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  1. Thanks. I saw your swing video and the responses which is actually one of the reasons for my post. Good swing by the way. I thought your first shift was similar to some of the Kwon videos and Monte and others seemed good with it so it caused me me to poke at my approach a bit.
  2. How big of a move is the first shift? In the videos the students seem to make a pretty big move off the ball and Dr Kwon seems to encourage it. However, when Kwon demonstrates the move with his arms crossed it appears much more subtle. I currently feel like I screw my trail foot into the ground to help get my hip back and recenter. When I make a more pronounced shift it feels like a sway and leads to a lot of poor contact. Just wondering if that means I need to do a bigger recentering move to counteract the first shift or if subtle is fine as long as the pressure is moving in the right pattern? Thanks.
  3. I think for this kind of change constant video is very helpful. As I said above, I’m on a similar journey but lacking your discipline. I’m struggling now with not completing my turn because I am so focused on the transition move. Which is ironic because handle yanking is my problem which a less than full turn contributes to a fair bit. I also don’t think I ulnar deviate properly because on practice swings I will do it but then pull the club back into a more cupped position which is bizarre when seeing it on video. Feels weird to hit the ball from close to the ground. one question, are you exaggerating left shoulder down on purpose in your videos? If so, why?
  4. Makes sense. Thanks. A few additional questions if you don’t mind. What was your previous pattern? Handle yank, shoulder drop or something else? Can you tell through video on full swings if you are making progress or will you rely on Monte for that?
  5. I will be following along as I am working on the same thing and expect it will take me a while. I need to get more disciplined in my approach. How do you like the Quad for feedback and are you also using something like Hackmotion?
  6. Argonne - thank you for all the recent posts. Question for you (and others) - my 10 year old daughter has become very interested in space after learning a little bit about the Perseverance. Do you have any suggestions for books or resources that would be interesting but simple enough for a 10 year old starting to get an understanding of space? Plan on going to my local planetarium as a start but wondering if there are other things I can be doing to support her interest and keep it going. Thanks.
  7. Hi Bortass. I’m convinced you can break 85 too. I followed your last journey and the thing I think you are missing this time is an instructor that you can work with and develop a relationship with which may need to be local. While you do not say it, my assumption is that you are trying to self correct on the course for every perceived fault you think you made on the last swing. While improvement is certainly a longer journey, it will help to be focused and prioritize your practice and effort. Good luck with your quest. I think you will get there in the end.
  8. Random tangent but I feel like the last part of this post applies to so much more than golf. Thanks Obee. congrats OP on your continual improvement and self analysis.
  9. In case it is helpful I purchased one of the putters that sold. The putter arrived and looked better than the pictures which was hard to believe as it looked practically new. The seller was also very easy to deal with and very quick to respond to questions and to ship. I was very happy with the transaction and my new putter so wanted to provide the feedback. eric
  10. [quote name='peachfuzz' timestamp='1440814224' post='12227780']Can anyone explain this to me? I don't know why everything seemed to fall into place afterward. I was at the range tonight, and inadvertently moved my right elbow into my body at address rather than keeping it closer to the outside. I hit the shot pure, and thought it was an accident, so I set up that way again, and boom... pured it a second time. I started setting up the rest of the bucket the same way with my elbow just to the right of my belly button instead of more under my nipple, so it was only a lateral movement of maybe three inches, but it made the swing better from takeaway to finish. I had about 150 balls left, and either pured, or small missed around 125 of them. The rest were duffs, but duffed due to getting on my front foot too early. I am guessing it has something to do with causing my forearms to be more locked together at address through the takeaway, but would like any clarification if any of this makes sense. I apologize for my rambling nature.[/quote]p
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Looks like I need to practice more or try some bridgestones. Matchavez, thanks for the trade offer but I am going to hold onto the MP59s for a while.
  12. I currently play MP59s. I love the look and the feeling of a good shot. However, the good shots happen much less than the bad ones these days. Please recommend some more forgiving irons that fit a similar appearance profile. I would prefer to pick up a used set but would consider new as well. Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. [quote name='Duffner's Waggle' timestamp='1408980476' post='10003165'] Lets tentatively plan for that weekend? I think with it being that far out, I can get there one way or another. Heck I'll pay a babysitter if i have to lol [/quote] I might be able to play and bring a few others. Will reach out and report back. Thanks for setting this up. Great courses and great deal. Eric
  14. [quote name='ORazor' timestamp='1402339450' post='9460767'] One of my best friends just had a very tragic accident where he lost his left (non-dominant) arm. I have a couple other friends with one hand that play golf, but it appears that it's almost impossible to do. The main problem seems like the club is just way too long and heavy for one arm to accurately handle. I'm a seasoned squash player, and I almost wonder if the better way to golf one handed is to have a shaft about 2.5 feet long, which allows you to actually control it. It would essentially be a forehand stroke on a low ball in squash (where you hit down on the ball). The gentleman hitting the drives in the front court gives an example of the swing I'm thinking. http://youtu.be/tWIO8HJOc9w This allows you to actually get some club head speed, while retaining some control over the club. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to make these clubs? Just saw down a normal shaft? Should it be graphite or steel (I'm leaning graphite due to the weight). Thanks for all your insights; I'm just hoping I can help him deal with his new reality in a way that still allows him to play sports. [/quote] Sorry to hear about your friend. This website should hopefuly have some useful information or people to reach out to [url="http://www.naoaga.com/index.html"]http://www.naoaga.com/index.html[/url]
  15. Not sure if you are still thinking about the VA Beach vacation but just played Hell's Point over the weekend and wanted to let you know that the greens were the worst I have seen and played on in a while. Would definitely put this on the bottom of the list and likely skip it completely as it looks like they are not taking care of the greens at all. Lots of other good options in the area.
  16. Broken Top HandleThe top handle on my Sun Mountain MPB bag broke. I called customer service who indicated that no replacement part was available but that they would replace it for $35 dollars if I shipped it to Sun Mountain. Since I gave away my backup bag and that price seems a little steep, does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? I'll probably just use a bungy cord but that probably won't look that good. Or I could just get the 4.5 bag which I should have got in the first place. Thanks.
  17. [quote name='rumessingwitme' timestamp='1310487530' post='3384932'] [size="2"]Looking to go on a Vacation with a friend either NC or Virginia Beach. Looking to play some golf and go to the beach . Where are some nice but not super expensive places to play that are in a reasonable price range and are near beaches ? We are also College Students Thanks [/size] Dan [/quote] If you are looking for more of a golf and beach vacation then you can stay down by Sandbridge which is a more casual end of Virginia Beach. There are condos right on the beach that I think are supposed to be reasonable. Also, within 15-20 minutes are some pretty nice courses that usually run internet specials. On the cheaper side are Hell's Point (Rees Jones course that is running deals this summer since it is a little beat up) and Redwing. A few courses that are a little more expensive (rounds for out of state are probably $60-70 at peak times although I have found specials for under $50 from time to time) are VB National (old TPC course and Pete Dye design), Heron Ridge (a Fred Couples course) and Signature at West Neck (Arnold Palmer course). Links to the courses are below. If you are looking for more nightlife, you can stay in Virginia Beach on the Oceanfront and they have plenty of cheap and moderate hotels and the courses are probably about 30 minutes away. Given that the munis in NYC run the price or are more expensive than these courses I think it is a decent deal for not that far of a trip. Finally, if you are driving down, go the Eastern Shore way and you can always drive in the morning and play an early afternoon round at one of the Bay Creek courses (more expensive than the rest but very nice courses) on your way to the Beach. [url="http://www.hellspoint.com/"]http://www.hellspoint.com/[/url] [url="http://www.redwinglakegolf.com"]http://www.redwinglakegolf.com[/url] [url="http://www.vbnational.com"]http://www.vbnational.com[/url] http://www.heronridge.com [url="http://www.signatureatwestneck.com"]http://www.signatureatwestneck.com[/url] [url="http://www.baycreekresort.com/golf/golf.asp"]http://www.baycreekresort.com/golf/golf.asp[/url]
  18. Glad it worked. Now just be mindful of the tendency to get handsy with your release in an effort to compensate for the blocks.
  19. [quote name='KMeloney' post='1885731' date='Aug 13 2009, 02:25 PM']Checked it out, Eric. Good stuff! Great explanation in the video. I need a lot more practice with this, obviously... but on the range, I found the motion easier to do with the driver. Have some ideas as to why? Maybe because the ball is teed up, and you have a little more margin of error with the driver? I would imagine you want the exact same hip motion with the driver AND the irons, yes?[/quote] One reason it may be easier with the driver is that you have likely adjusted your setup so that there is more tilt away from the target which may make the feeling of dropping the club into the slot easier (even though the hips should still be the primary cause).
  20. Glad you were able to figure it out. Check out the video which helps show the sequence that causes the hip bump. It will help you avoid spin outs which could creep in if you sway to create the bump.
  21. If you haven't seen it already, the youtube video included in the linked thread is helpful for me for describing the sequence of the hips which causes the shoulders to drop into the slot. [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=290357"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=290357[/url]
  22. Thanks Bobby. The site was helpful. I think I'll avoid the fishhook for now unless I get desperate.
  23. [quote name='Dr.John' post='1879743' date='Aug 11 2009, 09:31 AM'][quote name='ericg33' post='1879727' date='Aug 11 2009, 09:25 AM']I opted for the surgery after trying rehab initially (I had a rotator cuff tear as well). If you are still experiencing pain after that many months of rehab it is unlikely that the pain will go away atleast with respect to your golf swing. The good news is that the rehab post surgery is not much different than what you are doing now except for the fact that you will be starting from a much lower base. May be worth looking into in a few months since it will take some time to be able to swing a club a gain after the surgery. I swing pain free now.[/quote] What does his rehab consist of now? And why do you think it is similar to what he will be doing in PT since he has not described exactly what his rehab entails? [/quote] You are right in that I do not know what his rehab current entails. I should have prefaced my post by stating that my PT pre-surgery and post-surgery consisted of essentially the same exercises but I was just starting from a different base. I am not a doctor or a physical therapist and I do not know the extent of the poster's injuries so I am not trying to opine on what his PT will entail or whether he should get the surgery or not. Just meant to share my experience.
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