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  1. I have a barely used set of 2014 Tour Preferred MB's 3-PW with KBS C-Taper 130X.
  2. I was wonndering if the head weight was like a belly putter. Don't know if it is a belly putter cut down or a regular putter extended.
  3. Hey guys need a little help. Is there anything that can be done to change the color of the Wilson Tw9 wedge color? They are satin, and really like darker colored wedges? Thanks.
  4. Tour tempo is awesome. I have been using it all winter to improve my tempo. Just started hitting balls again and my tempo and balance are great and my ball striking has definitly improved.
  5. yea they are sweet, if they arent worth very much i think im just gonna put some project x's in them and game them in the spring
  6. There arent any on ebay, they look identical to the a-tour irons but they are stamped a2tour.
  7. I just picked up a set of adams a2 tour irons with extra stiff graphite shafts. I was told that they were from the champions tour. Does anybody know anything about these, or know if they are wirth anything? Thanks.
  8. I would say that the Hombre and Holiday are definitly two that you should play.
  9. Hey guys, I have been working hard on my swing all winter and my season is getting ready to start so I'm looking for a little help. I'm wanting to learn how to plan out my tournament rounds ahead of time. Anybody that does this I could really use the input. Thanks.
  10. They said on Golf Central last night that his FT-9 has not been put on the PGA Tour's approved list yet.
  11. Alright thanks for the input, looks like thats my only option to try before i pull the shaft. Thanks.
  12. Any other ides guys? Getting ready to start my season.
  13. I have done this with a few putters. You need to make sure that the old shaft is snug into the putter shaft because if there is any wiggle room it will be very distracting. I recommend a one piece grip because it is much easier to install. When i made my last one I got stick on weights from the tire store that they use to balance tires and they worked really well to add weight. Hope this helps.
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