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  1. @ZacR88 Seamus would probably be best. Pick out however many you need and mix and match. Don't do all the same. I just picked out 3 that had light blue in them below. They have tons more.
  2. I vary from about a +2 to 36. Rocking OG SIM Ti...
  3. If you have foot problems, high arches, plantar fasciitis, or anything else. I highly recommend these. I wear the flip flops and have only worn them for close to 3 years now. Nothing is better. Ugly but who cares. They’re black flip flops.
  4. OP needs to joins Dude, Where’s My Par on Facebook and post a swing video and an outfit video and we can go from there.
  5. Ok I will play. What’s wrong with UA? Their shirts/pullovers and pants/shorts are all very comfortable.
  6. I don’t think anyone on the PGA Tour uses their grips outside of putters. And most those guys are the ones with the 15” counterbalance grip like Hovland uses. Pretty much everybody uses a standard rubber grip or a SuperStroke of their choice.
  7. This was dubbed the Transformer driver.
  8. I did. .395 over the hosel. Guy on eBay has them in black and chrome.
  9. Black PVD shaft, SS Pistol Tour
  10. Eliott Bag Company is the best at everything. Talk to Scott and he will do whatever you desire.
  11. They make decent stuff. I had an ordeal with them last year and went back and forth with him and he just blamed everything on COVID and he was out of the country. I wouldn’t buy anything from them again. It would be very difficult for me to support anybody other than Scott at Eliott.
  12. I would say most people arm lock incorrectly and they are doing more of this midlock. I’m looking forward to trying it. For reference when I armlock it’s almost 44”. Same as Bryson and we are both 6’1”.
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