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  1. Magic eraser usually removes the stains from my white bag and shoes.
  2. 915 D3 8.5 & 9.5 Heads are SOLD. 8.5 Face 9.5 Face
  3. NWOT Rare Scotty Cameron Jacket, Sz XL. Color is navy blue w/embroidery on the left chest and back of jacket as seen in the following pics. PRICE DROP, $100 OBO w/free shipping in CONUS, all others will pay actual shipping charges.
  4. Sold the M1, but can't sell the 915 cause it was a gift from the other half.....don't need a long distance phone call just to get :nono: Good news is that our local course opened today, so that means I don't have drive approx. 200 rt miles to play.
  5. Go play a round @Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course on Oahu, it's rated as one of the best military courses in the world. Played it countless of times before moving to AZ in 2007. If you don't have military affiliation, don't worry as it is open to the public. Pretty sure the green fees won't exceed $50. Here's the link for addt'l info: http://mccshawaii.com/golf/
  6. I call it winter brown :taunt: After playing my 2nd & 3rd rounds there this past weekend, I'm selling the 915 D3 and the M1 (I blame that on you).....the 983K kicked the crap out of those 2 "new technology" bums.
  7. At least he has a sense of humor.... Well, here's some pics of our round today @Stoneridge GC which I consider AZ's version of Koo'lau GC. The course has a lot of elevations changes and ravines challenges. Obviously, y'all can see the lush brown fairways and greens. :derisive: There was a lot of roll in the fairways & the greens were damn fast! Totally had no clue how the heck I would score since not picking up a club in over two months, I decided to game my old school driver (983k) and irons (Cally X-14). The combination using good course management, not over swinging and using clubs that I always had confidence in provided a great feel throughout the day.....surprising shot a 7 over for first round of the year. Was it luck, or maybe it was due to playing a smart round? Who knows, but I'll find out @next Saturday's round there.
  8. You ran over my foot twice on that day (Holes #10 & #11) :swoon: I vividly remember when "Grape Ape" Scotty face planted while walking to his cart from the #2 green @Ko'olina :cheesy: :cheesy: Scotty on standing on the 8th tee and you & and I are softly chanting "grape ape, grape ape, grape ape", then he abruptly turns around and looks at you saying "what you said?' You telling him "nothing" , Scotty again says "what you said?" You tell him "I said nothing", Scotty says "no lie, I know what you said, you cocks" LMFAO :cheesy: :cheesy:
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