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  1. I just picked up the sweatshirt during the DSG flash sale. I’m a bit out of shape but at 6’2” and around 260 XL fits me well.
  2. Clarified his point on PGA Radio
  3. Went through the same problem. Check ball position. Read recently( can't remember where) that many times when trying to correct a hook we move the ball back to far and that only makes things worse. After a whole summer of struggling I tried narrowing my stance and actually move the ball up in my stance and am now back to hitting a nice, consistent fade. Just though this may be something to try and get you on the right track.
  4. Rollingrock- you might want to re check your specs, the ones you gave are one club off when compared to the specs on the Titleist website.
  5. The G5 sets up square.
  6. The crotch hook-I don't care if its a gag gift it's just plain wrong.
  7. Tarik, Just got back from Las Vegas played Desert Pines after 1 and greens fees were 85 dollars and the cab ride cost approx. $25, about a 10-15 min ride from Tresure Island to the course. Course was nice but check to see if they have a tournament going, got stuck behind the last few groups and play was slow. Other than that had a good time.
  8. I've got to agree with 857 Pro-Ti the TM 200 has treated me well for several years now.
  9. Guys I have a pair of Adidas that aren't the 360 model and they leave large indents as well. Perhaps its the company or my 235 lbs, anyway they are comfortable shoes and I like my playing partners having to putt through pot holes.
  10. I think Stevie feels that he is not only a caddie but a body guard and he gets away with more than he should. Had some of the other caddies on tour did what he did in the past they would be long gone. There's plenty of security Stevie, stick with carrying bags and wrecking race cars.
  11. I tend to drive my wife crazy when I can't play which in upstate ny means nov-apr.
  12. All my clubs would look like that if I left them in the basement all winter long. Spider webs everywhere.
  13. A great story, sports needs more stories like this one and less about greedy spoiled a-holes like TO.
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