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  1. Noone talks about them, but Yonex continues to be made in Japan. Always good quality, innovative products
  2. Same issue . Can't reach you. Please pm if still avail
  3. these are all classics, but still hot! The burner with the blue.. tempting!
  4. Although in the end, if someone like me is paying $2k for a set of irons, I really dont want more to do when they arrive. Thats my reality anyway. They are fabulous irons, but the demographics of $2k and x flex is likely not a large segment.
  5. the ltb 600s can stand the test of time. The borons and those yonex heads just seem to work so well together. About the only graphite that I think is on par with these are the recoils.. but the borons are much cheaper in any used yonex set.
  6. Burns putter is sold. Yonex irons - a great way to get into a premium forged club at a non premium price!
  7. [quote name='Packnchew' timestamp='1437435768' post='11988358'] Wow the Boron shafts bring me back sweet sticks [/quote] still the best shafts I have ever tried.. just a bit too much for me now.
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