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  1. 1. Sacramento, California 2. 12.2 3. Right handed 4. Taylormade p790's 5. Answer the question of should I be using a more forgiving iron. 6. abosolutely 7. Sounds like fun!
  2. I have these clubs and agree with these yardages. Only have a few round in mine as well.
  3. I will agree with the paint on the bottom of the club is ridiculously easy to scratch up. If I asked you to guess how many rounds my driver had you would easily say a couple seasons even though it is no more than a dozen or so rounds.
  4. Just played Teal Bend week and a half ago. It was in good shape (not great) and has a good layout. Not sure if it is worth the $63 walking rate. I think I would rather play haggin oaks for a bit cheaper. If darkhorse wasn't such a hike I would play there a lot more often.
  5. My wifes cousin is playing with us and we are hitting approach shots on a par 5. Real smack talker her cousin. He is about 70 yards out or so and says "Bet I can get it closer than that, watch me." He proceeds to hit a laser beam with his wedge at least 150 yards straight over the green, through the trees, and we hear a loud thud from hitting the roof of a very nice house. We all just hit the ground in laughter as he just trudges over to the next hole.
  6. Definitely some surprising responses. I thought it would be a lot tougher to maintain it. I guess if you have a good swing grooved, it is not hard to keep it going once a week.
  7. I know this is very subjective to the individual player but I am just curious. I have been playing as much as I can (typically one range session and one round a week) without being away from my family too much. I am just curious how many scratch golfers play as infrequently as I do. I imagine 2-3 rounds a week and 2 range sessions might be more the norm for better players but wondering your thoughts.
  8. I would be interested. I am 35 and don't have many golf friends. Would love to have a large circle to get regular partners from.
  9. Was it like a personal contact that you knew or did he post an ad?
  10. How did the original poster never respond to the question of "how did she find 18 year old irons brand new?"
  11. These seem like the two options available to me. I find it difficult to make minute changes to my swing based on the digital feedback of the indoor bays. At the same time I don't really like getting fitted with the range balls on an outdoor range that spin thousands of rpms more than the normal balls I play. What do you think is the best of these two options?
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