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  1. I still have my college bag with my name on the back pocket of the hoofer, graduated in 2005. Stopped using it in 2009 but haven't been able to throw it out despite it being faded and worn. When is it time? For now, it sits empty in the shed, not even holding my backup set.
  2. I do my own, i use Lamkin Crossline Cords, so I usually go a bit longer without regripping, but do it for some friends on occasion. I have a vice, shaft protector, hooked knife, tape, and grip solvent.
  3. I have a second set but dont use it unless my normal clubs are predisposed. Titleist 905S Titleist 909h Titleist 962b 3-pw Vokey 60, 56, 52 Scotty Studio Stainless Newport 2
  4. right shaft might not work with every head. I do not believe the TSi3 is leaps and bounds better than the M5 i was playing the last two seasons, but i believe my combo of head and shaft is better for me and therefore am hitting it much better
  5. Depends. Most balls today are the best balls ever, but for its time, the titleist professional was so much better than all its competitors.
  6. Former prosecutor, now managing attorney of large criminal defense firm
  7. Lamkin Crossline cord since the 90s. It’s a perfect grip for me. I don’t wear a glove so no worry tearing them. First round or two each your I chew my hands up and am good from then on. Great in the rain. Good looking. 10/10
  8. Soap and water. 75 rounds deep Cross line cords ripped my hands apart this weekend
  9. That’s sort of my fear too. Seems like no ones playing. Can you get a game there?
  10. 1st round of the year, 74 in the rain I’ll take it
  11. Anyone a member or been a member there? Looking to possibly join a course in the area. Was a member at Maplewood for most of my youth through early adulthood. Good course for the land but still short, nice pool for the family, good food. brooklake is a course I played in youth golf, haven’t played since. Looks in good shape driving by. A bit more expensive but more course, indoor and outdoor pool. anyone have thoughts about membership, weekend morning play, amount of good golfers, how clicky brooklake is? thanks
  12. Oh man great news. I hate GG
  13. I played titleist 962bs from the 90's to 2016. I had my second child, was playing tops once per week and almost no practice. I cant say that they AP2s improved my game or other things, but my handicap got to its lowest in 2016, up a few the last 3 years.
  14. > @golfer07840 said: > > @longballjs said: > > Played Berkshire yesterday. My mens association traveled, payed a decent rate for a semishotgun and food and beer after. Only to find the greens had been verticut very recently. Pretty crappy to do to 50 guys paying over the standard rate. > > That is a crappy thing to do. How long ago was this planned out? Usually in this area, mid-August is when the greens get punched, so I'm not surprised they were done. A long time ago. Wasn’t all bad though, as I started on one, heeled my driver down the path line, bounced like
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