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  1. I can afford it, but would never pay that much for a bag if it were hand sewn by Elvis the night of he died.
  2. Ok, i guess there are more crazy people in this world than i thought.
  3. I saw a Scotty Cameron stand bag on the forum for sale. Originally the guy was asking $1800 and was down to around $1k. Obviously i wasn't going to respond in his listing, but that seems crazy. Anyone really pay that much for a stand bag just b/c it has Scotty embroidery?
  4. I hope you aren't a contractor, b/c that is not correct. the height of a ceiling is actually a little more than the advertised height. for example, on an 8ft ceiling, the stud is 92 5/8 inches long. it sits on a 1.5 inch 2x4 greenplate and has two top plates of 1.5 inch each. so that is 92 5/8 + 1.5 + 3 = 97 1/8 inches. So take off 1/2 inch for ceiling sheetrock and then take off for the thickness of your flooring.
  5. I got these clubs b/c i had an issue with my RSi2's and they couldn't replace those so they gave me a new set. These are brand new in plastic except for the 7 iron. I got a set of Srixons so i took the plastic off the 7 to test them both out to see which one i would keep. The Srixons won. Standard Length, Loft and Lie. Custom ordered with KBS Tour 105 shaft. Also has TM Tour Preferred grips. Beautiful set. Asking $700. May consider trades, so shoot them too me and let me see what you got.
  6. I know what hasn't happened to him. He hasn't gotten a haircut in 10 yrs. He looks like a 15 yr old girl. Probably has too much hair in his eyes to play well.
  7. If you can't beat them join them. Or don't play in the tournaments.
  8. And i thought it sucked that it was 50 degrees in Memphis today.
  9. Yeah, that would have been a tough one. Even if they didn't act any different, people would walk away from that story thinking your were full of it.
  10. Probably just couldn't tell the difference b/t him and half those other dudes.
  11. Obviously the main issue is that you can't really give him the benefit of the doubt b/c of his past. He has to earn that trust back from the fans.
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