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  1. ALL COLOURS FOR SALE---VERY RARE !!8/9 UPDATE: All PM:s replied to. new white bag is sold new orange bag is sold 2 x black cover set is sold single black driver cover sold Frederkit - Thanks for your helpful posts. Maybe you would save some money by travelling to Japan to buy a headcover or 2, but call ahead first, because they are usually sold out everywhere. I have for sale 4 puma carry bags. 3 are new, and 1 is used lightly. Only one new bag left....it is the blue/green one....very cool! Someone snap it up.. $339 including EMS shipping/insurance.tracking worldwide. The only used one left is white/red/black and is in outstanding condition. $270 shipped including insurance/tracking worldwide. These are all really hard to get in Japan because they are constantly out of stock on back order. I also have 3 sets of headcovers. 1 set White/black driver/fairway/fairway $179 plus post (set of 3) 1 set Black/white driver/fairway. $SOLD 1 set White/red driver/fairway $119 plus post (set of 2) 1 white/red driver by itself $60 plus post 1 black/white driver by itself $SOLD
  2. still available 3 x white w/red driver cover, 2 x black fw cover, 2 x white w/black fw cover. 1 x white bag, 1 x green/blue bag
  3. shortly this is going to eBay...15 dollars more, buy it now, than it is on here.
  4. like most (all?) TM staff bags, there are 3 full length dividers. Puma green/blue carry bag is available. I can get you a white/red/black puma carry but it will be ordered in on the 15-20 july. Backorder all around Japan right now.
  5. price drop ! one puma bag left - blue/green a few various puma covers left too. black set sold. I have white/red driver white/black fw/driver and all black fairways....
  6. headcovers sold pending payment............orange/black/white bag SOLD!!
  7. ...also have white w/black piping headcovers, and white w/red piping headcovers.!!
  8. Sweetest carry bags in the world.....this Puma stuff is getting very hard to buy in Japan, because all the headcovers are on back order and 2 colourways of carry/stand bag are on backorder too, for about 6 weeks. Green/Blue/White bag....$339 shipped EMS courier/paypal/insurance/tracking/etc.... (ex-japan) Black/Orange/White bag...$SOLD shipped EMS courier/paypal/insurance/tracking/etc... (ex-japan) Black headcover set - perforated with magnetic closing system - $SOLD shipped EMS/insured/tracking/paypal I have black fairways, white/red driver covers, white/black fairway, and a few more I can't think of for sure....all $69 shipped worldwide each. EMS courier/full insurance/tracking. I have 1000+ feedback on eBay, and will ship same day you pay. 4-5 day shipping worldwide from Osaka.
  9. For $400 I'll include the matching white circa 79 TaylorMade driver headcover....these go for $45 on eBay.
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