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  1. On the 790 set...if you’d like to sell the AW (either now or if the set buyer needs 5-PW), please let me know.
  2. What’s the swingweight of the 3 iron without the lead tape?
  3. If someone were interested in 5-PW, I would be interested in the AW. And if someone just wanted the 5-9, I would be interested in the PW as well. Thanks.
  4. So right about those wedges! I have four- possibly all five- in the attic. Love ads such as this one. Might have to consider that bag...
  5. Thanks for reposting and making this again available. If one were to lay in more recent shaft releases- Project X LZ and $-Taper come to mind- where might they be positioned within the corresponding columns?
  6. Same here. Was using a SIM all season until the Mavrik SZ offered 3MPH faster ball speed (same shaft in both).
  7. So true. I have very recently put the Eye 2 SW & LW back in the bag after 20?+ years of inactivity due to always chasing the latest and greatest in the wedge world. As stated they are outstanding from the sand and dependable in all other aspects.
  8. 1. TaylorMade SIM Driver 9* w/ Tensei Pro Orange 70 stiff shaft, headcover included ... $SOLD 2. Tensei Pro Orange 60 stiff shaft 43 11/16" end of grip to end of TM tip (could swap into the SIM head if this weight were desired) ... $SOLD 3. TaylorMade M3 15* w/ Diamana B80 80 stiff, headcover included ... $125 4. Callaway Epic Flash 15* w/ Tensei Pro White 70 stiff shaft, headcover included ... $SOLD 5. Ping G410 LST 14.5* w/ Ping Tour 75 stiff ... $SOLD (note the final picture- a pebble must have worked its way into the headcover and scratched t
  9. There is a forum specific to left handed clubs: https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/70-leftys-swap-shop/
  10. The following might be helpful. Found it in an old GolfWrx thread. BTW, if the BeCu SW doesn't work out for you, let me know. Your post motivated me to look through my old wedges and I found the BeCu Eye 2 LW. Might as well get the SW to complement! --Howie --------------------------------------------- Here's another way to tell the difference in the Eye2 irons just by looking at the cavity: Ping Eye2 - the oval cavity around the eye has a straight line section that is parallel with the top line of the club Ping Eye2+ the ova
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