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  1. Keep em coming I love these stories wouldn't it be great to have a sitcom about golf with stories from across the country. We cold have Kramer from Seinfield as the main caracter.
  2. I don't believe you can really fire your hips to fast, because fast hip is how people like big John, J.B. and the big hitters on tour get their distance. Without seeing your swing my guess would be you are sliding a little ahead of it along with the fast hip turn. By sliding ahead your hands will never catch up no matter how hard you try. My suggestion would be to continue with fast hips but be sure you arn't sliding a little at the same time. Keep the head still as you move through the shot.
  3. I negleted to mention if anyone is having problems with the yips in their putting stroke, that fat putter grip can help you overcome them. The yips come from changing grip pressure during the stroke, try it and see what I mean, it helped me.
  4. I guess I should have included the weighted club you are right, I guess I just felt this was used more for warm up, rather than helping or training the swing.
  5. The golf jokes are going so well it would be fun to hear about funny stories that happen to you or someone else at your CC or golf course. Please don't send it if it will hurt anyone in any way. Hope we all get some laughs out of this.
  6. Just thought golf fans may want to know what the most used swing aids are on tour. Most used is the Leaderboard, Putting arch, Laser line putter, Balance board, and the fat putting grip. The fat putter grip is not a training aid but a lot of tour players have started using it. If you want more information about these visit; http://www.pga-golf-tour-caddy-guide.com/G...Swing-Aids.html See you in Dallas
  7. Give me something new to share with other players and caddies, what are the best golf joke anyone has heard lately?
  8. need helpI am currently employed as a caddy on the PGA Tour. I see this is a very active fourm site and would like insight from the fans. What do golf fans want, or discover, from tour caddies,or their players? What do you want to know, what are you interested in finding out, what makes the whole experience of being at a tour golf event more enjoyable for the fan, How can we as players and caddies make this a more enjoyabe experiance for all? What can players do? What can caddies do? What can the PGA Tour do?
  9. Anyone wonder who your talking to on here. Well maybe this will help everyone get to know one another. And all be able to talk about the game we all love, Golf. Use this as the template. First Name: Jim Age: 51 City/town: Tampa State: Fl Handicap index: 0 Career low round: 66 How far you usually hit your driver: Carry 250-260 Favorite course you've played: Cypress Point Favorite course you haven't played yet: Muirfield Village One final round of golf to be played where and who rounds out your 4-some: Jesus, My Dad, and Ben Hogan Favorite golf movie: Caddy Shack Favorite
  10. I would like to introduce myself Caddyguy as a new member to this forum. I am currently employed as a PGA Tour caddy and have over 30 years experience in the golf industry. I am really interested in finding out what golf fans are interested in about the tour, caddies, jobs on tour, or what ever they may want to know. Thanks Caddyguy
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