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  1. Not listed on Cobra website.
  2. No i was quoted 3 weeks. I ordered with MMT 95 shafts.
  3. Ordered custom Apex 21 Pro 5 weeks ago and had them at my door 5 days later
  4. No. MMT and loving them. Stiff flex also but feel a bit better to me than the SF
  5. Maverick 4 wood with Riptide 7. May trade for Epic Speed since I can get a 50% trade in bonus. However not sure it’s worth the upgrade. Anyone hit the Epic Speed 4 wood?
  6. Loved my Combo X5/X7 set with Steel Fibers but have decided to go with Apex 21 Pro which I think fit my swing better.
  7. ALL SOLD $850REDUCED $850FINAL REDUCTION -Srixon ZX 5/7 combo set. 4/5/6 are ZX5 and 7-PW are ZX7. Steel Fiber 95 Stiff (constant weight)Custom built by Srixon at 1 inch over standard -38 inch 7 iron. Standard loft and lie. Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard size grips used five rounds. Pristine condition. See pics $1050 shipped within US SOLD -FINAL REDUCTION $480 Cobra Rad Speed 10.5 Blue. Factory upgraded Fujikura Ventus Red 7 Stiff- real deal Velocore. Hit 10 balls. Like new $525 shipped Willing to sell head and shaft separately SOLD - FINAL REDUCTIO
  8. As a fellow sweeper I have been following this thread and previously commented about my success with Apex Pro 21s. I have also been gaming a combo set of ZX5/7s and having no issues with turf interaction. I think both work very well
  9. I was demoing it under Srixons demo program and loved it but had a credit with Callaway and went with that. Too many choices! Locked in on irons, wedges and putter but still experimenting with drivers
  10. So I played my 4th round with it yesterday. Up against my Cally Max LS. The 721 is legit but not as effective for me as the Cally. TE going back this week under the 30 day guarantee.
  11. I think you can buy tips from Tour Edge
  12. Great Price! Callaway will give you more than that with their trade in program which right now has a 50% trade in bonus!
  13. I went 4-6 X5 and 7-AW X7. Not looking back. Iron play has improved along with my confidence
  14. I demoed a Z5 Driver for two weeks and it was a monster. Ball jumps off face with low spin and runs when it hits. Funds were tight so I did not put it in the bag but after I sell a few items it will go in to my rotation. Gaming a ZX5/7 combo iron set and loving them. Need to try the hybrid and fairway
  15. Or should I have said that Srixon has already determined the lofts for their combo sets?
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