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  1. How do you like them. Tested the 921-F and liked the $-taper but was looking for a lighter shaft.
  2. I wish they had more grind / bounce options in the raw finish. Looking for a 54 / 58 and online they only have them in 8* bounce. Was hoping for a higher bounce in the 54*
  3. Played a 52* F and 58* D for few years but moving to a 54* and 58* (with a 921F Gap) and feel like I’m overthinking the low / high bounce / grind. right now I use the 58 as my main club for bunkers and around the green. For the new set thinking I want a little less bounce for my lob since I was planning to use the 54* as my main club out of the bunkers but maybe I stick with the higher bounce in my 58 and go low bounce in the 54. decisions decisions
  4. Congrats DJ and another top 10 for Rory. Rooting for his is so frustrating. Seems like as soon as he’s out of contention and the pressure is off he plays his best golf. Guess good job for not mailing it in but come on.
  5. Or let us know the insta account so we can find it. Thanks
  6. Great bag and love the p770s - but what’s with the new KBS decals on the shafts. Don’t know why companies think more is better.
  7. Wish they offered the grind in 54/58*. Looks good
  8. I could go everything TM, including the ball, except for the hybrid. Never got along with the TM hybrids but I guess I could easily go 5 or 7 wood if I had to although I do love having a hybrid so that’s the one club I’d worry about.
  9. I like the old navy but they are no where the same quality as the lulus. For 5-10 more I find the target brand to be a better fit (I’m 6’0 and like slimmer pants fyi).
  10. I’ve played the SM6, 7 and now 8, and for me the SM8 is a big improvement over the last 2 generations. Feels better and I’m getting a much better ball flight. I also think visually the SM8 is better looking than the 7 or 6 but I know some disagree.
  11. How do you like the combo. I’ve used the F in the 54* and D in the 58* but thinking of moving to the S and M like you got there. Mostly because I rarely hit full shots and the bunkers I play are mostly packed sand
  12. Yeah as much as I can’t stand his antics at times he was unbelievable - especially today. Was hoping to see someone at E make a run but he was the only one going in the right direction.
  13. I hate it cause it’s looking like DeChambeau is gonna win
  14. Hate the current format and would much prefer match play to determine the winner. Feels more like a playoff vs. chase the leader.
  15. Looks sweet and the paint design reminds me of the Kurokage shafts.
  16. really excited about the looks of the forged but the 5* gap in the short irons makes me pause. Did the 919s have similar gapping and what was your experience on the course with the short irons.
  17. So is Brooks the new J Speith or is Morikawa the new J Speith
  18. Thanks. Looks around the same as the new Mizunos. I miss the days when you could get new irons for under $1k.
  19. 2019 Masters. On vacay with the wife, skipped couples massage to watch Tiger and it was totally worth it.
  20. Wow that looks great. Thinking of the HMP 4-5 and Forged 6-GW.
  21. I know it’s not the arrow but maybe something to mix it up might do him good. New shaft, grip, whatever. Painful watching him suck it up
  22. at this point why not try a SIM. Or a G410.
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