easily as the Callaway white satin finish. I play a rather sandy course, and don’t think these will hold up well thru a season. Really happy with the performance of the clubs though.
  2. I went the other direction, and found the Tour V to provide a higher ball flight, even if marginally so. Dispersion was tighter with the Tour V in my experience. It profiles similarly to DG in my experience, but with better feel.
  3. My understanding is FP is face progression, akin to offset.
  4. Exactly that, bounce and thin. It was very frustrating to hit so few solid shots knowing how great these irons did feel.
  5. I built/bought PTx Pros thru Club Champion after extensive fitting. They ticked all the boxes except when I got them on course. I quickly learned, and confirmed also trying Srixon, that the sole grind does not work for me. That’s a very big deal, and I was disappointed I couldn’t keep these in the bag. Excellent iron if you’re a digger.
  6. Club in great condition, clean crown and sole, only wear on the ATI face. No headcover included. Shaft is Tensei AV Raw White 65 S. Stock Titleist grip, stock length. (Hzrdus RDX Smoke Black is SOLD) SOLD. Paypal only. Will ship USPS Priority Mail insure for the purchased price. No trade interest, PM if interested.
  7. bjp1

    TSi3 vs SIM2

    I’ve been in a TSi3 for months, and have a SIM2 coming. On course, both perform similarly, with the SIM2 being longer and slightly more forgiving. Both clubs shafted with RDX Black 60g. This shaft feels slightly looser in the TSi3, slightly stiffer in the SIM2. Both were fit, both I’ll keep, but I’ll move to playing the SIM2 as the gamer because of better control and more playable misses.
  8. I’m playing 19*, 21* and 23* 818H1/2 hybrids and will loft then up or down as needed for the course. I’ve found the 23* to be very versatile and allows me to take out my 5i when I’m playing an unfamiliar course and want to make that 180yd distance easier for me. It’s been so flexible that I toy with dropping my 5i entirely.
  9. Coming from years with SkyTrak, I decided to move to the Mevo+ for some flexibility with right/left handed players. As with SkyTrak, I’m mostly interested in using this for honing my iron play, and the occasional simulation. I have enough trouble with putting on a real green, so that’s not a highlight I’ll take advantage of as a way to improve! I’m setting up a short indoor setup in my garage. Anyone have any particular thoughts are maximizing practice through what the Mevo+ has to offer?
  10. I have Titleist 818H2 23* that I raise the loft to 25* to replace my 5i when I’m not hitting the iron well. It’s slightly longer but much easier to hit when I’m not on. This is really something I find helpful in different playing conditions as well.
  11. I decided to give PXG a fair consideration by doing an outdoor fitting. I recently purchased Callaway Apex Pro 21 w/Recoil 110S, and have been playing my best golf on approach shots. So the timing was good to carry a solid swing into a fitting. My focus was squarely on feel, performance and looks, in that order. Fortunately they had all of the shafts that I've previously been fitted for, so I felt comfortable that I could make a fair comparison without introducing a shaft variable that wasn't a good fit. I found performance to be on par with Callaway in the Gen3 T/P heads (Tour V 110 and Aerotech 115cw shafts). Balls speeds faster and carry distances were longer with the Gen4 P (stronger lofts), still faster and longer with the Gen4 T as well, but less of a spread. Biggest knock is the subjective category of feel. I didn't find either Gen3 or Gen4 to be a standout on feel. Recalling when I hit Gen1, and was blown away, these just didn't leave an impression. And so, with some gains left on the table, I decided there wasn't enough in it to open the wallet. Glad to have done the fitting and ruled this out instead of buying blind. YMMV!
  12. Moved from TS2 9.5* to TSi3 9* after a driver fitting pointing to needing lower loft, lower spin combo to better fit my swing. I’m seeing results on course, missing only 2 fairways in 2 rounds and adding 9 yards carry. Rain has killed roll, so it’s possible I’m a little longer still. Love the look, shape and sound of the TSi3 the most.
  13. I‘ve been using the 818H1 19* and 818H2 23* for years now and have begun to consider the TSI2/3 hybrids, but am curious how the TSI3 would sit perform lofted up to 22*. Hopefully I’ll get to demo one this week to make a decision. The smaller hybrids fit my eye better in the higher lofts. Some suggested the Apex Pro, but not being adjustable is a negative for me.
  14. For sale, P770 4-PW, KB Tour 120 stiff, stock loft, lie, length and grip. Excellent condition, fewer than 4 rounds on these. PM if interested. SOLD shipped US only.
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