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  1. Lots of suggestions here https://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/team-titleist/f/golf-balls/36636/removing-sharpie-marks-from-prov1-s I've used small amounts of acetone many times and never had a cover damaged by it.
  2. Try a q-tip soaked in acetone or nail polish remover. Rub on a small part of the pic to see what it does. Too much acetone can damage the paint finish on the ball.
  3. Not sure if it's been said earlier in this thread but The Golf Channel is something we pay to watch. It's not free OTA. If I'm not happy with a product or service I paid for then I'll complain and eventually find a replacement if it doesn't improve. Sounds like I'm not the only paying customer that's not happy.
  4. NBCsn is going away by end of this year, and The GC is terrible. What's the best streaming service for live golf?
  5. I was on the golfonline forums in 98/99 and went over to Golf Equipment Afficianados when Pingboy started it. I didn't spend much time on Golf Opinions and BSG wasn't for me. GolfWRX has been home for over a decade but I've been spending more time on MGS lately. It has the more friendly feel of the early days of GolfWRX.
  6. I've used a vice grip to grab the shaft end to twist it out while heating.
  7. If AMT Red regular works well in your irons I would think the shaft in your driver is too stiff, too tip stiff probably. Might want to try some softer tip driver shafts to see if it gives you the feel you like in your irons.
  8. I had similar experience. Distance with driver and 3wood were less, 5-10 yds, with ZStar compared to 2018 ProV1. Definitely had more spin off the woods with ZStar as there was very little roll out on slightly soft fairways. Irons and wedges were very similar to ProV1 for distance, spin, and control.
  9. Center hits with the 910 will be right there with the new models - maybe lose 5-7 yds. Off center hits is where the newer drivers, especially the G410 LST, will outperform the 910.
  10. The shopping center/strip mall across the street is mostly empty and in bad shape last time I was there. Will probably end up as parking and merchandise area.
  11. The retail ground method seems to have major problems getting to Iowa. A few recent packages shipped using that are getting stuck in either the "in transit to next facility" or "moving within the network" status for days.
  12. I probably would but wouldn't like it. Luckily my course doesn't require it. How is this not a serious question?
  13. Looks like the seller used acetone to remove the orange...pretty common.
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