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  1. just texted my asst....yes, seems that the announcement tmrw and probably open Monday like NH
  2. got the txt from my asst that rumor has it we are opening tomorrow.
  3. I took one from a Bender disciple, Ben Pellicani and thought he did a great job. Very through job explaining swing fault and how to set up feedback stations. I forget how much it cost it was either $100 or $80 but well worth it...with plenty of follow during the week period. his insta is @pelligolf
  4. good to hear! I've hit the 7 iron a while ago at PGA tour SS and loved it......So i pulled the trigger....couldn't resist! I have issues.......I oredered with Modus 120 and 1* flat...Now if MA would just stop the non-sense and open up golf courses!!!
  5. Thanks for the reply.......When thing i was curious about was the spin and being able to stop the shorter irons.
  6. Thank you for the detailed review! Awesome info......nice pick up on the titleist t-mb!
  7. Looking for some reviews on these now that they have been out for a bit? is the honeymoon over or still in love with these? I'm currently playing Apex pro 19's and looking for something a little different......Interested if anyone has the Modus 120 shaft and what the ball flight looks like High, Mid High? Thanks in advance! Dbogey
  8. Pocasset great course...….Very busy.....not a huge fan of how it's run. just my .02 I guess it really depends on what you're looking for? just play on weekends, practice facility, etc. lots of great options on the cape.
  9. just got a v-line at 40" problem is it's to long. I normally use a traditional putter at 34" so the shaft goes past my elbow. So I'm going to adjust to 38" today and give it a go. I messed around with it for a while on the putting green and it seems like a great way to putt but definitely need the length right.
  10. > @jeffsbarnes said: > got a top down view of Spider X head Top view pic added....sorry about that missed that one.
  11. Need to move these! Weekend fire sale! New srixon combo set Z785 5,6 ZBlade 7-P with nippon modus 120 Stiff all clubs std L,L,L golf pride tour velvet cord. Clubs are in line new condition and have only seen the range for 3 sessions. Looking to move these fast! Not interested in any trades. Price $650 need to move these! Taylormade Spider X 35” Navy blue w/single sight line (new) ($290) $250 ![](https://us.v- cdn.net/6024507/uploads/editor/ga/48bu20vz2tlf.jpeg "") Shipping to conus included all priority usps. PayPal [email protected] Than
  12. I have to some srixons waiting for me 5,6 iron Z785 and 7-P Z blade with Modus 120's. I hit them a few times inside into a net and found the Zblade pretty easy to hit and had great feel.....Can't wait to get them to the course if it ever stops raining in NE. I've hit and played AP2's and really liked them but the Srixon's just look Sexy AF.
  13. > @"CHOPARTIST " said: > Whats your BEST price for all of it, minus the Taylormade stuff PM sent
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