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  1. What did your wife do about it?
  2. Thanks. I hadn't got a response and had some small plastic plugs so I used one. I think it was the right thing to do and can't not see how it would harm anything.
  3. I was going to get one but just assumed they where illegal by this point.
  4. When reshafting an M2 fairway, does there need to be some kind of plug in the bottom of the hosel.....There is a shelf that the shaft tip rests on but it is open into the head below the shelf.
  5. Why if this is simply a legal matter do we even know anything about it.......Why in this day and age do people have to run to a microphone about everything going on in their lives.......Take your lawyer and try your case in the courts.....If you win and want to let us know, fine. People need to quit wanting all of us to try their cases via social media.
  6. Why go in circles.....We are all Golfwrx members....If you have been around here for any length of time, you should know that Rick Shiels=Bad.........TXG=Awesome.
  7. That was what Golf galaxy in Pittsburgh did as I posted above....I guess it didn't work out for them as it is all gone.....How about PGA superstore?
  8. You must listen to club fitters and sellers that may have never seen Honma irons.....Explain.
  9. Honma 747v irons have a 46 degree pitching wedge or 10 iron.
  10. The Pittsburgh golf galaxy took a large area of their store and dedicated it to Honma......Large display of clubs and special fitting area for just Honma....After a short while, all that is left is a small rack of honma clubs at closeout clubs. even at closeout, more than twice what they cost online.
  11. My second new set should be arriving at my house on Thursday. 747v.... I have not found anything better in this type of iron.. they check all the boxes for me including price.. 4 through wedge brand new for 449.00.
  12. Don't forget their names and that great music
  13. I drove thru pittsburgh on saturday and if any golf course is open wednesday i would be very surprised.
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