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  1. [quote name='BrickDaFunk' timestamp='1442184619' post='12308752'] [quote name='zoots' timestamp='1442175281' post='12308248'] This thread is awesome!!! [/quote] Yeah, right. And Grizzly Adams had a beard. [/quote] Grizzly Adams did have a beard!!!!!!
  2. [quote name='Cwing' timestamp='1434895524' post='11799602'] They sell one at Dicks. I think it is maxfi but I'm not certain. [/quote] Yes they are maxfli and they work very well. Come in a two pack.
  3. [quote name='John L.' timestamp='1434233496' post='11746068'] I played (2) late afternoon rounds with a guy about 4 years ago. He was a doctor who performed facial reconstruction and other cosmetic surgeries to the kids coming home from Iraq/Afghanistan. I had seen the guy hanging around the putting green, so I asked him if he was waiting on someone. He said that he was a straggler. I told him to go tell the counter person that he was in my group which was booked as a threesome. The guys that I hang with are a pretty rough & tumble, but they are good people. ( [i]retired navy, army, marines[/i]) We had no idea about him until after the round as to who he was. He wasn't very comfortable talking about himself, but he finally came out with it. When he finally coughed it all up, it was the first time in 25-30 years that I saw my buddies actually shut up for more than 2 minutes. The guy worked on a cost basis only. He had done very well for himself prior, and wanted to pay it forward. He was probably one of the most humble guys I have ever been around. After a couple beers, we all agreed to meet again the next afternoon for our usual nassau, and we invited him. We all played again the next day and had a great time. ([i] arguing, complaining, boasting, teasing, and gamesmanship[/i]) We had our usual 19th hole beers, and each of us gave him hats from our favorite duty stations. I gave him my original ESWS pin ([i] enlisted surface warfare[/i]) that I achieved on the USS Barnstable County. The man almost busted out crying. A couple days later we all showed up at the course, and there was a dozen ProV1's waiting on each of us. [b]Brethren![/b] [/quote] Now this has to be the best one by far!!! Heck I teared up on this one. Thank you and the guys for your service!!!!
  4. You my friend are quite the wordsman. Thank you for that. Very enlightening.
  5. [quote name='knockdstiff' timestamp='1409560952' post='10043701'] I don't get the 'he probably doesn't care' line of reasoning. Yes, obviously. Most people who do problematic things don't care. From a dictator who kills lots of innocent people, to a banking exec who helps wreck the economy, to a pro golfer who gets a little fidgety over the short putts. None of them give a damn what most people think, or they wouldn't have done it in the first place. The stuff they do is still problematic in various ways. Plus, it just isn't as fun to praise people. [/quote] You would be surprised at how good it makes you feel?
  6. [quote name='EJ Mac' timestamp='1409558931' post='10043669'] I commend you. You totally did the right thing and has been said probably changed the path those kids were on in a big way. The Dr. Spock approach so many take today makes me wanna puke and is a big reason our society as a whole is in the crapper. the majority of kids today have never known what it is like to not be able to sit down from having your backside wore out for stepping out of line. [/quote] Amen brother. Preach on!!! I thought I was alone on this issue. Glad to know. We are a minority now. OP I feel you on the poison ivy. I just look at it and I'm covered with it. Cortisone shot is my only fix. You were 100% in the right!!!!
  7. On the full swing apparently it doesn't translate to the full swing very well on the higher scores. The I do hit the different wedge distances and I do it with the clock face roughly. It's mainly swing thoughts that mess me up. Several I guess. I warm up before I go play at home and it usually translates ok to very well but it seems to be a different thought depending on what I'm reading or which direction the ball goes. I'll reread your post again and ponder a few more answers.
  8. I like most struggle with my swing at times. I works on my swing mostly at home on a little range that I have. It's about 150 yards. Mostly wedges and an occasional 9 iron. My struggle is this. I seem to have a different swing every day. The swing thoughts I have are all over the board from old swing instruction (SLICEFIXER) to comments I read here on the board in the swing instruction. I can go play one day and everything clicks shoot 66-70 then a week later shoot 85 not knowing where the ball is going. I have been consistent at times for long periods but I'm not sure why I was consistent. But lately it seems to be like the up and down roller coaster mentioned above. I hit balls daily, maybe 75-125. Wedges mostly. Full, 3/4 and half. What my question is, why does there always seem to be a swing key that I have to have in my head to make this work like I want it to? Keep in mind it's the right swing thought with the 66-70 and the wrong one on the 85. If I'm just ok I'll shoot around 74. The 85's only show up about once or twice a month. I play about 12 times a month. Another question I have is my son had the same instruction I had but he's 25 years younger doesn't think about anything, nothing just hit the ball and it goes with a nice little draw. I use to kick his butt but that seems to be going away with my inconsistency. Any help would be appreciated. Not really instruction but more psychological I think.
  9. I think the age limit is a little over 30 if I remember right. Go for it.
  10. Pure wrap. Great in wet conditions. Get stickier when wet.
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