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  1. SG, I would prefer 2 allocations. But I can imagine that not working at some clubs so in that case I would defer to the most common form of play. dave
  2. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/roh/Content/rules/Appendix E Stroke Index Allocation.htm is a direct link to the RECOMMENDED procedure. And note that allocating strokes to balance match play is very different from determining the max score that golfer X should be allowed to post on hole Y. dave
  3. Now that hole stroke allocations affect your posted scores, the USGA really should formally take over hole handicaps (IMHO). dave
  4. While I put a smiley face on it, I was serious when I said "feel free to dislike it right now". What you seem to be objecting to is not a kink - it is fundamental to how the new system works. dave
  5. The system bases indexes on the best 8 of your last 20 scores. It does not ratchet up and down off your current index directly like some systems. If that is what you are used to and what you feel is how things should work, then you are not going to like the WHS. This is not common, but it is very possible to shoot a couple of strokes better than your index and your index can go up. This could happen if (going into the next round), your 20th previous score was (for example) 5 strokes better than your current index. So you play another round at 3 better than your current index and
  6. I did not understand most of what you stated. But why is playing even against someone whose index is 0.4 strokes different than yours somehow unfair? Were you expecting fractional strokes? dave
  7. For about a decade I did my own version of 'Strokes Gained' (this was prior to Broadie's work, but was strikingly similar). Distance from the pin after 'par full strokes' (1 on a par 3, 2 on par 4's, and 3 on par 5's) had the highest correlation to scoring of any of the measures that I used (including GIR's). dave
  8. @MtlJayMan Thanks for the SnT reminder. I had forgotten about that. I have hit some of the best shots and some of the worst ones trying to do that. dave
  9. I guess I was not clear. My question is a GOLF SWING question WRT what undesirable outcomes (GOLF BALL outcomes) might result from only turn and mostly no forward hip slide through impact. I did edit the original post. My question stands whether or not this change is medically helpful. dave
  10. My doc is very good, but he doesn't play golf. And I have golf questions. dave
  11. I probably don't understand what you are saying here. But if you put your hips in some place, and leave your head still in another place, I don't see any choices that you have WRT your torso. Am I missing something? dave
  12. Just a general comment. I have heard for years (make that decades) that a bowed left wrist requires a lot of turn to avoid hitting the ball with a shut clubface. I believed it. More recently I have gone to a bowed left wrist around the top of the swing. I do not have a ton of rotation (before or after) and, for me, this does NOT lead to a shut clubface at impact. It DOES lead to less movement required to get square and I found that 'this just happened as if my magic'. I did not have to make a conscious adjustment. Literally 'it just happened' (FWIW, I was following Monte S.'s NTC
  13. For months now I have been encountering moderate and very manageable left hip pain that is kind of shallow - just to the rear of where the iliotibial band attached in the hip area - yes, there is a reason that I know that . It was a minor irritant until Friday when I could not play because of the pain - not even in a cart (I usually walk/carry). The pain kind of settled 'back to normal' by Saturday. I was doing some grilling on Saturday and I keep a short iron by the grill where I do practice swings while I cook. I did 3 slow motion practice swings (PW) and that REALLY kicked o
  14. I have an interesting and related problem. I have encountered noticeable vision deterioration since my last eye exam. This is almost certainly cataracts but that won't be certain until my next (covid delayed) eye exam. I recently bought new irons and had a helluva time dialing in distances. I just could not see range balls bounce on winter brown turf (outside around 100 yds). Quite irritating. dave
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