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  1. TR20 V/B Combo - 4-10 with Vizard 100WF stiff. These are the upgraded steelfiber like shafts. 4-7 is the V head, 8-10 is the B. Set has only been used for about 2 rounds and a few range sessions. +1/2 inch, Lamkin Crossline cord grips with +3 wraps right hand. BBF ferrules obviously - $850 shipped TR20 440 10.5 - VYVLN 65 Four w/MCC +4 align. 45.25”, like new condition. Only a few indoor ranges sessions. - $325 shipped
  2. Hi All, This putter was used once. No issues with it at all, just didn't like it. You can barely tell it even touched the ground. Asking for $325 shipped.
  3. 1) Eyeline Groove Putting Laser - brand new, never used, just not for me - $75 Shipped
  4. Hey Guys, Clearing out some stuff as the golf season winds down. Lots of stuff to unpack! Sorry if some pictures posted out of order! Clubs Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood/42.75” - $150 -Tensei CK Blue 70S, Golf Pride Red MCC+4 Taylormade M2 5W/42.25” - $75 - **SOLD** -Tensei CK Blue 70X, Golf Pride Z Cord Shafts (all with TM tips) are X Flex Fuji Speeder Evo V 757/44.25” - $175 Fuji Speeder TR 569/43.25” - $150 Fuji Speeder VC 6.2/43.75” - $75 UST Attas Coool 6/43.5” - $75 Matrix 6M3/44” - $50 Tensei CK Blue/43.5”+44.5” - $25 each - **SOLD** $10 per shipment!
  5. Not sure where that specific catalog/link is from, but the SS19 catalog in front of me has a white and black spikeless 360XT BOA for 2019. Available 2/1.
  6. Good news for you, it does. Also in black.
  7. Inspired by a few posted here. Carbon 612 Longneck with Stainless neck. I'll keep the finish a surprise until it's done.
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