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  1. I tried to send you a message, but for some reason it is not working. Interested in the Garmin if its still available.
  2. I know that Golf Galaxy charges about $20.
  3. That looks like the one they have at my local Second Swing. They have signs up saying that they will sell anything in the store. If you did get it there, I won't ask for how much. I don't want to ruin your profit.
  4. Hello, I just had a quick question about two shafts I recently installed. I did my first reshaft the other day on a Nickent 3dx Hybrid. I installed a .370 tip NV Hybrid shaft into the head. The install went fine, the ferrule had to be tapped on using the head and the shaft fit snug with the beaded epoxy. My question is with my secong shaft installed tonight. I was installing another NV, .350 tip into my TM R580XD (retail) head. The part that worries me is that (1) I used a .350 tip ferrule (Golfworks part # 52PI), but it slid right on and pretty far up the shaft and (2) the shaft was fai
  5. Zeros

    2nd Swing

    I also just noticed that they pulled all of their Ebay auctions. They usually have hundreds of clubs for sale in auctions.
  6. Zeros

    2nd Swing

    I just taked to my local 2nd swing, and it is true. They guy at the store told me as of yesterday, 9/20, they were bought out by a liquidator. He said they will be dropping prices within the next few days and if you have a store credit, use it ASAP. Just a heads up to everyone out there.
  7. FYI White Clay Creek is the fairly new course at Delaware Park (Horse racing and slot machines) in Stanton, Delaware. I have not played there but have seen it several times, and it does look very nice.
  8. Zeros


    Taylormade has the Rescue Mid TP and Rescue Dual TP in 14*. Cleveland also makes the Halo Hybrid in a 14* loft as well as Nickent's 14* Ironwood. I'm sure there are more. Search on eBay for "14 hybrid" to see some more.
  9. Sure, I'm in, why not. Thanks for the contest!
  10. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, so moderators please move it to the correct area if I am wrong. Anyways, Home Depot's website has 20% off all fitness and exercise equipment until next Wednesday, January 11th. The cool thing is that this includes indoor/outdoor and all weather putting greens. I know that they seem a bit expensive, but I thought someone might benefit from this sale. Just go to their website and search for the word 'putting'. Hopefully this can help anyone inthe market for a putting green.
  11. You do mean $30 a club, right? If you mean $30 for the set, please tell me where. The cheapest I've seen the set on ebay is $60-70.
  12. I just bought an Adams hybrid through them at a Best offer price. When they accepted the offer, they told me to call in the order and mention the best offer price. I'm sure when you call you can buy more than one dozen over the phone.
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