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  1. It’s been a bit since I started the thread. In a few words I love them. Looks, feel, consistency and distance control continue to be excellent. Some of the best Feeling I have ever owned. Pretty forgiving too. Not super game improvement forgiving but pretty darn good. And I love the MMT shafts
  2. Hopefully Ping is already working on fulfilling pre-orders
  3. I sold my TSi3. GREAT DRIVER when my swing is on. However, it is off and on so I sold it. Just ordered a 425MAX with Ventus Red Hopefully it will arrive by Christmas!
  4. I was +3/4 inch, 2.5 degrees up, midsize grips with 3 extra reps on bottom hand. DG 105 Regular. I may have gotten lucky and was frankly amazed by how quickly they arrived.
  5. Ordered my P770s a week before XMAS and had them Christmas Eve. Custom specs and all
  6. It is and I was sober at the time I made it And it's true for ME. No doubt others won't have the same experience but in my hands (5 hcp) the XXIO X is the best driver I have hit and played in 2020. And the list is quite long - Sim, Sim Max, Mavrik (all 3 models), Cobra Speedzone (both models), Titleist (Tsi2 and TSi3) and Ping G410 Max and LST. If you asked me at the beginning of the year if I ever thought I would game an XXIO club I would have said never. But I did demo using their demo program and after two weeks was sold.
  7. Killing my X 10.5 in stiff. The best combo of distance, forgiveness and consistency in a driver I have ever played. Just sold my TSi3 which is a great driver but The XXIO X is just too easy to bomb and find the fairway
  8. Still killing the X! Simply amazed by the consistency, distance and forgiveness. Looks good too and sound is well mannered! You don’t have to be a senior to play this driver!
  9. TSi3 is SOLD. Irons still available FINAL IRON REDUCTION TO $800. Great price if they fit your swing REDUCED $900 -New TM P770 5-AW. +3/4 inch long by new TM standards which translates into +1/2 inch by previous standards 2.5 degrees upright 5-PW have Dynamic Gold 105 Regular AW has KBS Tour Stiff and has been used There is a pic of the AW face and sole as well as the KBS shaft. It’s in great condition but has been hit and used a few rounds 5,6 and 9 have never been hit. 7, 8 and PW have hit less than 5 balls each but you can’t tell by looking at them
  10. Saw the 5 today in San Diego. There were 5 or so on the rack for sale. Only stock shaft available was the Riptide. Looked great but did not have time to hit it on the monitor. No 7s in stock. Anxious to give both a try. There is a review of the 7 on TXG and it did very well against the new Cobra and TSi3
  11. Sounds good that a company like Ping is putting employees before profit and makes sense. I do know others have had long processing times and experienced backorders also but not as long as those attributed to Ping in this thread.
  12. Why? It seems TM, Cally, Titleist, Cobra,etc are keeping up with few problems. Is Ping an outlier?
  13. A good starting point my next lessons. Your pro can give you a sense of what length and type clubs you need. A good swing with proper technique can play a lot of different types of clubs successfully. So getting the swing mechanics down with a good teacher may save you money in the long run. Once you have your game where you are confident then you could invest in a set that will last you for a while Good luck!
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