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  1. I think anyone who takes the time or money to look good on the course should be commended. Pop collar or non pop, I really could care less. We are all having fun out there. One thing I notice is that the guys that look good off the course tend to look good on the course as well. Taste is taste when it comes down to it. The one thing I am scared of is the older guy with a faded ping bag and an old club visor asking for a game.
  2. Great point...just think about how hard it is to get in the tourny, now you have to deal with the same 60 guys you would have to anyways. For guys like woods and mickelsham a bit easier, but for the rest of em out there, it's a tough deal.
  3. I had a 757x in my old 975 J, I hit the crap out of the ball with that set up. Just as far as I do now with new heads and new shafts. Tour Burner TP w/ White Board. The 757 is a great shaft.
  4. I know you're kidding but pretty sure that's his wife. Oh, and to "dmac" I'm sure you always carry on when you have an injury on the course and millions are on the line.
  5. Been playing with the same Tri-hot #2 for like 5 or 6 years, best putter i have ever used.
  6. If Phill is going to rock the white belt then he must go all the way and wear White shoes. He's got a White hat, Blue shirt, White belt, Black slacks and Black shoes on. It looks like he mixed up two different outfits. That is just nasty.
  7. I love Tiger and all but with him out it is so much nicer watching the matches...not just Tiger teeing off, Tiger walking down the fairway, Tiger putting, Tiger walking to the next tee box.
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