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  1. Some really nice sets here, I went too deep down the Rabbit hole and now need to find these new homes. All prices include standard shipping. First up - Mizuno HMB MP-20 – 4 thru PW. Oban CT -115 (stiff) shafts. Brand new Golf Pride MCC Black Midsize grips. These are near perfect condition. 5 irons measures 38 ¼” on GolfMechanix club scale. 1 degree upright ------SOLD Make me a reasonable offer!!! Mizuno MMC MP-20 – 4 Thru PW. KBS $-Taper 120 (Stiff) – Golf Pride MCC+4 Midsize grip. %-iron length 38 ½” - 1 degree upright. Not new, but very, very good shap
  2. > @"Bob Cat" said: > > @smith1124 said: > > > @TXTrapLord said: > > > > @"Bob Cat" said: > > > > Wife's had both done and was serious about her rehab, exercises and PT. Got along very well and changed her life! > > > > > > > > My dad didn't take the PT seriously and had to have his knee "unstuck" by the doc. Not pleasant. Longer rehab. > > > > > > > > DO YOUR EXERCISES AND REHAB! > > > > > > > > Good luck! > > > > > > Can you explain what unstuc
  3. > @magsgolfho said: > I am a PT currently working in acute care setting and see total joints day of surgery and into the home. If you are in fairly good health meaning no comorbidities ( diabetes ,hypertension, obese Etc) your hospital stay will be 1-2 days max. You will expected to be up and walking day of surgery. Next day you will doing exercises, walking, stairs , car transfers and progressed to home. It is very rare you would go to a short term rehab center now. From there you will get home care for approx 2 weeks and then follow up with surgeon and usually start outpatient PT. I d
  4. > @cliche said: > kinda facing the same thing next week with the hip. i don't know if it's the sameish in medical healing process, but my doc said if everything goes well, i will be snowboarding by the end of the year. > get well soon smith Best of luck with this, I know a few friends that have had a hip replaced and say they felt better almost immediately. maybe we will both be back here in a few months celebrating our new pain free life and great golf game!
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