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  1. Prob get flamed for this but the grandma’s meat loaf at the pub wasn't that good. The courses however is everything I expected and more. And sheep ranch is cool but prob my least favorite (and when we played there was zero wind). The views are nice and couple of great holes, but that’s about it. The other courses were way better in my opinion.
  2. Had the fish and chips at the Broken Anchor and it was excellent. Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Thanks guys. We fly into Eugene tomorrow and staying the night in Bandon. We get in late so no golf, and just planning to hang out in town. Sucks about the fish market closing early but it Broken Anchor it is.
  4. We’ll be staying one night in Bandon - any recommendation for food / bar. Hear the fish and chips from the Bandon fish market is good but figured I’d ask the experts on here. or if there is a good place to stop and grab something to eat driving down from Eugene.
  5. Me too. Opposite of the OP. When I’m playing regularly I don’t like to switch up my equipment.
  6. So one of my guys in my group found a 7am tee time at coos golf club so we booked that - so we have something but I like the lazy morning / playing preserve idea. can’t wait for the weekend.
  7. Yeah that’s prob the best idea. Being up there we are trying to squeeze as much golf as possible but chances are after 3 days of 36 we’ll be exhausted. Thanks guys!
  8. Hoping someone can help me out. our flight home from Eugene got pushed back to 3:30 on wed 9/22 so we’re hoping to get one extra round in wed morning. I called Bandon and they obviously couldn’t find us a tee time with this short notice but maybe we can play some of the courses near Bandon. If anyone has any good suggestions for courses near the property I’d appreciate it. We are shipping our clubs back so we have to play near Bandon.
  9. After years of dreaming I’ll finally be there sun-wed. Playing SR and preserve on sun, and playing 36 on mon and tues, leaving wed. Loved reading all the reviews and tips, and hoping I can add my tidbits to this thread. I’ve been checking the weather all month and it’s been sunny every day, expect now it looks like some rain on Sun. Guess I’ll get the full Bandon experience although my rain jacket is water resistant and even though it’s only one day, I think I need to invest in some real rain jacket and pants.
  10. I wasn’t a fan of the looks but the new code chaos is awesome. I play in the morning and for a spike less show they have really good traction and keeps my feet dry. And they are super comfortable.
  11. I wish I had this knowledge before my fitting. Thanks for taking the time to educate me/us and I think I’ll go back in a few weeks with a little more knowledge and things to look for.
  12. No. I didn’t even know what that was until today lol.
  13. It was carry. With my current gamer I was getting 240 of carry on good strikes (AOA around -1 to -2) and 220 on bad (AOA around -3 to -4). I was consistent hitting it low center of the club face and my swing speed was around 100. On my good strikes I was spinning it in the 3k range. Then he gave me the TSi 4 lofted down to 8* and on my good strikes I was carrying it 250+ and bad 230. And on my good strikes I was in the low 2k. The roll on the TSi4 was silly (like 40 yards) but I didn’t really pay attention to that since I’m a seasoned wrx’er and I know better lol. He was really focused on getting my spin down since that was giving me the best numbers so prob why he was favoring the TSi4. what I took away from all of this is getting my AOA near 0 or + and hitting it higher on the face is what I need to work on. I hit a ton of fairways so I was never really focused on maxing my driver but I’m def leaving some yards on the table.
  14. I wish I had it but I didn’t get a copy. I just remember spin diff between my high and low club face was high 3/4K to low 2k. He was really focused on spin and the 8* vs the 9 or 10.5 was giving me lower spin and more distance.
  15. Wow thanks for the detailed explanation. That illustration was me - about 100 swing speed and my hits were mostly low center of the club face. The fitter had me try and hit it higher on the face and I was seeing my best shots when the ball was hit above the equator. appreciate the explanation and validating what I was seeing at my fitting. After seeing the TXG video and seeing opposite results, I was a little nervous to pull the trigger on a 8* head.
  16. I have a negative AOA. It’s gotten better over the years but I’m still around -2*. I watched a TXG video where they “fitted” for the negative AOA by using a higher lofted driver. So when I went for a fitting the other day i was surprised that my best set up was the TSi4 lofted down to 8*. I asked about the higher loft and we tried a few at 10.5*, but my spin was in the 3k and lost 20+ yards. I’m no expert but seems logical that a higher loft club would help with the negative AOA but maybe going lower loft to reduce spin is more effective. For anyone else with a negative AOA wanted to hear if you had a similar experience in your fitting. Thanks.
  17. How does a pga pro not notice that. You’d think getting the specs on all this clubs regularly checked is a thing.
  18. I’d stay away from Talega. Played there a year ago and it was in horrible shape. Too bad cause it used to be really nice. Pelican is my top recommendation for out of towners but I also love arroyo trabuco, especially if you are staying at monarch which isn’t too far from there.
  19. Tried a bunch over the last few months and Ping midsize with extra wraps on the bottom hand is perfect.
  20. Turned it off after 2 holes thinking Xander was going to run away with it. Check my home middle of the night - I’m back and ready for the train wreck
  21. Because it’s more interesting the other way and gives us something to all talk about. Doesn’t help that he seems to be always blaming something and acts like a whiney teenager.
  22. Haha me too. Not in my price range but cool looking watches.
  23. Check out the bag forum but sun mountain 2.5+ is a clear favorite and what I recently picked up. Only one round but it’s super light weight and easy to carry. A lot of people don’t like the x straps that come with it but I don’t think it’s too bad coming from a Jones stand bag.
  24. Yeah that makes sense and sounds like it’s an overwhelming no for early morning golf. Too bad cause love the look of them but I ended up going with the sun mountain 2.5.
  25. Prob 3-5 times a round. There’s 2 short par 4 that I tee off with and on 3 of the par 5s that I try and go for the green.
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