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  1. Turned it off after 2 holes thinking Xander was going to run away with it. Check my home middle of the night - I’m back and ready for the train wreck
  2. Because it’s more interesting the other way and gives us something to all talk about. Doesn’t help that he seems to be always blaming something and acts like a whiney teenager.
  3. Haha me too. Not in my price range but cool looking watches.
  4. Check out the bag forum but sun mountain 2.5+ is a clear favorite and what I recently picked up. Only one round but it’s super light weight and easy to carry. A lot of people don’t like the x straps that come with it but I don’t think it’s too bad coming from a Jones stand bag.
  5. Yeah that makes sense and sounds like it’s an overwhelming no for early morning golf. Too bad cause love the look of them but I ended up going with the sun mountain 2.5.
  6. Prob 3-5 times a round. There’s 2 short par 4 that I tee off with and on 3 of the par 5s that I try and go for the green.
  7. Thanks. I went back and looked at both and actually like the pocket layout on the 2.5+ vs eco lite. Little worried because they seem so flimsy compared to others in the same class (ie Ping crazy lite or titleist carbon) but I’m headed to Bandon and playing 36 a day so every lbs helps. Plus it seems like it’s the overwhelming choice here so must be a great bag.
  8. Anyone take a good look at the sun mt 2.5 vs eco-lite. From what I can tell the 2.5 is lighter by ~1 lbs but the eco-lite has the better straps. Also love the bright green color way on the eco-lite but don’t see much about them on here.
  9. Been looking at getting a carry bag but I only play early mornings and with the wet grass, wanted to get some feedback from others. I know the bag itself is waterproof but I assume you get wet as you pick up your bag. I know you can buy those wooden legs to stand up your bag but that seems like a PIA to set up each time and I already have a stand bag. headed to Bandon in sept so I may get one anyways but would like to use it for my normal rounds. I just don’t want to buy a bag and not use it after a few rounds. So any feedback would be appreciated.
  10. Dropped the extra wedge years ago and been playing 13 clubs since. Once in a while I wish I had an extra club but I do just fine
  11. For sale is a set of Mizuno JPX 921 Forged 5-GW + HMP 4 iron. Ordered directly from Mizuno and used for 8 rounds. Specs - KBS $-taper stiff, standard length and 1* upright. Tour velvet 360 grips. The HMP 4 iron is bent 2* weak playing at 21*. The last 2 pictures are the face of the PW and GW - which has the most use. Let me know if you have any questions. Price including shipping is $875. Sold
  12. You know that face you make when someone farts and it smells really awful.....he has that look permanently. Might be more likable if he smiled once in a while ?
  13. So apparently the other majors also give special invites.
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