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  1. Thanks to everyone! I won't get out on the course for a while but i'll stick to my phone app and laser.
  2. Haven't tried it yet. myRoundPro is kind of cool because it has shot tracking, i just need to remember to log in my shots when i hit them! Does 18birdies have shot tracking? (manually of course)
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've always used a laser but just recently started testing out a few phone apps... i'm testing out Hole19 and MyRoundPro.
  4. OK so as i understand it on adapters (that have NO adjustable rings) like TM, Cobra, Ping, etc... When you adjust loft: - When you lower the loft it will open the face (10.5 head lower to 9*) - When you increase loft it will close the face (9* head increased to 10.5*) This is what i understand to be true... correct? Assuming i'm correct on adapters like Titleist and Callaway where you have the adjustment rings to help adjust loft and lie independently, does the same above rules apply?
  5. Has anyone recently compared distances between GPS units vs Phone apps? (Does phone apps access the same satellites as GPS apps?)
  6. OK thanks guys... just what I wanted to know!
  7. Correct, the "Pro" version are the ones with the enhanced tip sections. Can anyone tell the difference between the AV and CK versions? Or are there any noticeable difference between those two versions?
  8. Kind of old news but is there any (noticeable) difference between the Tensei AV and CK versions? (Is the CK Versions the "made for" versions???) Thanks in advance!
  9. I LOVE the sound of my forged tec's... almost addicted to the sound cripy and crunchy with just enough softness.
  10. Thanks for all the knowledge! BirdieBob, yes both were the same swingweight D3 Howard_Jones. Thanks for your expertise as well. I try to let other "ranger ricks" know that everyone swings, delivers and "Feels" differently... which in turn attributes to the performance they get out of different shafts, no matter what marketing might tell you. Thanks again for your insight.
  11. Just checking with you experts. My friends son has a high swing speed (tour level speed, ex college baseball player). I came across a set of X100's and swapped out his 7 iron to test. He claims he hits it higher than the S300 that he was playing prior. I know his swing will most likely be the culprit.... but wanted to know if there were any other tendencies with X100 that might contribute to the high flight??? Also if you have had this issue with X100, what shafts are a good alternative for a high swing speed player. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the link! Pretty cool design by ping. Next question... has anyone removed the ping grip using a grip removal tool (Saving the ping grip versus cutting it?)
  13. Has anyone removed Ping's adjustable grip? Is it difficult to remove?
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