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  1. you have ever seenJust a quick poll. What was the greatest single moment for you? It's still relatively fresh and it might be the camera angles and the crowd shot in the background but I have to say that Tiger's eagle putt on the 13th of the 4rth round 2008 US Open was the most incredible thing I have seen. I think that I would actually buy a dvd that chronicled that tournament.
  2. Still hacking away with the x-18s but like to have some fun at the range with players irons. I like the trajectory much better with the players but did not get much of the feel difference that people talk about. I had been hitting players cbs like the mp-57, tps and x-forged which is not a cb but notch cut. Well, I had a chance to hit the mp-67 5i with s300 and I gotta say it was pretty sweet. I liked the weight and feel right off the bat and so I did not feel intimidated by the smaller profile. I took nice easy swings and the first thing you notice is the nice brief click sound. The feel is fantastic. I have heard that you can't feel the difference between a forged and a cast iron but I am pretty sure you can feel the difference between a cb and a blade. I sensed that the weight of the head was behind the ball as opposed to a sort of trampoline effect I seem to feel with a cb, even the players cbs. The ballflight is incredible, laserlike but still high and a surprisingly soft landing. Dispersion is super tight. I did not hit anything really bad (surprise) but I assume that they have very little forgiveness. These clubs are a completely different experience than gis and even players cbs. I know the range don't mean squat but I am temped to game them from 7i-pw and see what happens. I just hit the gis way too high with the short irons and I think that I should be able to manage a 7i blade. Especially this one.
  3. If you hit the 3hy well, you should hit the 4hy great. I don't know your distances, but from 200-210 out, I feel relaxed over the ball with a 4hy even out of light, medium rough. With a 4i I am not as confident. So how you feel over that 200 yard shot with a 4i might be a factor in your decision. If you are looking to hit a high, soft shot the 4hy is great. I don't get to play that much so when my driver and even 3 wood are iffy, I just go with the 4hy off the tee and it helps my confidence during a round.
  4. Would Mad Max play golf in a lightning storm? Of course not, but there have been many time I have seen them go off the course without any lightning. Does Mel (an American by the way) play golf? When have you seen this? Are you sure that there weren't threats of thunder storms?
  5. I have had a pinemeadow excel 3 wood for 4 years. One of my favorite clubs to hit. 100s maybe 1000s of balls hit and it still looks like it did the day I got it. I think it cost under $50.
  6. I didn't know you could sue for less than $100. We get it man. You don't dig the flair hair. The anti-homosexual remarks etc. are a BIT much in 2008 aren't they? I've never once made an anti-gay remark on here. By saying that you may see flair hair at events that gays frequent, you take that as an anti-gay remark?? That's a pretty big stretch. What you meant is that you would have to be gay to appreciate it or wear it. So what your basically saying is that flair hair is gay and yes in todays day in age a homosexual person would take offense to that. Ask yourself this if you were watching golf and a reporter were to say "I dont like Ian Poulter's clothes, he looks gay." Do you not think they would be immediately banned? It is not a big deal I am just saying, food for thought. I was more trying to make the point that we get you don't like it after all the negative posts. I did however dig the beer line. With your permission I will be using that one. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I now have played 3 rounds with flair hair and I will tell you this. On the 440 yard 18th, my last drive was like Roy Hobbs. I didn't just drive the green, I drove it over the flag and into the clubhouse. Shattered a guys scotch and soda. Might have to tone it down and go with the brown and black.
  7. Sorry, Marrrk. You replied to a post that I deleted in which I said that there is alot of contradiction as far as how the golf swing is analyzed. The thing about pros is that they might be the worst at describing what they are doing. That is why I used the Hogan hip example.
  8. What kind of friend are you? Too good. Even playing with him on your own is a really nice thing to do. He probably feels uncomfortable and alot of pressure playing with good players himself. I think that as long as you are honest about things, it'll be more than fine.
  9. There can only be one Tiger. But you could go with something synonymous. Udaman
  10. Maybe if you offset it with another name. Tiger Napoleon Dynamite Woods...Johnson.
  11. I have heard of 2 options. One, you said you occasionally hit a big slice. Everyone does that. But if it is>20% of the time and you hit miss alot of fairways right you could look at a closed face driver/draw biased driver. I have heard that these work but that you risk a big hook. The other is to play a shorter shaft. I have heard mixed feedback on both and alot of folks feel that a lesson with a pro is the way to go.
  12. Don't do it. If you can shoot an average of 85 from the blues and hit it long, stay there. If you break 80 from the whites, you'll just end up regretting that you didn't do it from the blues. I could understand if length was the issue, but it does not seem so.
  13. Let's not overcomplicate things. You're swinging a stick. I seriously doubt anyone, any pro knows which hand does what. I believe that Hogan thought that his left hip turned straight back until he realized that it moved laterally quite a bit. Do what you have to do so the club does not slip and you don't get blisters. I have been messing around with 2 gloves ever since I bought a righty by mistake. It's not bad.
  14. What don't you like about your current set up? At 280, you hit it just about as far as the average pga tour pro.
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