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  1. I picked up one sight unseen in early September after watching TXG driver bracket , and knowing how good their fairways are from the CB4 3 wood that has the longest run in my bag by a long shot. I got a 10.5 with RDX 60 6.5. I typically play with 9-9.5 heads, but wanted to try some more loft on a driver. My experience so far has been great! My biggest issue at first was getting used to the shaft which the 60 gram version in 60 grams raw, so shaft dips in the 50s once cut for a driver, and after some time with it I have noticed it is just to light for my game. I still drove the ball really well for me, and it was long and pretty low spin from my on course eyes. I have since threw in a Pro Orange 70TX which has really brought the club to life. I also made some minor swing changes that have also helped. Been on a monitor a few times now with it and launching 10-12 degrees with 2300 hundred spin in stock setting. Accuracy has been top notch and the thing seems very forgiving on off center hits. I was demoing a TSI2 9 when I picked the 721 up and it easily beat the titleist out on consistency of hitting fairways and my misses were not near as severe. The TSI2 had a left miss that was always lurking and it was a nasty duck hook. it’s a keeper for me. I think the head looks great at address and the sound/feel is perfect! Launches low and seems to spin very low, which Not allowed because of spam had it rated as one of lowest spinning in their most wanted test this year. No one seems to have one around here where I’m at. But, one of the best players in the area has been showing up to my course frequently as of late and I noticed he had one in his bag too. Was talking to him about it and he said its been one of the best he has ever had. “ Stupid strait”as he called it while being long as anything else he’s tried. It’s a shame this thing doesn’t get more attention. It is every bit the driver as the big names are putting out and it’s cheaper by quite a margin new. I tend to buy a lot of clubs sight unseen or hit. Some work, some don’t. This one has been a win in that department. my only negative with it that I can find so far is the lack of shafts to pick up and try in it, because it’s not very popular. You basically got to get a tip and put it on one of your shafts if you want something exotic. It’s not like Taylormade, titleist, etc where there are a plethora of used shafts with an adapter on it to pick up. That’s the big con for me with the TEE products. as far as closest shaft to your Ping 65, I would probably choose the Blue RDX 6.0 in the 70 model which will be similar in weight and flight. That’s purely a educated guess though. Anyone on the fence of trying this needs to not be, it’s legit and worth giving it a try. This is coming from a club junkie that loves to tinker around.
  2. I too own a apex 2019z This pretty much sums it up for me as well. Excellent club and if the 21 is anything like the 19 then you can’t go wrong. Best hybrid I’ve ever owned
  3. I’d say the new Accra RPG Gold version can easily be in the conversation with the hulk green.
  4. I want to add that I currently play X100s strait in and they do great for me. The 125tx in my hybrid is a bit much for me anymore. I have been playing a MPH4 3 iron w/PX 6.5 for quite a few years now as my driving iron so to speak and I am much more comfortable with it than what I’ve tried to update it with being the Zx utility
  5. Idk how much difference the MMT 125 TX utility is front the iron version. But I’ve played PX 6.5 (obviously not 7.0, but very stable nonetheless) in the past which I truly enjoyed. I picked up a ZX utility with a utility version 125TX in it (going to assume they are very similar). And it’s the first time I am pretty sure it is more than my 35 yr old self can handle anymore. Super stable. I can’t bring the heat for that one anymore. Watched a guy who’s driver swing is 120ish hit it a few times, and boy was he striping it. But my measly 112ish swing just don’t get much out of that shaft. I think the 125TX would be a sure bet
  6. I bought it from my local club builder when I was getting some work done on a club. I would assume he is getting legit stuff
  7. I just picked up a Sticky mid to throw on something. Not on the club I will say it certainly doesn’t feel tacky for whatever reason. And one more gripe is the lack of any texture down by the logo. Idk what the deal is with that. Could be a deal breaker for me as far as going on irons since I like to choke down often to hit different shots. Might just feel off. but giving them a shot because it’s one that’s been on my radar for sometime. Just the preview before use has me a bit up in the air.
  8. This would really rub me the wrong way, and in turn I would go toward another manufacturer. That’s just not good business
  9. Yeah the profile is very interesting. I wish there was a place to try one out. I currently play a Pro Orange 70Tx and have been enjoying it, although just got it installed and in the honeymoon stage. Had been playing primarily 60 weight class shafts the last 5 or more years when in the long past I tried to stay 70-80 with the driver because of my tendency to get quick. With the Orange I went back in the 70s and feel that’s the area I need to stay with. issue with Trono is it looks like when you get in the 70 range, the shafts from the little specs listed seems like it really jumps up in how strong/stout it may be. Plugged in golf and drivingrangeheros both reviewed the 65X and they thought it was quite a smooth shaft while being very stable. I just don’t feel like one is going to get both of those statements in the 70 range.
  10. This shaft is awfully quiet on these forums. Would love to see some more talk about it. It’s been a tempting one to grab up. It’s like some people claim it’s crazy stout feeling, and others saying it’s actually quite smooth. I’d probably stick with standard X, because I’m sure the TX maybe be in a Bryson type swing league which I am not at 112 give a or take a few
  11. I’m 175-180 with my 7 iron and have been comfortably in DG x100 for years
  12. I’m going to second anything in the older Accra lines. Anything Tour Z are amazing and cheap to find. Still have one in rotation. Can’t go wrong there!
  13. Going to agree with others on the Callaway Apex Pro 2018 or 21 model. Such a good hybrid with a great look and size. It’s one of my favorite clubs and I’ve always been a bit hesitant with hybrids. But my Pro 2018 is . Definitely worth a try!
  14. Probably my most tempting shaft to give a go. These kinds of post do not help haha
  15. Lol. “Garbage can of natty light”. So much talk of these drivers sounding so terrible. I’m going to have to find one and give it some rips to see what all this talk is about. It’s a driver that has been in my eye, but the talk of sound is and has been the reason I never pulled the trigger.
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