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  1. Trying to make room for new stuff TP Mills Mid Shafted Tradition 2 Around 34" Brown Stitchback Black Anvil HC 200 Shipped
  2. Make Some Offers!!Hate to get rid of these two, but I've got a custom on order that needs funding. Byron Morgan Designed By Capt. Morgan 33.5" 8802 Style head I ordered this from Byron in April and I hoped I could put it in the bag, but I can't putt worth a lick with it. Very Nice stamping and absolutely NO WEAR! Stainless Steel head with sight line weighs about 345g, it has the Torched Blue Oil Finish. Comes with a white Capt Morgan Headcover and Gripmaster Stiched Black grip. Looking for 470 Shipped OBO Byron Morgan Channel Islands Putter 34" Very Nice Mid Mallet Style Center Shafted
  3. [quote name='PingDrv00' timestamp='1303275239' post='3169847'] [quote name='thehelper' timestamp='1271448344' post='2383720'] It's a great venue. Look who's leading as of now......as of 2pm mountain time. Furyk, Weekley and Cambell.......K.J. Doubled the 18th but has birdied since. He'll be up there......having trouble hitting the fairways, not like him...Sergio is choking,,,,,,too many chicks in the galery.... [/quote] What tournament are you watching they do not even tee off till Thursday? [/quote] Well being that this is a YEAR old thread, he would have been watching last years c
  4. The head and headcover are whats available. I'm keeping the shaft for another head, and I never got the wrench.
  5. Make some offers!!901 D3 9.5 Head Looking for 160 Shipped Head only............175 Shipped with Headcover SOLD Little bit of flaking on the toe and top line, not noticeable at address. I bought this head used and it was already flaked. Doesn't look like a skymark, no scratching. Looks like maybe it was hit high and the paint flaked. Other than that it is in great shaped. No dings or dents. Scotty Cameron American Classic Bullseye 33" Looking for 100 OBO SOLD This putter is in great shape with very little wear. Comes with headcover. Has a winn grip. Don't be afraid to send
  6. I like my D3 w/ Rip, but I do have a D2 head on the way and we'll see how I like that combo.
  7. i"ll give ya 150 for the head. let me know, i'd pm you but you can't receive them.
  8. I like the steaks at Angelo's The sign says "Best Steaks in the Universe" but it gets packed fast!
  9. We've all ran into this situation many times. Some people wait til they have a lot before they leave their feedback. I had a deal where the buyer asked me not to forget to leave feedback for them, and I still haven't gotten my feedback from them.
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