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  1. Bought this on a late night boozy impulse......but I like my titleist 4 carbon better. New Ping Hoofer Lite, has seen a golf cart twice. Never touched grass. https://ping.com/en-us/shop/bags/carry-bags/hoofer-lite I know I’m going to take a bath on shipping on this, but I deserve it, but I’ll be shipping as cheap as possible, lol. $170 shipped.
  2. Like it, but don't love it. Moving on to SIM with my tensei pro blue. This is mint. It's only seen pro-v x's, I never made it touch a dirty, sandy, 1-piece range ball...... I weighed the back weight, it is 23g without the screw. I bought this off the shelf at Dicks but it had a dumpy 55g Senior shaft, so maybe that's why the weight is 3gr less....? I don't know, using my basic swingweighter, it still swingweights to close to D6, even with the counterbalanced shaft. Shaft was tipped 1/2" and plays literally a smidge under 45". I measured with a tap measure from pla
  3. My dicks only has 10.5 max with alta 55. It’s a bummer. Wonder though, would there be much difference in launch and spin between a Max in 9* and a Max in 10.5 lowered down to 9.5? Anybody hit both?
  4. I’ve used this for about a year now and love it, just decided to go back to Ping, because I’m a proud member of the GolfWRX “it ain’t broke but I’m still gonna fiddle with it” club..... Again, you will notice and appreciate the lack of farmer tanned feet in need of a nail clipper in the pics. You’re welcome for that. I’d say the head is in good shape, minus the couple minor imperfections on the crown and apparently one spot on the top line that I’ve never noticed. Oh well, tried to take the pics in the most unflattering light to show all the bits and bobs. Of course none o
  5. 1. SM8 jet black 54 S grind 10* bounce. Decided to go 52/56/60 instead of 54/58. I had pulled the head and put it in a dg120 but reinstalled it to factory wedge flex shaft to sell. SOLD 2. epic flash sz head only with adaptor and a callaway wrench. Pics tell story and show more faults than can be seen at address but wanted to fully document and show condition. SOLD shipped usps priority
  6. Leftover balls from spending pro shop credit in a pro shop with a crappy selection...... I tried one and decided to stick with my BXS. 23 balls. No logos $55 shipped usps priority. also have a literal ton of wrenches, so if you need an extra let me know & I’ll toss one in the box.
  7. Had a ton of pro shop so splurged and got the boa carbon pro s/l’s because I love my regular sl’s so much. I think I must be the only person that likes the regular better. Oh well. These have been on 2 dog walks, never seen the 1st tee. They retail for $229 so I’ll take 150 so i can just about get another pair of regular s/l’s and a Merry Christmas to both of us. Same shop credit, but the pro shop only had 3 dozen Pro V X’s, if you can believe that. Had to settle for the last 6 sleeves of regular pro v’s. I’d prefer to trade with someone with some good history here for some Pro V
  8. I used some pro shop credit to pick up a pair of the BOA Carbons. I love my regular Pro S/L's and figured these would be even better. Have only worn them once to walk the dog to try them out and they were the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn. It was like walking in a pair of old fashioned dress shoes. At mile 1 the bottom of my feet hurt so bad, all cramped up. Haven't worn them since. Sounds like I'm the only one with this going on...... Guess I need to give them another chance
  9. I've been looking to replace my 4 series Ping for a while now, it's showing its age. Haven't found anything I liked better, including the craz-e-lite's but saw a guy in the club parking lot with this bag today. Stopped and asked him about it, he loves his, so went straight home and ordered one. My christmas present to myself this year. Feel even better about the decision after reading these reviews.
  10. I only wear Pro S/L now. Love them to walk. Ran on only 1 pair for my Bandon trip: 80 miles in 6 days; no blisters, hot spots or tired feet. The only gripe I have is they don't sell replacement laces. Seems goofy to me that they wouldn't, but it's a minor gripe
  11. They've been in the bag for a few weeks and have started to develop that nice patina. I'm attaching the order but in case it's tl/dr: both are mid bounce, 1* flat, rounded leading edges, the 58* has heel relief & the 54* has heel and toe relief. Both have S300's and the Lamkin Crossline Plus grips. Std Length. I did have some lead tape on the back of them, but took it off to list, but you can see where it was, but the patina will catch up. So, for pricing, here's the way it'll play out: I'd like to get $350, but being realistic, I'd list at $300..... Somebody will offer $
  12. Lol, these were priced WAYY too low.... they were gone in 2 seconds
  13. I did the buy 3 get 1 free promo last year and then switched to the bxs. I found 2.5 dozen when I was cleaning out my golf closet. downside is they have my initials on them, jms..... but maybe we have the same initials and then it’s a positive!! I’ll take $50 shipped, unless your initials are jms then you don’t need the price break, so then it’s $70, lol the ball with the player marks had some dirt on it so i tossed it out. It must have been a provisional ball, oops. The rest are brand new. To be clear, this is 31 brand new balls for $50. None of the other ball
  14. Cally triple diamond 10.5* pics tell the tale, though in the 3rd pic I did pick up a little top line smudge that I haven't noticed on the course but decided to go close up so no surprises. I put some lead tape on the toe side and used some blue loctite to hold it in place, did not try to clean up after I pulled off the tape for pics. Including 4 weights, 2, 4, 12 & 14, headcover that's never been used and the wrench. Priced to sell: $480 shipped.
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