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  1. appreciate it! I was searching mels in a number of places and nothing. ill admit not a huge ebay user may have missed where I could seek out sellers. thanks tho. cheers
  2. done a bunch of searching and cant locate this seller.....
  3. anyone with any hook ups or know of any deals for Nippon Modus3 iron shafts? Coupon codes from retailers etc...Im up in Canada but can be US as well. Hoping for some help! Thanks!!
  4. Hahahaha, so very true and yes insanely comfortable. I have 2 other pairs in white/red that were used the most and a black/red pair that saw maybe 6 rounds as well (both for sale just no room in this post...also helps when they get buried in the closest
  5. Some gear to unload. Please note all items coming from Canada, so given shipping delays please give it time. NOTE***** Prices are in USD and DO NOT include shipping as costs can vary as to where I cam sending. ZIP or POSTAL Code in DM would be great. Now, onto the goods: 1. Diamana LTD D+ 70X, plays to 45.5 in driver. NO adapter or grip - $195 2. Matrix Reign Black 70G X will play to 44.75 in driver, NO adapter - $195 3. Matrix VLCT ST 80X, 43 in fwy, NO adapter - $130 4. Aldila Tour Blue, 75X, play to 44.75 in driver, NO Adapter - $80 5. 2x Nike Tou
  6. Nike TW 14 White, worn the most, still rate these a solid 7/10 condition, Nike Shoe bag included size 9.5 - $85Nike TW 14 Black/Red, worn maybe 10 times, next to new, 8.5/10, Nike Shoe bag included size 9.5 - $100BRAND NEW Nike TW 14 Mesh, White/Vapor(neon) green, box, shoe bag never seen daylight, rare size 9.5 - $280Adidas Cliacool Polo - Yellow w/ Black collar, XL, - $55Nike Tour Hybrid Pant Black, 36/30, worn 3 times, next to new - $55Nike Tour Hybrid Pant Navy Blue, 36/30, brand new w/tags never got to wear em - $65All prices in USD, shipped to your door, paypal only. Will listen to reaso
  7. The driver shaft is 5TX (so 50g) looks ATMOS Black and then hops right to 80g in the fairways....interesting
  8. @Fujikura Golf is this the same with the Mizuno offering, despite the lack of 'VELOCORE' wording on the shaft?
  9. Wondering whats up with the adapter on the ST200G driver? Did mizuno change the adapter system from a solid connection to a tooth connection? Or is this a fitting head that he fell in love with from Voshall at Mizuno?
  10. Wondering on any specifics on the shaft he has in both is fairway and driver. I know they are the KBS TD, but wondering if these are proto's that Braly made up specifically for him (believe thats how the Tour V came about), or if these are stock Cat5 TX models?
  11. Switched out to the Tensei White AV over his trusty Diamana D+ Dialed.....
  12. Mizuno MP18 MCC Fli Hi 3i bent to 17 ( Mizunos 2i) 1 degree flat (easily bendable as they are forged) 9+/10 easily Currently Shafted with PX Handcrafted Hzrdus Black 85g 6.5 40.5 inches, NDMC +4 Blue $260USD shipped Will sell Head only - $130USD shipped
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