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  1. Been putting horrible for some time now and was playing putter roulette with no real luck. Went to a putter fitting where they adjusted the loft and lie of my spider X - which helped a little but after a few rounds I was back to my old bad putting self. I was getting desperate and searching through my backup bag when I found my old White Hot XG #7 sitting in the bag. It’s been at least 10 years since I last game it but when I picked it up, something felt right. Figured I couldn’t putt any worse so brought it out yesterday and bam - 30 putts yesterday and I think I found my new gamer lol.
  2. Prob a new driver and new 5 or 7 wood or 2 hybrid. New putter too probably although my old Scotty has been good to me the last few rounds so I might stick with it.
  3. I thought I was in but when I filled out all the info and CC stuff it said it was full. I was thinking once you get into registration you’re good so wasn’t as quick filling out the info. Guess I’ll know for next year. congrats to those that got in
  4. Got it. Thanks. wish me luck for tomorrow
  5. Can you cancel or once you sign up or no refunds
  6. Awesome thanks! Going to try and get a spot this year.
  7. Coos Golf club was so much fun. The walk up #5 through the woods onto the tee box was really cool, and loved the par 3 #7 and #13. For anyone looking for a filler round highly recommend it. And on the way out we stopped by the Boat Fish Chips. The Shepherd pie at McKee’s was my fav meal of the trip but the fish at Boat is #2. thanks everyone for the tips, recommendations, etc. Once I get back I’ll prob post a new thread with my thoughts etc but the trip was amazing and can’t wait to go back
  8. Prob get flamed for this but the grandma’s meat loaf at the pub wasn't that good. The courses however is everything I expected and more. And sheep ranch is cool but prob my least favorite (and when we played there was zero wind). The views are nice and couple of great holes, but that’s about it. The other courses were way better in my opinion.
  9. Had the fish and chips at the Broken Anchor and it was excellent. Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. Thanks guys. We fly into Eugene tomorrow and staying the night in Bandon. We get in late so no golf, and just planning to hang out in town. Sucks about the fish market closing early but it Broken Anchor it is.
  11. We’ll be staying one night in Bandon - any recommendation for food / bar. Hear the fish and chips from the Bandon fish market is good but figured I’d ask the experts on here. or if there is a good place to stop and grab something to eat driving down from Eugene.
  12. Me too. Opposite of the OP. When I’m playing regularly I don’t like to switch up my equipment.
  13. So one of my guys in my group found a 7am tee time at coos golf club so we booked that - so we have something but I like the lazy morning / playing preserve idea. can’t wait for the weekend.
  14. Yeah that’s prob the best idea. Being up there we are trying to squeeze as much golf as possible but chances are after 3 days of 36 we’ll be exhausted. Thanks guys!
  15. Hoping someone can help me out. our flight home from Eugene got pushed back to 3:30 on wed 9/22 so we’re hoping to get one extra round in wed morning. I called Bandon and they obviously couldn’t find us a tee time with this short notice but maybe we can play some of the courses near Bandon. If anyone has any good suggestions for courses near the property I’d appreciate it. We are shipping our clubs back so we have to play near Bandon.
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