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  1. I love the avx. Played prov1x for a long time before moving to the prov1 for the last 3 years. The avx is just fantastic for me. Flies lower with less spin, therefore I hit it straighter and longer. I don’t notice very much short game spin loss, although maybe a touch less with avx. (4 hdcp, so I’m not pro like consistent anyway) it spins enough for me. I do not notice any difference putting With it compared to prov1. The prov1x I do notice is firmer. I wanted to like chrome soft as it feels comparable to avx. it spins too much compared to avx.
  2. Azinger makes it almost unwatchable. Such a homer. I thought commentators were supposed to be somewhat neutral. I realize this is a little different but he’s just brutal. I want to listen to the players or I’d turn off the volume.
  3. bought the golf buddy L10. Works great, is very small, and was hundreds less than my Bushnell tour. The Bushnell was crap, problems after problems, then died. The golf buddy does all that it did for less money. Not sure what else there is other than point and shoot and get the correct distance quickly with easy to turn off/on slope. Only issue is it may be almost too small. Great value in it.
  4. had nothing but trouble with my tour x, finally got the e32 message and now it no longer works at all. No more bushnells for me! Crappy customer service as well. Just ordered a Golf Buddy L10, hundreds cheaper and can't be worse. Seen good reviews so we'll see.
  5. 2016 Callaway GBB. I'm biased because I can't find one better, but also multiple pga pros still game it 4 years later. That's got to say something
  6. I really like the Vokey 56-14 F grind, I've been using this grind for years. I use it for most shots around the green in grass.{use PM grind 60 for sand) I am wondering which Callaway MD-5 grind would play the most similar? Thoughts?
  7. I love the founders course at verrado , I really enjoy Estrella as well. I did not like the victory course at Verrado at all and won’t play it again. Estrella always has the play all day with dozen prov’s and lunch for 150.00. Always get 36 in, so turns out to be great value.
  8. I ordered something from William Murray on Nov 20, and it has made its way from Texas all the way to Illinois in 18 days. That is about half way, so I expect in in January sometime. Definitely not in time for Christmas as intended. F'ing brutal. It didn't even ship for a week. Terrible
  9. I've been fit a few times , and my experience is to hit off grass if at all possible for every club except driver. Driver is teed up ,so hitting off grass or mat does not matter. Every other club you hit off of grass so you want to see how that club reacts from the turf. Mats can be very forgiving and give you a false sense.
  10. One on one we play 100% handicap. But once it’s two vs two or team events it is 75% of hdcp. Idea is when you have partners things even out more. I think most 2 man amateur team events here in Canada are 75%. I know the international pairs event is.
  11. Picked this up today on a whim. Won’t beat out my regular gamer, but will be in my Phoenix bag for when I go there in winters. Don’t know anything about it. Think it’s carbon with pvd finish and fly milling. If anyone knows please inform me.
  12. Smoking deal, picked up 6 dozen xv’s today at golftown. Funny, it is not advertised on their website. Also don’t even show them on the site at all. Could they no longer be stocking srixon‘s at golftown?
  13. Bushnell customer service is terrible. Will never buy another one.
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