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  1. Ditto on feedback for the E721 - very interested in how the RDX shaft performs in them
  2. I just picked up a couple ascot wedges in great shape for under $50 shipped for each from the bay. I was intrigued by the Edison wedges but not the $180 price tag. Same designer, great sole and remarkable spin so far, even on range balls at the practice green I see hop and stop. Plenty lefty options even cheaper
  3. I was reading an article on PGATour.com about Bryson’s quest to drive the 6th at Bay Hill and it mentioned him going to a different driver that gives him more control and 3000 RPM and pulled up Getty. Sure enough the LTD Pro looks to be back just like it was last Sunday. Makes me want to pull my LTD with Tour Green out and bang it around again. Here is the best shot I found of it.
  4. I game the Turin most often and really enjoy the alignment stripe on it. It works well to line up with my intermediate point of reference a few inches ahead of the ball, helps me be certain I’m aimed where I am intending to.
  5. Not looking for straight up trades - see updated listed - 3 iron sold
  6. The 3 Utility is sold and would like to make just one trip to post office for shipping - let's get the irons gone too. Not overly interested in trade - but would consider a trade + $200-$300 in cash for irons -Interested in plumbers neck style mallet putters -Armlock style putters -Last few model year drivers - stiff shaft Cobra Forged TEC Black One Length Iron Set5 - Gap (I took an inch off the gap because I used it more for chipping than full shots, lead tape added to get back swing weight and take flight down/spin down)Dynamic Gold Tour White AMT S
  7. Srixon gap wedges always look good, like the 51* loft too
  8. Easier on the eyes than Whoopi, that’s for sure
  9. Maybe run him in out in a match play vs. Smiley to get a baseline on where he is now
  10. This, and all the dead Buffalo carcasses because hunters could only carry back 10 pounds of meat.
  11. I'm interested in their wide body blade with plumber neck - so pricey though - even resale
  12. I just signed up for an email when they go live - would love to set up a testing system out of my garage - and be able to buy just heads to test/sell when I realize they don't fix my issues
  13. Thanks for the info. I want to try a system like this but don’t any to kick my Triton to the curb just to try it. Also have a Speeder 757 in .350 that I want to try in newer heads also.
  14. Do they have anything for Wilson Triton head? Shaft size tip limited to .335?
  15. Pull the trigger for $900 - this is WRX anyways isn’t it? If they aren’t right you can flip them after your fitting is done and probably at least break even
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