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  1. New variant last night! This time, I couldn't get my glove on--the pinky finger just wouldn't get into the glove!
  2. And remember, those first 3 of Ko's rounds would represent the average of the best 8 of the +2.5-capper's recent 20 rounds.
  3. This just came up in a conversation last weekend. There wasn't "anything to be gained" as Mr. Bean asked. Just a thought exercise. And it wasn't clear to me right away if it would generally benefit the higher or lower capper (or neither). I'm usually the higher capper when I play against my usual buddies. And I do make bogey a lot on stroke holes where my opponent makes par. And if I were to guess, tying (gross) on stroke holes somehow happens less often. But, of course, this is a *feeling* with no data behind it. We were also (just as unseriously) wondering wha
  4. Not sure why you bolded the numbers. Doesn’t 6 equal 12 times one half? Anyway, in general, is it that uninteresting a conversation? I figured someone would come back with data or intuition or psychological effect or something re: how often a handicap stroke on a hole in matchplay breaks a tie vs. resulting in a one.
  5. Just a light-hearted thought exercise. What would happen if you distributed strokes in a net match-play match using half-strokes? So instead of getting a shot on the 6 top-handicap holes, the higher-cap player got half-strokes on 12 holes. Would the lower-cap player benefit more from all the holes where he/she won the hole by a gross stroke? Or would the high-capper benefit from all the holes where they tie for gross score? Would it just come out about the same as the conventional system?
  6. with all due respect, it was just a fun golf forum topic. I wasn’t “worried” any more than people who start topics about which putter grip to use, or opinions about favorite golf jokes, or takes about Jordan Spieth’s latest tournament. Lighten up
  7. Played right to my index. Which, with the way I've been playing, was my best round in 4 months. Clearly the correct choice.
  8. I really wasn’t asking about vaccine reactions and playing through pain or anything like that. I literally wanted advice on: is it easier to swing a golf club well with a sore left upper arm or a sore right upper arm?
  9. Ok. Going with right arm. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow!
  10. For a right-handed golfer playing the day after receiving the vaccine, which arm would you choose to get the shot in? let’s just assume we care only about golf, not any other life activities. Seems a safe assumption on this forum, right?!
  11. Let’s assume we can put his reputation aside.....
  12. Anyone have any Caddie recommendations for Bandon? Will be there with a dozen guys in July.
  13. ?? Those numbers don’t seem the least bit out of whack to me?! What are your expectations?
  14. A side question: If you plan on using a caddie for every round, there's no need at all to bring your own rangefinder, right?
  15. Seems like an orthogonal point. I'm just wondering if people who root for him purely because others don't like him--if his "morality" matters at all to them. Like if he is clearly intentionally cheating (and still winning because he's really good), I assume the poll results would be different. But presumably there'd be some (a few? a lot?) who would still root for him? I wonder what that percentage would be.... And would the reason be just to be contrarian? Or because they think that Following-the-rules-of-golf-is-a-matter-of-tradition-and-honor is all a bunch of BS...?
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