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  1. Recommend looking at the Brave Browser for the Mac. It's built on Chrome, uses Chrome extensions, but is geared toward a better user experience from a site tracking, etc. standpoint. That's what I use primarily on my Mac and it wasn't exhibiting the problems noted on my PC (which Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, and Chrome...but not Firefox!...were). I haven't used Vivaldi on the Mac but assume it's identical to its PC version- another built on Chrome but allows for great customization including a must-have feature called "Tab Stacks" (you can create "stacks" of websites all contained within a single tab
  2. Interesting info. I'll keep it handy in case this persists. The fact it has only ever been an issue with the GolfWRX site and, more specifically, coinciding with the GolfWRX server move leads me to believe...actually, I don't know what it leads me to believe. Hopefully it doesn't again occur as I'm able to navigate about the forums this evening using various Chromium-based browsers <fingers crossed>. Thanks, Howie
  3. As noted previously, I use OpenDNS as a secondary DNS server. It also doesn't compute that it would be a DNS issue as Firefox hasn't been impacted by the identified issue but Chrome-based browsers (three different ones) have on my PC. If I'm missing something here, I'd appreciate being corrected.
  4. Happening again this afternoon. Chrome-based browsers running in a Win10 environment. Deleting cookies and clearing cache doesn't help. However, if I reboot my computer it has the effect of enabling GolfWRX to function normally (i.e., the message as listed in the original post doesn't appear). What has changed with the forums to cause such lingering problems?
  5. Same here. All of my devices use the same DNS servers- Google primary and OpenDNS secondary- so that shouldn't have impacted it. After deleting the GolfWRX cookies, cleaning cache, restarting the affected browsers, etc., I wound up rebooting my PC. Afterward, the glitch ceased to exist. I don't think it was coincidental but also don't know what that would have done to correct.
  6. Cleared local cache and it didn't help. I'll try again later this evening. Odd (at least to me) that it is only impacting Chrome-based browsers on my PC (not Firefox) but it isn't impacting a Chrome-based browser within the Mac OS environment. Thanks, Howie
  7. And underneath it reads: "Hello. We have a scheduled maintenance underway. The community will not be accessible during this maintenance window. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank You! -GolfWRX" Over the past 24 hours I continue to receive this message when attempting to access the GolfWRX forums. It seems to be isolated to my PC as I'm currently typing this from my Mac and also noted the forums are reachable from my iPad (Safari browser). I've cleared cookies, restarted browsers, etc. Browsers is plural as Chrome, Vivaldi,
  8. The set made for Jim Thorpe remind me of the circa '77 Staffs I played a long time ago. IMO, they are the best looking blades of all-time. As I recall the feel- when struck purely- was exquisite. Great memories. GLWS.
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