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  1. You guys are killing me lol. I thought this thread was about Tiger
  2. Any plans to release a new TW shoe? Watching PGA had me checking for a pair of TW71 but couldn't find any in my size 15 sadly.
  3. I had the same experience with irons. Ended up pulling the shafts. I did however get an in depth fitting for woods, and they fit me perfectly and they're great. I think next year I'm going to look at a new driver, but I'm going to do a fitting for it.
  4. They are freaks. See them in person, and you understand. As far as jacked lofts, I'm just guessing but I can't imagine wanting to look down at a compact players iron that was bent 3 degrees strong through the set. I doubt the majority would love that look.
  5. Currently have S400 but think I'm going to switch them for some KBS. Either the wedge shaft, or the 610. I tried a wedge on vacation that had KBS wedge and it felt really good. I don't care for the really heavy feel of S400 on anything more than a half swing
  6. I would like the MP 55's in the US so that will make me upgrade from my 53's.
  7. I have hit the 120 at +1 inch. I didn't care for them, but I think that's because the 120 gives you that head heavy feel, and since it was a titleist AP2 head, the swing weight was very high. If it was Mizuno or someone who makes lighter heads, I think it would be fine. I compared them to my PX 5.5, and to me the 120 launched lower. Too low for my liking. Felt good though.
  8. Can anyone compare the Modus 105/ST to Dyanamic Gold Superlight? Thanks
  9. Anyone know which Modus iron shafts he plays? Looks retail so must be one in four options. I believe 130X
  10. Not equipment, but the Best investment I made was in a putter lesson/fitting. Dramatically improved my putting. Full disclosure, seeing your putting stroke on camera for the first time may induce vomiting.
  11. Mark, Tell me if I'm on the right track here. I like the flight of my PX 5.5's. I like how they launch, and would like to keep the same spin or maybe even some additional spin, with better feel. I don't want to go any heavier since I typically play irons +1in length. I tried the 120 S but I thought they launched too low. Im thinking I should try 105 S. Does that sound about right? I don't mind going lighter if they're stable. I wouldn't mind trying the 105X due to the similar weight to the PX, but I'm only swinging a 6 iron around 85 so that's probably too stiff I'm guessing.
  12. Anyone have anymore feedback/updates on the Modus 105? Looking to try out the 105 S as an alternative to my PX 5.5.
  13. How did they feel compared to the PX 5.5? That's currently what I play. Did they feel better or softer in the butt section? How did the performance compare? Did you go with LZ 5.5 as well? Sorry for all the questions I'm just interested in these lol.
  14. From my very limited experience, any properly fit driver is going to be within 5 yards of any other properly fit driver. I went through a fitting a few years ago and all these new drivers, with the shaft that fit me best, were maybe 10 yards longer at most than my old 983K.
  15. Can anyone compare the TMB long irons to something like a Mizuno MP H4?
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