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  1. Thank you for clarifying how the referenced decision should be made. dave
  2. The 4i vs 9i for a layup was your example - not mine. And it certainly is not real world. So how do you propose that someone decide at what point the accuracy vs. distance trade-off favors one vs the other. You seem to think that data is not needed, so how does one do this? dave ps. I have no idea what your 'PW vs SW' question has to do with this.
  3. But that is not the question. Most often the question is along the lines of 4i from the fairway 75% of the time (rough 25% of the time) vs. 9i from the fairway 40% of the time (60% from the rough) does require analytics. dave
  4. The first thing that I would do is to be sure that your club coming down is not so far behind you that you have to stall your turn to square the face. I am not saying this is the case for you, but that is the first step that I would take. dave
  5. There was a time when that was true for me as well (at least 95% of the time). Things change. dave
  6. FWIW, over half my rounds are played with folks who don't have handicaps. dave
  7. It was probably 15'ish years ago - certainly back in the time frame where (in the US) you were required to post solo rounds (played under the RoG). Back then every once in a while I would go out and walk 18 holes in the late evening (summer time). If I chose the right course I could typically kind of have it to myself and I would treat this as a practice round - mostly revolving around taking 2nd (or 3rd) shots after having made some kind of mistake. I was playing really well and was about the 9th or 10th hole when I realized 'Dave, you are actually playing a postable round of gol
  8. FWIW, I am very familiar with the difference between my swing hitting a leaf (or nothing) and hitting a golf ball. But in general my "hitting a ball problems" show up hitting plastic balls. dave
  9. Interesting issue where I play. At the main facility we have a couple of putting greens and a couple of pitching greens. There are always range balls (lots of them) on the pitching greens and they are typically something like Titleist NXT Practice, so serviceable around the greens but not perfect (for me anyway). I used to always have a dozen or so retired ProV1's in my bag for chipping practice, but I was always losing them because I could not find them among all the other balls (or other golfers would inadvertently pick one or more of them up). I play little and pra
  10. That is exactly how it works where I play. During most of Covid there were signs all over our chipping/putting greens saying 'bring your own balls for chipping practice'. You would occasionally see range balls (typically Titleist NXT Practice Balls) laying around but not often. dave
  11. Oops - what is a quarter inch between friends. dave
  12. We using the term in the context of the 'inner side of the putter WRT a leather grip'. But maybe we were so bad that we didn't even know the proper name for the cheating that we had institutionalized dave
  13. SG, it is kinda' so. The only golf that I played back then (outside my circle of friends which was 90% my Dad and his friends) was our HS golf team. You will be relieved to know that we putted out in those cases dave
  14. Re: Gimme's Good Inside the Leather. @rogolf unless there were child labor issues in your area back then, you are even older than me So here is a good rules question. Did all of the ball have to be inside the leather or just part of it? When we played all of the ball had to be inside the leather and I don't recall anyone thinking of buying a longer putter just to get more gimme's. But there were no long putters back then so it would have only been an inch or two. dave
  15. This brings back interesting memories. When I learned golf in IttyBittyTown, Mo. in the early 1960's, both of the local (9 hole) muni courses had sand greens. Then in around 1964 they converted to grass greens. I thought they were great but they were probably dog-patch greens by today's standards. And they moved the cups maybe once a season. I'll swear that those 4.5 inch holes were maybe 3.5 inches (grass overgrowing the edges) by the time they were moved. We also played pretty strict "it is good if it is inside the leather" gimme's. Making a 2 foot putt was actually pretty hard
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