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  1. I only wear Pro S/L now. Love them to walk. Ran on only 1 pair for my Bandon trip: 80 miles in 6 days; no blisters, hot spots or tired feet. The only gripe I have is they don't sell replacement laces. Seems goofy to me that they wouldn't, but it's a minor gripe
  2. They've been in the bag for a few weeks and have started to develop that nice patina. I'm attaching the order but in case it's tl/dr: both are mid bounce, 1* flat, rounded leading edges, the 58* has heel relief & the 54* has heel and toe relief. Both have S300's and the Lamkin Crossline Plus grips. Std Length. I did have some lead tape on the back of them, but took it off to list, but you can see where it was, but the patina will catch up. So, for pricing, here's the way it'll play out: I'd like to get $350, but being realistic, I'd list at $300..... Somebody will offer $
  3. Lol, these were priced WAYY too low.... they were gone in 2 seconds
  4. I did the buy 3 get 1 free promo last year and then switched to the bxs. I found 2.5 dozen when I was cleaning out my golf closet. downside is they have my initials on them, jms..... but maybe we have the same initials and then it’s a positive!! I’ll take $50 shipped, unless your initials are jms then you don’t need the price break, so then it’s $70, lol the ball with the player marks had some dirt on it so i tossed it out. It must have been a provisional ball, oops. The rest are brand new. To be clear, this is 31 brand new balls for $50. None of the other ball
  5. Cally triple diamond 10.5* pics tell the tale, though in the 3rd pic I did pick up a little top line smudge that I haven't noticed on the course but decided to go close up so no surprises. I put some lead tape on the toe side and used some blue loctite to hold it in place, did not try to clean up after I pulled off the tape for pics. Including 4 weights, 2, 4, 12 & 14, headcover that's never been used and the wrench. Priced to sell: $480 shipped.
  6. I bought some Raycons this summer. My first wireless earbuds. I’ve been really happy with them, i think they were just a bit over $100
  7. Had a weak moment this morning and ordered the tour raw 54 & 58 mid with rounded leading edges and heel and toe relief on the 54 and heel relief on the 58....... excited though they have big shoes to fill from my glide 2.0 es
  8. That’s what i have in mine too. The 210’s are so much better than anything else I’ve ever played
  9. Stance tab ultralight runners socks. Did 80 miles in 6 days at bandon. Toes are beat to hell but no blisters or hot spots. They don’t slide around like other socks. I have thrown the rest of my socks away
  10. It was the 2nd to last day. They let me borrow a shaft for the afternoon round and the next day. Unfortunately the best they could do to replace my pro blue tx was a 55g 6.0 even flow green...... took some getting used to but they were really great about it, so no biggie. I actually shot my low round of the trip with it that afternoon, lol They are doing construction on the pro shop so the guy didn’t have access to his workshop or he would have fixed it for me.
  11. This happened to me in bandon. I noticed during the morning round at pacific that the shaft had rotated 45*. Quite the bummer though was glad the head hadn’t flown off over a cliff at SR the day before, lol. I’ve been using the cally tour flat adaptors from golf works too......
  12. I’ve had a 54 & 58 grind 2.0 es sole, 8* bounce on both in the bag since they came out. Thinking the mid bounce might be better for garbage, sloppy wet Florida fairways...... anybody hit both? Really like the ping wedges but these look good too.
  13. I didn’t but somebody in the group usually had one. From what I saw it was hit or miss. One guy in our group switched halfway through the trip because the guy had no idea what was going on. We had 9 people on the trip, i think 4 or 5 had caddies. Only 1 dude switched. It’s cool how they pair you up with the same caddy your whole trip, but it makes it awkward if you have to go to guest services to get another one, lol.
  14. Just got back. We played 8 rounds over 6 days. Almost 80 miles walked. First 3 days were really windy. Like realllly windy. Old Mac, Bandon Dunes and Sheep Ranch were almost unplayable with the wind, just brutal. #7 at old mac is 350 yds, uphill. I hit the drive of my life followed by the hybrid of my life to get there. The resort didn’t miss anything that you could imagine or want in a guy’s golf trip. Food was awesome, and when you order a double jack and coke, you get a solid drink. covid protocols were good, masks inside until you get to your table, hand sanitizer everywhere.
  15. I don’t think it’s any longer than my 410+ but the feel and sound more than make up the magic 40 yards we were all hoping for, lol. The feel off the clubhead reminds me of my old ping eye 2 persimmon and titleist balata. i have mine set at 44.75 with a pro blue. 2 up front, 12 in the back and decided to frankestein it up by putting enough lead tape out on the toe to get head weight up to 199.8. Not ocd enough to pinch an extra .2g of tape on it...... it’s place is safe in the bag after this weekend. My worst drive was left side of the fairway. This is a driver i can swing hard. note: let
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