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  1. Title says it all and pics show great condition. 10.5* triple diamond epic speed driver head. Includes adaptor and headcover. Priced to sell at $350 shipped.
  2. Head only is fine and couldn’t care less about a headcover. Needs to be in good shape
  3. That’s funny, I put a ES TD in my bag a few weeks ago too & now I’ve got a set of Apex Pro’s on the way and find myself looking at the jaws MD5 wedges and Odyssey putters….. that driver is so good the rest is an easy sell
  4. If I wear a 10W in FJ, should I get the wide in the TW's or are the regulars wide enough? Thanks!
  5. I wear only stance tabs now. They're the best; thin, stay in place and I've never had a blister wearing them
  6. Tour X white/blue/lime. 10W. Wore in the house and prefer my Pro S/L's. These shoes have never seen grass or a duck hook!! No box. $120 shipped Tensei CK Pro Blue 70TX. If I read the ruler right, it's 41 3/8" no tip or adaptor. $150 shipped SOLD -- Ping 410 22* hybrid with Ping Tour 85S shaft. Hard to measure but looks around 40", may be 1/4 over. SOLD -- 56* SM8 with S300. Bought a set with 52 56 and 60 and hit the 60 just as far as the 56, so I'll save the spot in my bag. SOLD -- Og Sim MAX 10.5 head only. SOLD -- Rogue 130 MSI 70S. I will ship USPS, I will try to ship priority but can't make any promises as they have gotten ridiculous price wise lately. I also don't think my prices are out of line and are lower than anything I saw on ebay so I'm not very flexible with prices.
  7. I'm fitting a Rogue white 130 into my G425 LST head. I cut the shaft to 44" so when installed it's now 45". It's E2 without a grip. I'm going to put on a lamkin crossline plus which is 53g. I want the club to be D3 or D4. What does a 53g grip do to the SW? Say if I were to grip it now at it's current length? I'm guessing 2 or 3 points at most, so from E2 without a grip to maybe D8 with? Which is kind of strange to me because these stock rogue white's are playing 45.25 and Ping is calling them D4. I already switched the 17g backweight for a 14g and would hesitate to move any lighter because I don't want to screw with the MOI which is the purpose of the heavy head in the first place. edit: to book end this post, i chopped another 1/4” to be safe and put the grip on, it’s D4 now at 44.75 & the 14gr weight. Perfect
  8. Had a couple gift cards for Dicks and bought this in a moment of weakness. It’s never been hit, I just took the plastic off & since I have no idea where the receipt is, I’d rather sell it for a loss than get another gift card….. Price is pretty firm at SOLD shipped and you don’t even have to drive to the store, this bad boy will show up on your porch. Headcover and wrench included. pay before the post office closes and I’ll get it out today.
  9. Bought this on a late night boozy impulse......but I like my titleist 4 carbon better. New Ping Hoofer Lite, has seen a golf cart twice. Never touched grass. https://ping.com/en-us/shop/bags/carry-bags/hoofer-lite I know I’m going to take a bath on shipping on this, but I deserve it, but I’ll be shipping as cheap as possible, lol. $170 shipped.
  10. Like it, but don't love it. Moving on to SIM with my tensei pro blue. This is mint. It's only seen pro-v x's, I never made it touch a dirty, sandy, 1-piece range ball...... I weighed the back weight, it is 23g without the screw. I bought this off the shelf at Dicks but it had a dumpy 55g Senior shaft, so maybe that's why the weight is 3gr less....? I don't know, using my basic swingweighter, it still swingweights to close to D6, even with the counterbalanced shaft. Shaft was tipped 1/2" and plays literally a smidge under 45". I measured with a tap measure from playing position and it's the last marky thing before 45", which after googling means it's 44 15/16th...... with a lamkin crossline plus grip. It sits logo down at flat 0. It's the PVD Blue version. Sweet looking shaft. Comes with a brand new headcover that's never seen the cruel light of day. Rule #1: I hesitate to separate shaft and head and trying to price aggressively as a whole to avoid this but I will as long as 2 people are hitting up my paypal. I'm not shipping unless both are paid. There is only 1 adaptor too...... so let's say that the adaptor stays with the head. Rule #2: As always, I am having a pretty good Monday, but I'm not in a good enough mood to be open to offers or trades. My favorite PM's are of the "I'll take it, what's your pp?" variety. FULL CLUB: $OLD BEST BST DEAL OF 2021 so far! I think that's it, I know you've got that Paypal balance loaded just waiting on a good deal for a 425 max to hit the BST...... Today's your day!! I usually ship USPS priority
  11. My dicks only has 10.5 max with alta 55. It’s a bummer. Wonder though, would there be much difference in launch and spin between a Max in 9* and a Max in 10.5 lowered down to 9.5? Anybody hit both?
  12. I’ve used this for about a year now and love it, just decided to go back to Ping, because I’m a proud member of the GolfWRX “it ain’t broke but I’m still gonna fiddle with it” club..... Again, you will notice and appreciate the lack of farmer tanned feet in need of a nail clipper in the pics. You’re welcome for that. I’d say the head is in good shape, minus the couple minor imperfections on the crown and apparently one spot on the top line that I’ve never noticed. Oh well, tried to take the pics in the most unflattering light to show all the bits and bobs. Of course none of it affects performance. The screw looks a little rusty, but I have a couple spares that I’ll throw in, if you’re into that sort of thing. also, on the toe, underside, i put some lead tape and to get it to stay I kinda used some of the blue loctite...... Couldn’t get it to come off but didn’t really try anything fancy. As I’m posting on Valentines Day, you’ll correctly assume that I’m single so there isn’t any nail polish remover to use and it’s raining so I’m not going to the store but the price is adjusted accordingly. So, 10.5* Mavrik Triple Diamond head. 2gr & 14 gr weights (somehow I have a spare set of identical 2 & 14gr weights so you’ll get those 2, enjoy!) to be clear, that’s a total of 4 weights. You also get a brande new headcover, 2 spare screws (are they all universal? No clue, but they look the same...) and what else, ah, the adaptor which looks the most used. I think I’ve used it in different heads and it works, it just doesn’t look new, whatever it’ll save you $25 or whatever they go for. $280 shipped. That’s about half price of what i paid for this new and way cheaper than anything on ebay. I don’t expect this will last long, so like always, first to message and pay wins!!
  13. 1. SM8 jet black 54 S grind 10* bounce. Decided to go 52/56/60 instead of 54/58. I had pulled the head and put it in a dg120 but reinstalled it to factory wedge flex shaft to sell. SOLD 2. epic flash sz head only with adaptor and a callaway wrench. Pics tell story and show more faults than can be seen at address but wanted to fully document and show condition. SOLD shipped usps priority
  14. Leftover balls from spending pro shop credit in a pro shop with a crappy selection...... I tried one and decided to stick with my BXS. 23 balls. No logos $55 shipped usps priority. also have a literal ton of wrenches, so if you need an extra let me know & I’ll toss one in the box.
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