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  1. Today I’m listing a couple putters that don’t get used, up first is a Bettinardi studio #15 some of the finish has started to come off and I’m not sure why. The putter has no dents or dings and is in awesome shape other than the finish in some areas as pictured will show, I do not have the originally head cover. SOLD odyssey 2ball white hot, putter is in great shape but again no factory head cover $60 shipped any purchase going to west coast add $5 too price for extra shipping cost please!
  2. Couple things to unload for the end of season here in Ohio. Srixon z785 4-pw KBS c-taper S+, these play +.5” over standard and are standard loft and lie, took extras pics of the 9i because of a bunker shot that caught a rock! SOLD!!! Taylormade M1 8.5• head only in great shape.... this was a later model with K serial#. $85 Callaway Mack daddy 4 50•, 56•, 60• these were ordered with KBS tour-V shafts, standard loft, length and lie. 60 has a little scar from a rocky bunker shot, these wedges are in great shape and still have a ton of life left as they were bought at the beginning of
  3. Taylormade rsi udi tp 23•, I had this club bent to 21• to play as a 3i. Club Is in great shape and is shafted with a kbs c-taper 125 S+. Club length is 38.75! Really looking to trade for nice 14 way stand bag, can add money to make deal happen or will sell for SOLD!!!!! for west coast!
  4. Sent him a message hours ago wanting it and never got a response!!!
  5. ***Irons added!*** Handcrafted Hzrdus yellow 6.5 TM 2• tip plays 45” in Taylormade m1 2017 standard Taylormade tipping! $120 shipped Srixon 765/565 irons 4iron is 565 and 5-pw are 765 shafted with c-taper 130x irons are in excellent condition as pics show, standard loft,lie and length. $399 shipped! Taylormade rsi udi TP 4i 23• c-taper S+ club is in great shape as pics show shaft bad was removed, looking for $90 shipped or trade! Taylormade psi 50• approach wedge head only, $40shipped Lamkin rel ace standard grips new 10 total $40shipped
  6. Not looking for any trades.... and guys please don’t send me ridiculously low offers!
  7. All right guys have some stuff that is not being used or used as much anymore needing new homes! Taylormade M1 8.5 K serial# with stock fujikura 70X, come with headcover and wrench. Has a small ding on bottom below M1 that is in picture but very hard to see since it is so faint, new lamkin grip, $165tyd Taylormade PSI 4-pw shafted with c-taper 130x shafts, lamkin grips. These are in great shape as pics will show. SOLD!! Callaway Mack daddy forged black wedges 50• 56• 60• shafted with tour issue s400, ton of groove life left, these have a couple of rock dings from bunkers, still in great
  8. Alright guys, I hate having to sell my clubs but wedding expenses have got out of hand,and the date is right around the corner, so I’am left with no choice and need help!!!! Taylormade PSI irons 4-aw, 4-pw are shafted with kbs c-taper 130x soft stepped 1x standard lofts and lie. Approach wedge is unshafted and may have been hit a handfull of times! I also have a extra 6i head bought it to put a different shaft in to experiment but never got to it. They have standard size lamkin justin rose grips with plenty of life left. Irons are in excellent shape as pictures will show. Take 4-aw with extr
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