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  1. BNIP Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Triple Diamond TA head. Loft 8.8* Lie 57.5* Weight 195.4 New headcover included. $475 shipped. SOLD! UST Mamiya RECOIL 460 ES F3 shaft pulls. They have PXG midsize grips on them. 370 tip Played standard length in a set of PXG Gen1 irons. $125 shipped.
  2. Same to you man! Those Mizzy’s sure are great irons though!
  3. Brand New set of Callaway Apex Pro Double Dot Raw irons, 4-PW, TI S400 shafts, red/black MCC midsize grips, standard length/loft, 1* flat lie angle. $1299 shipped. No trades please.
  4. BNIP Callaway Apex Pro Double Dot Raw irons, 4-PW, DG TI S400 shafts, black/red MCC grips, standard length (plays off of a 38” 5 iron), 1* flat lie and 1*strong loft (to play more like standard loft). $1550 shipped, plus FREE Callaway XForged UT listed below with purchase! Mint Wilson Staff Model blades, 3-PW, DG S300 shafts, stock tour velvet grips, standard length/loft, 1* flat lie. $675 shipped SOLD Nice Callaway XForged UT, 24*, PX 6.0 shaft, stock grip, standard length/lie/loft. $99 shipped
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