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  1. I love TXG and to watch those guys beat the ball like it owes them money. But I am a mortal human and can't swing nearly as fast as those guys. I played the Speed, got bored and sold it. Have the STZ now and waiting for a Tensei 1K to install. The looks of the Mizuno are understated, sound and feel are excellent, spin is low and forgiveness is high. For the price I have been very impressed
  2. Yet the driver performs very well and better than a number of others with greater ball speed.
  3. I am a 14 wide and have had great luck with SQUAIRZ. The toe box is wide and I routinely walk 18 holes 2 times a week in total comfort. Eccos are nice too but you have to take one of the insoles out if you have wide feet. I have not had great luck with True as I have a pair with a built in liner and they are harder than cowboy boots to get on. Just my two cents based on my experience
  4. BTW. Gen 4s available to all at Hero Pricing. Same with drivers,woods, etc.
  5. I checked my ego at the door and went with the XP. No doubt I could have played Ps without a problem but thought why not get the more forgiving model. Dont look bad at all and the extra forgiveness has me asking why did I wait so long. Play to a 7hcp and loving them.
  6. Best Performing is usually dependent on me and which swing shoes up any given day! My performance is more related to me than to the clubs
  7. I’m digging my Gen 4. Have compared them to Apex 21 which are great irons. Prefer the Gen 4s.
  8. Having great results with Steelfiber 115
  9. COBRA FORGED TEC ONE REDUCED to $800 shipped! Somebody please take these off my hands! Putter and Callaway Apex Pro 21 are sold. Cobra One Length still Available -open to reasonable offers SOLD Shipped - Callaway Apex 21 Pro 5-AW with MMT 95 Stiff. 1/2 inch over standard, 2 degrees upright, GP Midsize. Have less than 10 rounds on them. Pics tell the tale, Ordered directly from Callaway these would cost $1500 new Like new- have hit one bucket of balls at range and that is all Cobra Forged Tec One Length 5-GW, UST Recoil 95 Stiff, 2 degrees upright, +1/2
  10. So I am going the other way. Have played “players cavity backs” for a number of years with some good, some bad and some in between results. Ego had a bit to do with that. Just recently switched to PXG Gen 4 XP and am loving the added forgiveness and playability. Don’t look to bad behind the ball, feel great, can be worked, forgive me for my bad shots and are long (yes I know lofts are strong). Hoping I can lower my 7 HCP with these in the bag. Ego is not bruised in the least!
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