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  1. Recently I was struck by nostalgia and picked up a Launcher 460 Comp with stock Fujikura. I just wanted to look down at a normal shaped club head and reminisce about the good old days. I didn’t expect much performance-wise but oh man this thing hits bombs. It looks, feels, and performs better than any of the newer Ping and Taylormade drivers. Seriously if this driver were released tomorrow it would win all the accolades. MGS most wanted. GD gold medal. And on and on. Why in the world did they stop making drivers like this?
  2. Picked up a brand new 20* Apex Hybrid 2015 from the bargain bin at a local golf store. Just need to replace the stock R flex shaft with an S. As far as that goes I have a few questions. First question, is the Kuro Kage Black shaft that comes with the Apex Hybrid a 'made for' Callaway version? Or it's the same version you can buy everywhere else? Second question, what are some other hybrid shafts that perform similar to the Kuro Kage Black in terms of launch and spin but feel even smoother? Last question, has anyone tried pairing this club head with a steel h
  3. i stumbled on jim's videos the other day and have had great success with tilt switch early in my transition. i recommend watching the video rather than trying to decipher a written explanation. you have to see it to understand it. here is the clip where he talks about tilt switch, explanation starting at 6:30 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8cjlCLXfAQ also, jim is spot on when he says this is a common denominator among pros. now that i'm conscious of the movement it's easy to see it in all pro swings, especially when you watch in slow motion.
  4. @97speedster, one thing I have not seen discussed on this forum or youtube videos is Ballard's recommendation for grip size. I understand the overall principle of taking movement out of the swing, anchoring with the elbow, and powering withe big muscles. And I have heard Ballard suggest holding the grip more in the palms. All of that makes me think that Ballard would champion a larger than normal grip size. Then again I don't want to assume, especially because when talking about grip size you have other considerations coming into play like swingweight and ability to _feel_ the clubhead. Do you
  5. > @Ayersjj said: > I think Speeder is right distinguishing feels vs fundamental. Sutton recently gave golfchannel his take on why he’s struggling on the comeback trail. https://www.golfchannel.com/video/hal-sutton-swing-changes-comeback-pga-tour-champions > > But this is a feel not a fundamental. In the young Sutton downswing I would bet this dropping of arms was far from his thoughts and feels. > > > > > > @Silveird said: > > > @97speedster said: > > > > > > > @Silveird said: > > > > > > > &
  6. > @97speedster said: > > > @Silveird said: > > > > @97speedster First off thank you so much for the wealth of information you have provided on this thread. I actually jumped on to ask the same question as DonRSD. An instructor recently turned me onto Ballard's teachings. It's still early--I'm just a few weeks in--but I'm already starting to see the light. However the one thing I still can't get my head around is how to initiate the downswing. After watching several of Ballard's videos on youtube I find myself starting my downswing by pushing off my right foot. &
  7. > @97speedster said: > > @DonRSD said: > > @97speedster do you "push off" your right foot/toe to start the downswing or it just happens? > > > > > > It just happens.... I don’t think of much other than my target when I’m on the course. > > @97speedster First off thank you so much for the wealth of information you have provided on this thread. I actually jumped on to ask the same question as DonRSD. An instructor recently turned me onto Ballard's teachings. It's still early--I'm just a few weeks in--but I'm already starting to see the light
  8. > @games said: > > @Silveird said: > > A jumbo grip is secure during my swing... > Does anything else really matter? Let me put it another way. If I gorilla glued a lead pipe to my hands it would also feel secure but that doesn’t mean I would want to swing it.
  9. I swing righty using an interlock grip and power my swing using the left side of my body. And yes you are right about the right pinky. But my left pinky is critical for feel and control—more so than the other nine fingers, even my left ring finger. > @SNIPERBBB said: > Are you using a baseball(10 finger) grip? Neither pinkie should have much,if any contact with the grip elsewise.
  10. I’m between a rock and a hard place when it comes to my grip. I have big hands with large palms. Super long ring fingers but short pinkies. Glove size cadet XXL. A standard grip built up with 2 wraps feels great at address but will slide around in my fingers during my swing. A jumbo grip is secure during my swing but feels terrible otherwise. What it all boils down to is any grip that feels good to my pinkie feels terrible to my ring finger and vice versa. Any insights on how to handle this situation? I’m open to any suggestions except going to oversized/jumbo. Been there done that and it’s
  11. Yes! I posted my original recommendation before reading through the entire thread, so I missed the fact you had already landed on the 585H. You have chosen wisely, my friend. I'm not kidding when I say I have tried nearly all hybrids over the years--at least the ones worth trying--and I can say without reservation that the 585H is the best. A lot of people talk about feel on this website, myself included. And as far as that goes the 585H is second to none. It feels just as good as a Sonartec MD or anything else that has come before or since. But what doesn't get talked about nearly enough is h
  12. Tried em all and you cannot do better than the 585h. Absolute perfection.
  13. I have a very strong grip. Like, Paul Azinger strong. And I'm wondering whether this will interfere with the Zepp 2 3D's data accuracy. The device's website tells me there are 4 grip settings and I assume at least one of those is for strong grips. But, exactly how strong? And how much will the data be impacted if my grip setting does not match my actual grip? I would appreciate any insight from folks who have used this device. Thanks.
  14. I just picked up a Rapture v1 driver with the stock TFC 909D in stiff and the shaft feels extremely whippy. Like a wet noodle. Granted, I haven't hit balls with it yet. I've just been messing around with it in my office. But one of these days I will make it out to the driving range. And as far as that goes, I'm wondering what I can expect performance-wise from this thing. Does it feel similarly whippy when swung at full speed? Insights welcome. Thanks.
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