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  1. Do you try and hinge the wrist earlyI have gone back and forth over this issue. So I want to ask the question, on the backswing...do you make an effort to hinge your wrist, so say at 9:00 you have the L forming? or do you let your wrist hinge naturally at the top with the weight of the club? Just last night on the golf fix, i saw where he put a bag about a club away from his back foot, and said to try and hinge the wrist without hitting the bag, it seems when I attempt to hinge the wrist to early, I sometimes seem to be lifting the club with my arms, instead of just hinging the wrist. So how much of a wrist set or hinge to you try to get on the initial backswing?
  2. I guess I have always seen in the 9 - 3 drill, that the angle formed between the shaft and your left forearm is about 90 degrees. For me right now, it seems I have to force that angle to happen by 9:00. where if I do what I would say is a one piece takeaway, and keep going up to 9:00 that angle isnt close to 90 degrees, its when I try to make it happen is when I feel like my hands are taking over my swing, and it gets sloppy. Thanks for the response, their is nothing more frustrating in golf then to once play well and have a good swing, then it all go to Sh**. lol I can really say I think I have a littel hitch that charles Barkley talks about..Althought no where near his, but in my mind its there and it messes with the timing and your swing..lolol
  3. Well thats the thing, my back is fine now, I m right handed and say I can get to at least 11:00 with my left arm. On the 9 - 3 drill, is there any hinging or unhinging of your wrist? I would say for me to "feel" under control of the club, when my left arm gets to 9:00 oclock I would say instead of a 90 degree el (between arm and shaft) , Im more like 120 degree if you know what I mean. It seems I get loose wrists or something, and lose control of the club head. but I can hit it solid, if I do nothing with the wrist, or the setting of the wrist. If you look up Jb Holmes swing at the top..thats what I feel like now. Im not sure until I video it, but thats the feel. I have to not manipulate my wrists at all and actually keep them quiet to be able to return the club to square at the target. But for me, today, thats the only way to enjoy the game.. lol I am still trying, and going to a lessson this weekend.
  4. I guess if I could video , what a normal full swing looks like, vs the new swing where I have no wrist action just a back and thru would help. It will take a while to post a video, but I think I would like to see the difference myself. If I feel any wrist break it seems that the swing freezes up and I cant hit it.
  5. Need advice on 2 completely different swingsIll try to make this as short as possible. 2 years ago, had a small muscle pull in my back, and when I got back on the golf course my swing was all over the place. it seems like when I get to back of my swing I get all tight and cannot turn as well and release the club. I had alot of coming over the top, and also a flipping of the club. I would say release it early.. Hitting my normal 8 iron 150..went to 100 or so hards. really impact was terrible. After messing around on the course, I found the only way for me to hit a solid shot , was to more or less preset the hands for impact. Then on the take away, keep the wrist set, no movement, just turn back and turn through. It reminds me as if I had a putter, and just took a huge swing. There is no wrist hinge, or wrist **** to speak of, Im sure there is a little but not much, and there is no release afterwards. Right now using this swing I hit the ball solid, just not as far. But its a solid shot of the club face in a 3/4 swing. I am still have 2 clubs lost of distance. MY question to instructors, have you ever seen or taught a swing with no wrist hinge. The club face on the way back basically looks shut or closed, and the club never comes close to pointing at the target line, more like a jb holmes swing. its seems it more of a Body swing. Im kinda lost if I should keep swinging like this, or go back to the basics and try and find the answers to why my old swing isnt working. Any comments would be VERY helpful
  6. I told him to quit watching me and watch more of Tiger. I dont complete my backswing very well either :)
  7. Ok so Ryan is now 15 months , and here is his swing. compared to when he was 9 months old Kinda fun watching him grow!!! Also he just loves to watch golf with me on TV..kinda funny for a 15 month old.
  8. Guys, here is a funny take, I had a friend call me with this code said he got it off some coupon subscription list that he pays for on the internet.. He works right beside , a Pro Golf Dealer, after he called me and we both ordered, he told the manager at the Golf Shop , who got so pissed, he called his TM rep and complained. within hours the code quit working. Not really sure if that caused it, but I was surprised the guy got so upset, about hurting his business. I was going to come on here and put up the code but saw Chilidog already did.
  9. Im sorta looking at getting a new 3 wood, whats everyone think of the MAX 3 wood here? good price but whats the club like?
  10. anyone try oneI have just begin to use the swingyde at the range, trying to help me feel my wrist setting properly, and also trying to keep they lag longer. I dont really have much of a problem now on my backswing, but on my follow thru, its a crap shot on if the thing returns to your left forearm..feels weird, but again my swing isnt that good anyway right now..thats why I bought the thing.. Wondering who here has tried it, where you happy with the results...does it work with the rotational swing..meaning on the follow thru.. does it return to the left forearm..slice do you ever use it in teaching?
  11. I have a question and was thinking about getting one. If you cup your wrist or bow your wrist at the top of your swing wouldnt this produce different results wit the swingyde?
  12. Quick question, when you address the ball..wouldnt that thing be hitting you in the gut.? Or do you have to start the swing half way back...then swing from that point thru the finish? More or less , is the first picture..the actual beginning of his swing?
  13. ok ill bite. Take normal stance. club face pointing at target.. drop you rear foot back a few inches (promoting a more inside path swing) take normal good tempo swing. Should produce a draw. Do the opposite for a fade. You really need to watch grip pressure..keep it nice a loose.. If you tense up..you will fade/slice most of the time
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