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  1. Going to most likely sell them or relegate them to back up
  2. Appreciate the feedback from everyone. I am fortunate to live in So Cal and close to the KBS Tour experience. Was able to try the TGI 100 out and loved the feel and performance. Not overly stiff at all compared to the $Taper120Stiff. In fact the fitter said that the TGI 110 Stiff is closer to the $Taper 120 Stiff. Since I just turned 65 I am going with the TGI 100 and not looking back. Once again, thanks to all for the insights!
  3. Thanks for the insight and reply! Very helpful and I think the 100s would be a bit much for me. Definitely going to get fit for these before taking the plunge.
  4. Currently playing KBS $Taper 1 inch long in a set of Titleist irons. Thinking of going to graphite and wanting to know how the KBS TGI 100 Stiff compare? Any and all feedback appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Callaway sells a combo set on their website. DCB and Apex or DCB, Apex and Apex Pro
  6. I found that when I asked my wife to use less starch in my boxers I was less cranky. Might want to give it a try. I get its a pet peeve but if that's all in this world that's working you up consider yourself blessed
  7. Callaway Epic Max Driver. Acknowledged the fact that I turn 65 in two weeks and went down from PX 6.0 to 5.5 after getting on a launch monitor. Picked up an extra 20-30 yards over the 6.0 and consistently in the short stuff. Did the same with my 4 wood and for the first time ever am elevating a fairway wood off the deck as opposed to overswinging and hitting line drives.
  8. I have this years T300s with KBS $Taper built to my specs. 8 rounds in 9 days last week and they are really working for me. For a GI iron they look great. Feel is excellent for a cast club. And they stop and even spin back a bit on the green. Can’t say enough about them. Checked my ego at the door and am glad I did
  9. Great point! I recently tried that with Tour Edge and it was a great experiment although not great enough to cause me to buy an entire set.
  10. You make some excellent points. For me I always get nervous at fittings and feel like I am being judged by the fitter for my less than conventional swing. While a bit unconventional it works for me and I am playing to a 7hcp w/o much practice time due to work demands. Nothing against fitting and the science behind launch monitors, particularly with woods/drivers but as far as irons go nothing works better for me than outdoor testing and being able to visually see the results
  11. The shaft deal mentioned above is no longer available. I picked up the 20 degree 4H with stock Steel Fiber shaft. Looks good, albeit a bit big, sounds ok and honestly feels a bit harsh. Distance is good, it's easy to elevate and I played 7 rounds this week while on vacation and did not hook it once. All this being said I am not sure I am going to keep it and may take it back under the 90 day return policy where I purchased it.
  12. I’ve chased more golf clubs thanks to this site than I chased tail when I was single. Not sure but I think chasing tail would have been cheaper! But I own my club excursions and failed experiments. Can’t blame those on WRX. I own one
  13. Most things do! Cheers
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