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  1. Wow indeed. Hate to say he choked but that was pretty bad after that birdie and 2 shot swing
  2. Why do people care or want him to speak English. If he was living here maybe he would want to learn but I don’t think he is. Plus it’s not like he needs to speak English to get around. With his status and money I doubt he gets in the US just fine. Like I said above, hope he pulls it off tomorrow.
  3. Watching Hideki post weather delay was so fun. He’s been a let down recently but if he can pull it off tomorrow it would be awesome. Hope he comes out and wins in a dominate way.
  4. Really wished the ZX7 GW looked more like the PW vs what it looks like.
  5. That’s how I feel about the 921F. I’ve had some really good rounds with them but to me, they feel ok and distance & forgiveness isn’t that different from J15 CB. Could be the shaft also but if I can do it over, I’d go with the 921 Tours 6-GW and HMP 4 & 5. I watched a review online that said there wasn’t much separation between the 921 series and that seems accurate to me.
  6. Let me know what you think about the ZX7 gap wedge. Hate to brag when everyone else’s order seems backed up but I placed an order of Zx5 4&5 and ZX7 6-PW w/modus 120S through a member here and got them within 2 weeks. Comparing to the JXP921 Forged they are easily a club longer. It’s not a fair comparison because the S-tapers in the Mizuno felt a little too stiff for me. I was going to pick up the 50* zipcore but I might need the set gap to fill the yardages better. Just got back from the range and the PW was around 125 on average and the 50* zipcore was 100 on average when I te
  7. I really like the Haywood wedges. I think they are like $100 a piece but look really clean. They have decent reviews online also.
  8. I read about the Na thing on Twitter and here before seeing what actually happened so I was imagining Na doing something much worse. He absolutely did the right thing and he halved the hole. It’s not like he pulled a Kucher and called the hole. That is a D bag move. really wish he stop with the walk in thing. It was funny when he first did it but come on. And to make a logo out of it. D bag move.
  9. hope he figures is out. Still one of my favorites and fun to watch when playing well
  10. When you find a gamer you trust it’s hard to switch. I feel the same about my epic flash TD. Don’t know what it is but I have so much confidence with it I can’t see myself switching until I see some crazy improvements from the new stuff.
  11. How are the fairway woods? Not looking to replace my epic flash TD but thinking of taking advantage of the trade in bo us for the speed 3 wood.
  12. Holy crap that’s a lot of lead tape. Why not hot melt it with some cement.
  13. Yeah. I’ve had good success using the 54 out of the sand but I could easily do with out. My wedge game is also pretty simple - I rarely open up the face or try anything other than a hitting a shot with the face square so I can get around with only a 52/58.
  14. I’ve played 46/52/58 for the longest time but with new irons I now have 45/50/54/58. It’s only been a few months but I rarely use the 54 so might bend the 50 to 51 and drop the 54.
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