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  1. A spontaneous statement from a playing partner earlier today (after a chunked pitch shot, IIRC). I have got to find a less stressful game. Maybe I will try mixed martial arts. He was having a bad day, BTW. dave
  2. The solution may be in that concept, but those potential waste areas are everywhere. And most rational folks, I think, would see some of 'those areas' as being honest bunkers. So now rather than defining boundaries you are left with defining which areas fall in which category. The USGA seems to have dealt with this effectively in 2014. There are a number of higher level competitions held on this course and I don't know how they deal with this. dave
  3. Generally speaking the area 'toward the course' has pretty well defined boundaries. But there are many/many places when moving 'away from the course' the 'bunkers' kind of fade away to sandy soil, maybe pinestraw or maybe various native plants, and so on. And the RoG don't deal well with 'reasonably clear'. The pic below is typical. dave
  4. In the context of lots of places (like Pinehurst) the tough question becomes where is the bunker boundary. There was talk before the 2014 US Open on Pinehurst No. 2 (quite possibly NOT among the USGA folks who actually make decisions) that a sandy area was only a bunker if it was 100% surrounded by closely mown grass. That is not how it was played in 2014. Among club members that tends to be the way it is played for casual play. dave
  5. Just to be clear on what I am saying, "if you do something that you honestly feel will have a meaningful (we can debate that number) impact on your scoring then you don't post". If you feel that you can typically shoot the same with 7 vs. 14 clubs, then post it. That's it. dave
  6. OTOH, from https://digital-dev.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Handicap/The USGA Handicap System Reference Guide.pdf . Do not post scores when, as a condition of the competition, the maximum number of clubs allowed is less than 14, or types of clubs are limited as, for example, in a competition that allows only iron clubs Not sure why this is different. Maybe it is because the usual club reduction is something like 4 clubs/etc. and the USGA/R&A choose not to get into those details. dave ps. FWIW, back when I carried a single digit handicap there is no way in this world that I could have come anywhere close to my index with only irons. But then I am (or was) a short and straight kind of golfer.
  7. To me the issue is intent. I dropped my LW the other day as an experiment and I honestly had no idea how much it might impact my game. Turns out that I (currently) do not have the skills with my SW to deal with being short-sided to elevated greens (pretty much all our greens). Ran into a bunch of those on that day. I know that now where I did not before. Before having that knowledge I posted the score - don't think I would if I played that way again (without some work on my SW skills). To me this would be a practice round. dave
  8. It depends on what you are working on. Making a serious swing change is best done on the range and is not complete until it has worked on the course. It takes both elements (IMHO). dave
  9. I just can't see posting a score where you expressly did something (like leave a bunch of clubs out of the bag) that you know will inflate your score (although at some point 'slightly' becomes 'basically the same'). Trying your best means your effort/intent on the course and other factors that are in your control. The difference between playing a round of golf with 7 clubs (for me anyway) is only different from playing a round with with 14 left handed clubs as a matter of degree. Both are legal, both will generate higher than normal scores that do not represent an honest attempt at 'my potential', and both are legal. Of course one will generate a more extreme score than the other. This is a slippery slope, however. The other day I played a round without my LW as an experiment. I learned that, without more skills than I currently have with my SW, that is a bad idea. And I posted that score. So .... dave
  10. Colin, much of the crazy golf that you read about is outside the handicap system here in the US. It is mostly the norm with folks who play muni/etc courses. Just for grins I tried to look up about a half dozen guys that I played golf with back in my home of Missouri on the Ghin system when I was in high school (late 60's). A couple of them I know still live in Missouri and maybe all of them do. But I was zero for six finding an index for them in Ghin. OTOH, the integrity of indexes inside the system is (across the board) not what happens in systems with tighter controls (like competition scores only). I would like to be part of such a system, but I would have no scores to post dave
  11. This is an interesting problem. If I assume that the 'rules' under which your buddies play actually tends to make a stroke or two difference vs. what would happen to YOU at THIS COURSE, then when you arrive with your 'proper play index', from the perspective of your buddies you are a 'virtual sandbagger' (playing your best by their rules you will beat your index more than is typical). You should clean up on that basis. I don't know the personal dynamics of the group, but based on what I have heard, I would be playing by the RoG and posting the scores (and doing some extra raking in the bunkers ). But maybe that will be awkward in this particular case - I don't know. For me if folks starting giving me all my 4 and 5 footers my index would probably drop a couple of strokes even if the handicap rules say 'add one additional stroke' in that case. I play regularly with a couple of guys who don't keep an index and are pretty loose with the rules and they have learned not to kick back my 3 foot putt when I play with them. And what is hilarious is that when winter rules (LCP) are in effect, they turn their nose up when I pick up my ball and place it rather than scoot it around with a club saying 'Dave, do you need a tee for that one'. I just smile. dave
  12. I played a round the other day with a forecast of wind gusts in the 10-20 mph range. So I took out the LW and 3w and added an older 9* driver (Wishon 919 Thi that I built long ago) and a 18* hybrid that I had just bought on ebay for the staggering sum of $10 (and that did not including shipping!). The hybrid was strictly for use in cases where I really needed to keep the ball down (like trouble shots from the trees). I was having some physical issues so I ended up using the 18* hybrid several times. I like the idea of carrying that club and am searching for the same model in a 15* loft - I'd pay $11 for that!. The 9* loft driver was used 3 times and it seemed to bring value to me. But losing the LW was a problem. While I have lost confidence in that club from inside 30-40 yards, when I really need to carry the ball onto the green from a short distance with minimal rollout I have no confidence doing that with my SW either. In fact I feel better on those shots with the LW vs. the SW. So the jury is still out on that one. dave
  13. For anyone who joined this thread late it is about a medical situation where I am forced to occasionally sit (in the very literal sense of the word) out a hole to allow recovery from a spinal stenosis problem. The discussion was mostly about choosing the 'sit out holes' as it is something of an arbitrary choice. Things have gone better than I had anticipated and today was the first day where I was forced to sit out on occasion (actually, a half dozen or so times). The 'choice' in the matter was less arbitrary than I expected as the discomfort came on pretty suddenly and was far less of a build up thing than I had anticipated. But on two occasions I came on a most interesting situation where on approaching the tee I felt like I needed another 3-4 minutes of sit time, so a rational way to do this would be to not hit a tee shot (allowing a couple more minutes of sit time) and then finish the hole. And instead of starting the hole but not finishing (post Most Likely Score) it would be finishing the hole from the point of "Most Likely Drive". I liked that concept of Most Likely Drive, but I don't expect that to show up in the WHS system any time soon. dave ps. In both cases I teed off (one par 5 and one par) and was unable to finish either hole. It was a truly bad day on the golf course (yes, there is such a thing). I believe that I have found my personal EoEE (End of Epidural Effectiveness). I see the pain management doc on Monday.
  14. I used to play or practice 6 days a week. I no longer do that and a typical week these days is a round of golf and no practice. A year or so ago I got to the point that I could not make consistent solid contact with anything other than my driver (put a ball on a tee and give me a softball sized clubhead and I could do OK - otherwise ....). For quite a long time I played golf with a full swing with driver and half swings otherwise. My 100 yard club was a 6i to give you a feel for what I am talking about here. When I was more than about 130-140 yards out I had to decide 'do I just hit the ball 140 predictable yards or try a real golf shot with unpredictable outcomes'. My decision would vary. I am officially old and play the senior tees (say 5500-5700 yards at par 72) so that helps with the lack of distance. And there are a few courses where you often cannot run the ball onto the green, and those courses were a real problem for me. I have since mostly fixed my issues so play 'real golf'. But on days where the swing is totally off, I am back to hitting 6i's from 100 yards. dave ps. On par 3's of 150+ yards I would hit half swing drivers (with varying degrees of success).
  15. My 14 club bag is driver (currently at 12*) 16* 3w 18.5* 5w 21* 7w (swap for 21* 3i hybrid if windy) 24* 4i hybrid 27* 5i hybrid 30* 7i (mix of old and new lofts so nothing has a '6' on it) 35* 8i 40*9i 45* PW 50* GW 55* SW 60* LW Putter Loft spacing is not perfect but good enough given the level that my game has deteriorated to. I don't sense that I have a 'gap problem', other than the 3w is really just a low version of the 5w. Dropping the LW and 3w loses nothing so I am trying to figure out what kind of 'specialty clubs' might be useful. E.G., a low lofted driver (useful on windy days) and/or a low lofted iron/hybrid that I can work low/left/right (mostly out of trouble). I just bought a used $10 18* hybrid to try out (Wishon 321 Li - a club that I have used in the past at higher lofts) as an experiment. I might see if I can search out the 15* version (IIRC, there was one back when these were being sold). dave
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