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  1. I would not change anything about the Canadian Health Care system right now as it has proven to be probably the best in the world. But to be more specific to your questions: 1) Yes, because I wouldn't know how to do it myself and I enjoy my current care. 2) Yes, because I research my own specialists if required and outside of them I feel that all doctors are on an equal playing field (some just have bad days, haha) 3) Do polar bears drive taxi cabs? No... I fully agree with "6t4gt0"'s closing paragraph. It would be nice to see more doctors, nurses and other health care workers and le
  2. Well here is my dilemma folks: I am in need of a new cell phone and I am looking at the Samsung Instinct and the HTC Touch Diamond. Both phones are touch screen. When I get the new phone (at some point this month) I will be using it for photos, music, texting, GPS, web browsing [full HTML], and of course talking. I love to take my phone to the gym for my workouts because I have both my music and my phone in one and don't have to worry about missing either. I have read up on both phones and they both seem like the best phones that TELUS currently has to offer (as far as what I need). The S
  3. The law and the judge will not consider it unfair. You are entitled to your opinion like everyone else but in the end just suck it up and take responsibility. Your insurance will not change because of a 15km/hr over the limit ticket.
  4. Please give your opinionsHey guys, I am looking to pickup a new cell phone and need some help. I really like to listen to music while working out but at the same time I need to have my phone on me for work related calls. So I don't want to carry both my phone and my MP3 player... just a phone.. I live in Canada and currently have an account with TELUS. I do a lot of text messaging and want to listen to music in the gym.. those are my 2 main priorities. I was looking at the iPhone but Rogers will be the only company to offer it here and their cell service is very poor where I live in Alberta.
  5. Hi there! I am interested in your IPOD Video that you have for sale but I am wondering if you would ship to Canada while maintaining that same price? Does the battery still hold the charge well? Any scratches, dents or scuff that i should be aware of? thanks, dave **YOUR INBOX IS FULL SO I COULDN"T PM YOU**
  6. Does anyone else have trouble gauging distance with the spider? I seem to hit everything short.
  7. Are there any skymarks, dents or dings? Is the headcover included? Can you post a pic of the bottom of the club as well?
  8. Happy Gilmore!!! That movie makes me smile every time I watch it and that's what the game of golf is about. Anyone who thinks that Happy Gilmore is a bad movie for whatever reason probably takes golf too seriously. I would golf with Adam Sandler before I would golf with Tiger Woods if given the option. No joke. I know that I will never be "pro" and I don't need someone kicking my butt on the course any worse than what I already get.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you.. im not a pom pom fan.. but to each his own :clapping:
  10. Is it appropriate for wrestlers to wear speedos in front of children and kick the crap out of each other? Is it appropriate for singers to swear in front of children? Is it appropriate for hockey players to fight in front of children? Is it appropriate for parents to fight in front of children? Is it appropriate for parents to drink in front of their children? Is it appropriate for kids to go to class high? Is it appropriate for the drug dealers and prostitutes to live in your community? etc... etc... Tiger throwing his clubs and swearing once in a while is THE LEAST of my worries... so mayb
  11. he wasn't always like this. it is nice for sure though.. every player should be able to just enjoy the game... especially those of us who aren't playing for money (a job)
  12. Neutral counts as negative though. :clapping:
  13. Well... you don't need any "help" because there is nothing you can do about it. But if you are looking for someone to be cranky about it with you than I am on-board!
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