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  1. Schley - what's the title of that thread or what is it listed under? Thanks! West Coast if most likely out of the question. Does anyone have any specific cities, or communities?
  2. The title says it all. It's a tough topic to tackle and has more questions than answers, but I have a friend approaching retirement next year and I'm 8 years away so we talk about it. Most of the conversation has been southern North Carolina and Palm Beach, FL area. I think we are both most interested in the east coast of the US but please share any and all thoughts.
  3. Mike Strantz - I've played all his public courses and the only one I didn't absolutely love is Stonehouse.
  4. Bethpage Black Maidstone Pinehurst #2 Whistling Straights Winged Foot *Yale*
  5. [quote name='ddbleek685' timestamp='1397178006' post='9065037'] was it busy? called the line and seemed like there were openings every hour. planning on driving over tomorrow for afternoon round [/quote] Very slow for the Black. 3-somes all morning. Worth the drive if you live near by.
  6. I played the Black course today and would caution anyone that is making a long trip, or once in a lifetime trip to play it to wait. The rough and fescue are dormant and not nearly as penal as they typically are. It's a great opportunity to score but not nearly the experience you'd have in peak season. Go if you play it all the time- I had a great time, the greens and fairways are surprisingly good for this time of year. I just want to caution those of you that plan on making a "trip."
  7. Sawgrass, you live in Stamford, do you like the Gaynor Brennan golf course?? would you recommend that dog track to anyone new to the area? I certainly hope not Golf is golf, and if that's what you can afford, or that's what's convenient- it doesn't make you any less of a golfer. To me a teaching pro is no better than a weekend warrior, and no less than a pro that makes a living playing the game rather than teaching it. I'll be playing Brennan quite a bit this summer. If I were to be snobby I'd mention that I'll be playing Bethpage Black and Winged Foot prior to Brennan. I'd sound like an a** doing that though.
  8. Play Shenecossett - it's open Saturday. Head over to the casino after.
  9. I've done 3 of the proposed 36 hole days: Bethpage Black and Red Ballyowen and WIld Turkey Neshanic and Architects I'd still go with: #1 set up Bethpage Red and Black (if you were 3 I'd be able to help you out with tee-times but the person that books must play) Once Bethpage is set: #2 Ballyowen and Ballyowen (if you REALLY want to play a different track then play Wild Turkey but Ballyowen is so much better that it is worth it to play twice instead) #3 Pound Ridge (Neshanic and Architects are great but Pound Ridge is in another class) It's a lot of driving and a lot of golf in 4 days BUT if you wanted to drive a little more you could do Yale (absolute classic - you'll never play another like it) in the AM (I'd be able to help you out with that) and Pound Ridge at 3PM (cuts your cost to $125 for the round). Let me know if I can help...
  10. Links at Unionvale- right in your neck of the woods- great pace of play- especially in the AM and great value on a weekday before 8am. Hudson Hills - good course but can be pricey at times- check golfnow or ezlinks for a deal. Respectable public options would be: Spook Rock Philip Rotella Westpoint
  11. [quote name='dornstar' timestamp='1393971882' post='8798285'] Alright, so the updated trip... Thursday - Bethpage Black Friday - open... thinking Pound Ridge or Patriot Hill Saturday - Ballyowen Sunday - Plainfield CC (got the hookup) [/quote] I would play Pound Ridge 11 times out of 10 instead of Patriot Hills. Pound Ridge is a good Pete Dye course- comparable (not in style but in quality) to the one at Barefoot in Myrtle, the River course at Whistling, etc… I wouldn't play Patriot Hills again for free. As for Ballyowen- you'll love it, if you are going to play 36 at the Crystal Springs courses I would play Ballyowen again. The next best course at the complex is Wild Turkey, but it's not close to Ballyowen. Try to play the black and red at Bethpage- walk the black (get a caddie) and ride the red. It will be an expensive trip if you go the caddie route at Bethpage, play Pound Ridge, and double up at Ballyowen, but well worth it. I've played almost all in the area so let me know if you have any other questions...
  12. Not worth the drive at all. The course is typically pretty beat up. Tee time s are always available on one of the discount tee time sites. If you are considering driving more than a half hour- think again- there are MUCH better options. I play once or twice a year for a change of pace and that's about it. I can usually get out for $30-40 with a cart, which makes it tolerable. Way better options in the area though.
  13. I'd go Blue, Green, and then yellow. Green is worth playing. I would scratch the few extra dollars together to play the Red or Black. Here's the greens fees: http://nysparks.com/golf-courses/11/fees-rates.aspx
  14. [quote name='TBD203' timestamp='1392681687' post='8689539'] Are there any ultra private courses in CT? I know that there's Morefar Back O'Beyond but that only sorta counts I'd think. [/quote] Ultra private and ultra good may be two different things. I would say the Country Club of Fairfield is the hardest to get on and it's a real good track. Just not as good as Wee Burn in Darien.
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