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  1. I never received this PM - this item has been sold.
  2. It's installed according to Titleist's standard configuration. I'm not sure if Titleist typically tips these. I can provide measurements to the graphics for reference if that helps.
  3. Like new Tour AD IZ-6S with Titleist tip - will play 45.5" in a Titleist driver (Standard length). This one came off of a TSi2 (see original barcode sticker). Has a standard Golf Pride ZGrip on it as well. $200 shipped to the lower 48 states (firm and no trades, please). SOLD
  4. I just use a damp terry towel to clean the fabric. Any dirt on the club divider I spot clean with some detergent. Mine is holding up fairly well, but have some minor wear around the hip pad. Love this bag and get tons of compliments on it wherever I go.
  5. I have a pair of these in the White/Dark Silver color way. Worn for less than 36 holes and in great shape. Photos tell the story. Size 9.5. Retail is $180. Yours for $100 shipped to the lower 48. (sorry for the upside down photos!)
  6. I have three shafts up for sale: 1. Tour AD DI-7S. Great shape, one small rub on the shaft. Comes with a standard sized MCC Plus4 and measures 42.25" (standard length in my 16.5* TS2) - $150+actual shipping SOLD 2. Tour AD DI-85S Hybrid. Great shape, no marks to speak of. Comes with a mid-sized Tour Velvet 360 and measures 39.25" (standard length in my 21* TS2 hybrid) - $150+actual shipping SOLD 3. Project X Hzrdus Smoke 60g in 5.5 flex. Perfect shape. Purchased with a TS2 10.5* driver from Callaway Pre-Owned in Like New condition. I never swung it, so it's likely brand n
  7. If you are looking at private Peninsula clubs, your short list is going to be: Olympic Club SFGC Lake Merced Cal Club GHCC Burlingame Peninsula Otherwise, you need to cross a bridge. Of all of those, GHCC is the most affordable and (likely) the easiest to join. As a member I'm biased, but I think it's a great course and provides a very family friendly atmosphere. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.
  8. I don't have any experience with the Stitch Traveler, but it looks a lot like the AER Duffle Pack 2 (https://www.aersf.com/duffel-pack-2-black). Straps are the same, quick access location is the same, overall shape is the same, the "tech organizer" appears the same, as is the water bottle sleeve. The Duffle Pack 2 is an amazing bag (as are all the AER bags - I have owned 4 of them). The Stitch bag doesn't appear to have the same quality fabric as the AER, but it's hard to tell from just the photos. Perhaps AER is making them for Stitch?
  9. SOLD Five items for sale today. All prices are OBO with shipping to the lower 48 included. I'll be happy to make a deal on multiple items. Photos really tell the story here and were taken in pretty harsh sunlight to show the condition. These clubs have been very well cared for and would look at home in any bag. Titleist 915D2 10.5* head - Nice condition with clean topline. A few very light surface scratches on the back of the head. Three small nicks along the back edge of the head (not visible at address). Comes with original head cover in great condition. $80 Titleist 91
  10. Decide how much stuff you want to be able to carry. If you are a minimalist, then you can consider the SL2. If you want to carry anything more than a light sweater and a few sleeves of balls, move on from the SL2. The SL2 is VERY tight on storage. I normally keep 6-9 balls, a small pouch for tees/ball marker/pencils, and some sunscreen and even then it can feel pretty tight. The water bottle holder encroaches on the main ball pocket as well, so with a bottle in there it gets even tighter. I have never held/seen a Vessel lite, so I can't comment on the storage, but just looking a
  11. Yes, 14 clubs. All clubs using standard NDMC and the putter is a standard SC grip on my Futura 5W. I have D, 3W, 3H and putter up top, then 3 clubs in each of the two middle dividers, then 4 wedges in the bottom slot. No real club tangle to speak of (maybe 2% of my club pulls got hung up slightly).
  12. I finally got the bag on the course. Love it. Here are my notes: I used the valuables pocket for my rangefinder - it needs to be 1" wider - it's hard to get in and out easily - never had this issue with my old Titleist bagBalls only in the "ball pocket" was fine, any more than that would get tightStandard water bottle fit fine in the pocket and was easy to get in and outEverything else went in the other pocket, and fit fine (put tees, extra ball markers, etc in a small ziplock) - A light jacket would be fine too. Much more than that and it's just not going to work.The bag is SMALL. This is
  13. I have not carried mine on the course yet, just pulled clubs in an out while in my home office. Definitely tighter than the Titleist it has replaced, and at times a little hard to get clubs to sit all the way back down. I'll have to live with it to see if it's a real issue. I have standard-sized NDMCs on 13 clubs, standard SC grip on my Futura 5W. I have D, 3W, 3H, and putter up top; 5, 6, 7 middle left, 8, 9, P middle right, and 4 wedges on the bottom.
  14. I was looking at Carve On - how's the quality there?
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