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  1. I don’t know what this is but I hit 4 40 footers with it in the store and made all 4. Was walking after the last one because as soon as I hit I knew it was in...
  2. Saw everything today. Forged and Tour both look great. HMP went a little backwards in the looks dept IMO and the HM looked like what I expected. I ordered 4-GW stock from a connection at the airport and they should be here Saturday or Monday.
  3. Super stoked for these. Love everything I have read. More people should really go with the wide sole in the SW assuming they play normal to softer condition like most of us do. It works so much better out of all lies.
  4. I have not hit the UDI. Did you hit it outside with real balls? Did you ever learn to hit a 3 Wood?
  5. I have played both. The Titleist is absolutely awful feeling so I couldn't get past that. The DHY is very pleasant to the ear, is very confidence inspiring at address and overall just a great club. There is less offset compared to the UDI and I just think it looks better in the hosel transition. Why wouldn't you want to look down at something that looks easy to hit with little offset at this spot in the bag?!?!?
  6. I got to play my DHY this past weekend for the first time. Played a short course with my father so used it a bit, probably 6 shots. I thought it felt great, very much like an iron and I would say even better than the 790 it replaced. Sets up great to me as I didn't care for the way the UDI looks. I ordered mine with a Tensei Pro White 90S at -.25". Specs came in fine but the SW was super light at like C8.5. I ordered an 11g SIM fairway weight (stock that came in it was like 4.6 or 4.7) and it fit perfectly and now the SW is fine at D2-2.5. I ordered the 3, 1° Strong and 1° Flat to match
  7. Not looking for any trades. 1). Toulon Garage Austin in Rose Gold with topline. Head weighs 349.9g. KBS CT chrome shaft with Odyssey DFX grip, both of which are new. Plays 35". Comes with Odyssey Mystery headcover. Cool putter. $old.
  8. No just regular Tour Velvet. I ordered an 11g which will be perfect. Mine was 4.7g. Club looks great.
  9. Well got my DHY 3. Ordered -1/4" but went with Tensei Pro White 90S instead of the stock shaft. SW came in at C8.5 and it should've been close to a wash. Hopefully the actual weight is the same that is in the SIM fairway so I ordered a heavier one. Slightly disappointed but not that big of a deal.
  10. Great shape. No trades. 1). Original P790 3 iron with Graphite Design Tour AD 95 Stiff. Plays +1/2" and 2.5° Flat. D2.5. Tour Velvet Plus4 grip label down. $135.00.
  11. Bit the bullet. DHY 3 w/ Tensei Pro White (1° Strong and 1° Flat, -1/4") P7MC 4-PW TTDG105 w/ VSS (1° Strong and 1° Flat, +1/2") Going to try the 105 but will most likely reshaft with SteelFiber 110...
  12. I didn’t hit them. Got some inflammation going on in my arm right now. I looked at the UDI but didn’t like the hosel again. Reminded me of old Hogan irons from the 90s which I hated the looks of then and now. Hosel on the 770 could just be the fitting heads. I always think they look funky. The 770 looked to have too much offset to me for the length of the blade. They only have .1mm more offset then my 760. Will have to wait and see in person the whole sets when they are released.
  13. That's because the Blueprints are tiny. As far as the whole new series it all looks great. P7MC will be going in my bag. I personally thought the P770 looked a little funky in the hosel area at address. I also liked the looks of the DHY a lot but worry about the finish on the back being reflective in sun light at address. Will have to take it outside and look at it. As long as the DHY isn't reflective in the sun, I will be doing the following: DHY 19° w/ Thump 90S (1° Strong) P7MC 4-PW Modus 105S (1° Strong) Keep my raw MG2 50/54/60
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