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  1. Demoed the Driver today outdoors with the stock 55 RCH shaft in stiff. Going in I said no way a stock 55 gram shaft will work for me as I am used to playing something a bit more stout like an Kiyoshi Black or Tensei White. I was blown away by how easy this driver is to hit. High launching, piercing low spin bullets that just went straight and were rolling out when they hit the ground. Ball just rockets off the face. Sound, looks and forgiveness were impressive. I could game this thing in a hearbeat.
  2. 770s are smaller than 200. more accurate comparison would be to T100s which are probably a bit smaller than the 770s but the 200s are not even in the same class
  3. I started out with the SIM Max and just could not get along with it. Played around with Callaway and Cobra and just good not find what I was looking for. Picked up the SIM and an Oban Kiyoshi Black and could not be happier. No temptation to try anything else other than I might have to go try the SIM 3 wood.
  4. 4th round with these this morning after having them regripped with my favorite mid-size grip. Really beginning to dial in my distances and get comfortable with these. They hold the greens really well and I am spinning some shots back. Forgiveness on less than great swings is there w/o a ton of distance loss. Longer irons including 4 iron easy to elevate. A wedge from 117 on in is money for me. And I like the feel particularly when struck well. Feedback on off center hits is there but not terribly harsh. The honeymoon continues
  5. 4th round this morning and really starting to dial my distances in. I like the ball flight and dispersion the stock KBS gives me, It's a stout stiff but I have an aggressive downward move and these hold up very well for me without being harsh. Now if you put a KBS C Taper in my hand it would feel harsh as would a PX 6.0. To each there own but I do believe if one gets the right shaft in the 770s they will be happy.
  6. before you buy on ebay go directly to callaway pre-owned site and you might get them cheaper. They often run sales. I have heard the shafts play pretty stout so make sure they will work for you. good luck with your decision
  7. first they are stock KBS Tour not made for at least based on a visit to the KBS Experience shop in Carlsbad i took mine in yesterday and had them regripped. I think they are definitely stiff but don't find them boardy and prefer them to PX. Just my opinion and preference. The more I play these the more I like them. Added spin compared to P790s gives me a lot more confidence in holding greens.
  8. Listed some items in classified section on 3 days ago and paid my $10 fee to have the ad pinned. I sent an email as instructed requesting that my ad be pinned. To date I have not received a response nor is my ad pinned. Anyone else have that experience and if so how did you fix the situation? Thanks
  9. I played one length for a bit and actually did quite well with them. But I think the real key to success is bulking up and adding 40 lbs!
  10. I've got 3 rounds on them and really am enjoying them. They perform as well as my swing and do forgive some of my sins. Distance is good, I think they feel good and I can hit various shots as needed with them. Like the way they hold the greens compared to other hollow back sets I have owned. The real surprise for me is how easy it is to hit the 4 iron off the deck or tee. It's make my hybrid obsolete.
  11. No, I can compare the feel and I have done so. My opinion only and it may differ from yours and others which is perfectly fine. Feel is totally subjective and in the hands of the beholder. I played 785s and they do feel good but so do the new 770s
  12. Wrong again! Keep trying you'll get it right eventually
  13. Whew we. A bit stinky there you are my friend with your inference or comparing one's opinion to one's backside. I think they are soft. But I get it , you like to generalize because as you say "anyone who says they do isn't hitting the same clubs I am". Well there we have it. You are the expert and and obviously speak for everyone. Gee you almost sound like a candidate for President! Cheers
  14. Reduced - $300- Cobra Speed Zone 10.5, Tensei Blue Stiff $310 shipped Reduced $500- Mavrik Subzero 10.5 Upgraded Graphite Design Tour AD XC 6 Stiff Reduced to $500 shipped New from Callaway $749. 2 rounds like new Will separate head and sell head only for $325 Sold - XXIO X Driver. 9.5 Degree Stiff Miyazaki stock shaft. This is the lowest spinning Driver in the XXIO line and new for 2020. Like new $450shipped no trades. PayPal is king.
  15. Feel is subjective and you are entitled to your opinion. But to make a blanket statement that they can’t be compared is in accurate Feel between the T100s and 770 can be compared and some will prefer one over the other. I can tell you that the 770s feel every bit as good as my PXG Gen 3 which may soon be for sale
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