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  1. I just bought an OG Great Big Bertha driver and Big Bertha 3wd with original shafts for $30 for the pair. Made 16 year old me in 2000 very jealous...
  2. How nice are these Wood Bros forged blades. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Woods-Brothers-Forged-Iron-set/174699466681?hash=item28ace64fb9:g:r6YAAOSw7WJgO9ha I have the same set down here in Australia and also a second set of the CB version. Endo forged and criminally underrated. Wood Bros Golf also has a great instagram page now which is showing off plenty of the old kit.
  3. The balls and clubs are above board, but having a backup rangefinder does seem a touch excessive?
  4. I assume it would be his podcast with Shane Bacon?
  5. Golden Soul golf is putting out some great stuff at the moment
  6. Loving these, I have had TM irons on and off since the 2005 TP Combos, and these ones looks to be reviving those classics. Very interested to have a hit as soon as possible.
  7. Hi Greg, I love what you do, and I was wondering what is in your bag? And what would be in your perfect bag?
  8. I am taking underrated to be the balls that weren't ever found on the 'top shelf' of the ball rack in our pro shop. I also completely agree with quite a few members here that Wilson balls (Duo U in particular) are underrated, and I would be very interested to try the new Staff Models... My top 5 Maxfli XS Tour Top Flite XL2000 (I remember spinning these off the green a couple of times) Nike Tour Precision (My first eagle and I still have the ball 20 years later) TaylorMade TP Black Precept MC Spin
  9. Sloooowest shipping ever! Have really enjoyed following this one along and looking forward to seeing all the completed bags. Love the look of the P790 without too much offset. I hit a mate's M6 4iron the other day and it has me thinking about driving irons again...
  10. These are easily my favourite forum posts to follow. Keep the pics and updates coming and looking forward to seeing the full write ups and setups the Kingdom puts you all in.
  11. I also recommend getting polishing cloths. They make a big difference and make the paintfill pop much better.
  12. I got blanks of all types from Bopper Metal Supplies on etsy and they were great. 14 gauge worked best for mine, and I had best results using pewter which is a bit softer and easier to work with
  13. Hmmm I haven't seen the low bushes to the short right of our fairways lately, might have to give this one a try...
  14. Love the WITB and the scripted outfit from UA looks great too. Best of luck to the doctors getting ever bit of that cancer, and looking forward to the follow up story of the nine holes with Jordan next year.
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