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  1. You guys have just hit on some of the points that I'm struggling with the most. The length of the US Kids 63" set is only half an inch shorter than standard adult length (at Ping). They say its 5% lighter but don't say compared to what. They don't post many details. I don't want to go too heavy too fast. Then again, I don't want to buy clubs again in 6 months. That may be inevitable at this point though. I was leaning towards buying adult clubs but I'm weary of the total weight especially for the irons. I'm probably over thinking this as usual.
  2. Greetings, I'm trying to find some new clubs for my son. He's soon to be 12 years old and getting larger by the second. He's 62 inches and 115lbs and has played for almost 4 years. He also plays left handed, which complicates equipment matters. He participates in the PGA Jr League and was going to play US Kids events last year (until covid intervened). He's been using a set of Ping Moxie Jr clubs. They were ok at the start of last season but they are way too small and light for him now. When I trying to use the web fit on Ping's website, he's at the max si
  3. Multiple Melon head topics today! I wear Oakley Monster Dogs. They fit my size 8 head. Recently, I've also tried some Maui Jims. They have several models for larger heads.
  4. Flex fit hats just aren't deep enough for my size 8 melon head. Fitted hats are the only option that I have found. Check out: http://www.tourstop.com/homepage.htm They have fitted Titleist hats from new era in larger sizes.
  5. I'd like to enter. Thanks to YES! and GolfWRX for making this happen. jay
  6. I sympathize. I'm in week 9 and Yoga is a struggle. I find it difficult and there are multiple parts that I cannot physically do. The right angle reach and hold usually ends up with me on the floor... However, I have to say that I feel really good after that workout and my flexibility is improving. Give it a few more weeks before you replace it. Another thing to try is varying the time of day when you do the workout. I found that in most cases, I do better later in the day. Other seem to like first thing in the morning. Just something else to try...
  7. Thats a great post! Thanks for sharing. I was completely ignorant about the detail in a pro yardage book. thanks, j
  8. I know this thread was about your 910H but how about a review of your 910D3 with Tour AD DI 6s?
  9. I went to an indoor demo day at Golf Galaxy last Saturday. I was very impressed with the whole lineup. I wanted to experiment a bit with lighter weights and I was pleasantly surprised. I swung the 290 and 310. They gave me some of the best launch conditions of all the new drivers so far. I was expecting the lightweight shaft to be higher launch and spin but that wasn't the case. I had the 290 on a zelocity launch monitor and I was very pleased with the results. The big winner for me was the new Launcher FL 3 wood. I usually play an ~80 gram shaft in my fairway metals and t
  10. I've been to the event in Somerset NJ a few times. There are a few vendors with new products and an indoor range that you test them. The range is usually a few mats and a few nets but its better than nothing. Last year, there were more golf courses, and resorts than retailers. Lots of courses in PA send reps. There are also a few local country clubs in attendance attempting to attract new members. Its a pleasant waste of a few hours while waiting for spring. I haven't had any luck in the past purchasing clubs at the event. YMMV.
  11. I carry 50-54-58 in addition to a 46 degree PW.
  12. Carl Spackler... he caddies later in the movie for the bishop.
  13. I love the NV65 in my Ping G2. I'd like to find a similar feeling shaft to match with a G15 head. I also like the feel of the PX. I can't stand the V2 in woods.
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