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  1. Head only or shafted is fine. Let me know!
  2. Hey there--one thing up for grabs today. This was the runner up in my putter fitting, and despite finding the black out version, cant knock the Toulon Vegas out of the bag. Not really interested in trades, but can feel free to tempt me. Feel free to PM with any questions. Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 Spudneck Limited Edition Black Finish Black Shaft Black Lamkin Deep Etched Sink Fit Grip 35" Standard loft/lie Details: Used for 1 round of 18 holes and is near mint. Small little nick on the bottom edge as shown in the picture. Club has white paint fill versus black which provides some nice contrast. No headcover--but will be packed with care. Price: $425 Shipped USPS priority OBO
  3. Just one item up for grabs--I stink so I'm sticking with my OG PM Grind for my lob wedge. Haven't seen another one of these in the wild. Trades? Not really interested, but I have no will power, so feel free to tempt me with something interesting. Tour Issue Fourteen RM4 60S Tour Issue Dynamic Gold X100 Onyx Shaft w/Custom Ferrule GP NDMC White/Black Standard logo down Great Shape--purchased new, used for 5 rounds, developing a nice little patina. Looks to have some handwork done on the sole, almost an M type grind. Confirmed this club was assembled by the Fourteen tour rep(R design stamp on the toe). Give me a shout if you have any questions. Price: $180 shipped USPS Priority 60*
  4. Hey guys, just one thing up for grabs this evening. Bought this while I was waiting for my Fourteen RM4 and the Fourteen ended up showing up sooner Cleveland Tour Rack Zipcore 56/mid bounce Tour issue dynamic gold s400 Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 New in plastic Price: 125 Shipped USPS OBO. Likely will not be able to ship until Wednesday with the storm in the Northeast.
  5. Two things up for grabs, feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions. Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome 56* F Grind 14* Bounce Stock Wedge Shaft standard length/loft/lie GP Tour Velvet Logo Down Solid shape, used for about a half a season, no uglies. Price: $85 shipped Dormie Double Quilted Mallet Cover Cabot Links Logo Used for a season, great shape. One minor imperfection as shown in the pictures. Price: $50 shipped
  6. Definitely intrigued with the Superspeed. Picked up a set towards the middle of the year, just didn't have the discipline to commit to using them during the season. Did you pick up a swing radars as well to track SS increase? Or just go by feel and results?
  7. As we shift to the off season in the northeast and practice moves indoors, curious as to what training aids folks have found the most success this year. I know there are several threads around individual products and training aids in general, but interested to hear what the group has/has not found success with this year. Goes without saying, nothing can replace the value of lessons, but let's hear it. What worked well--be it new for 2020 or tried and true? What did you find overhyped/ineffective?
  8. Just one thing up for grabs, adult size Gankas G Box. Used 5 or so times, in great shape. Not looking for any trades. Price: 80 Shipped USPS OBO
  9. Few things up for grabs today. Would be interested in trades for 3-4 woods, stiff flex. Feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions Cobra F9 Ventus Velocore 6-S Golf Pride tour Velvet Logo Down Length: 42.5" Condition: Overall great shape, some very faint nicking on the leading edge of the crown as shown in the pictures but no uglies. Price: $250 Shipped OBO KBS $-Taper 120S Currently have golf pride tour velvet midsize grips installed—there is a small tear in the bottom of the PW grip. Confirmed with KBS that this is the original model before they decided to go with the sticker labels—haven’t seen many of these around. Price: SOLD Lengths: 37.5 36.75 36.25 35.625 35.25 34.75 34.3
  10. Couples wedges up for grabs today--ended up going a different direction. Ping Glide 3.0 56.12* SS Sand Wedge KBS $-Taper 120 Stiff Black. Black dot, got this with the intentions of cutting it down and never got around to it. It plays 1.25" long and has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 logo down. Shows a bit more wear than the 52, but still in great shape. Ping Glide 3.0 52.12* SS Gap Wedge Ping Z-Z115 RH. Black Dot, standard length/lie, has stock ping wedge grip. Great shape, only used for a handful of rounds. Price: $75 shipped each OBO, $140 for the pair. Not looking for any trades, but feel free to tempt me.
  11. Few wedges up for grabs this evening. Not looking for trades, but feel free to tempt me. Mizuno T20 Raw 56.10* Standard L/L/L. KBS Hi Rev 2.0 125 Stiff. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Logo Down Ordered directly from Mizuno, standard length and lie. Has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet midsize logo down. Great shape, starting to get a bit of a patina, used for 2 rounds(wear on face was from knocking around in the travel bag), just prefer my Fourteens. Price: $80 Shipped USPS OBO Callaway PM Grind 60* Standard L/L/L. KBS Hi Rev 2.0 125 Stiff(no shaft band). Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Logo Down Stripped the black finish with a CLR bath and left raw. Used for about a season, but plenty of life left in it. Price: $50 Shipped USPS OBO
  12. Up for sale was my gamer from this year. Not looking for any trades. Taylormade Spider X Navy/White 35" Garsen Quad Tour Proto Non-Taper Grip(Black) Headcover: Included Condition: Used for the better part of a year, but solid shape. Shows minor wear on the sole and two minor imperfections on the topline as shown in the pictures. Price: $210 shipped UPSP Priority OBO!
  13. What is your handicap: 4 Current putter: Taylormade Spider X Are you OK with shipping your putter into BGT for installation (Usually 24hr install time)? Yes Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
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