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  1. [quote name='bjp1' timestamp='1443021613' post='12355884'] Those TD's were my babies, but I couldn't remember who I sold them to! Too much club for me at the time. They still look nice. GLWS! BTW, PM sent on the bag. I'll take it, if available. [/quote] PM replied. The irons look intimidating but they are actually fairly easy to hit. And oh so pure! My career best round was with these irons... Beautiful clubs... but like I said, I don't golf anymore.
  2. Not golfing anymore so I really have no use for the irons and bag. Sorry, not looking for trades. Scratch 4-PW Tour Department Don White blades. 4-iron is a regular AR1 D/D grind, the rest are small blades grinded by Don with all the cool and special stampings. Standard loft and lie. These heads are drilled .370 but the shafts are .355 and we used the adapters for the install, no issues at all. Shafts are Matrix Program 130 6.5, 1/4" short. Iomic grips that have seen better days. I only used this set for less than 5 rounds total. Grips came from a previous set of irons so they are mu
  3. [quote name='Jonny_Pepper' timestamp='1440033623' post='12173186'] GL with selling. Let me know if you need to a buyer for the old red one I sold to you back in the day. [/quote] Thanks, but I gave that one away years ago as a charity. I still have the Ducks color ballistic nylon bag though.
  4. With a new hobby, I haven't gone golfing in almost two years, it's time to sell my beloved and treasured bag. A one-off Mackenzie walker. I bought it from Ari at Scratch about 3 years ago. And right after I got it, Itook it to Mackenzie to get a few things updated, fixed and leather treated and been sitting in a cool closet since. So technically, I've never used this bag on the course. I'm sure Ari used it a few times. Patchwork bag runs about $2200... I'm looking for $750 plus shipping for this bag. Not going to give it away.
  5. Just cleaning up the garage. 1. SOLD 2. 1995/96 Scotty Cameron Del Mar - face balanced - 32" - Lamkin full cord putter grip - AOP headcover in great shape. I'll let the pics do the talking on this one. This one I don't care if I sell or not. $200 shipped to the West, $205 to the East. Paypl only, not looking for trades and prices are somewhat firm. photo by strobbing tifosi, on Flickr photo by strobbing tifosi, on Flickr photo by strobbing tifosi, on Flickr photo by strobbing tifosi, on Flickr photo by strobbing tifosi, on Flickr photo by strobbing tifosi, on Fli
  6. Pending payment right now. Lots of pm's on it. If the first guy falls through, I'll go down the list of pm's. Thanks for all the inquiries.
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